Discussion on Salinger - Portfolio and Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Discussion on Salinger - Portfolio and Personal Blog WordPress Theme

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Hello from cmsmasters team!

We are glad to inform that Salinger theme is now updated to version 2.0.2 – this update addresses issues caused by recent WordPress versions and includes the required plugin updates, along with other minor theme fixes. Please go ahead to download and update the theme on your website.

When doing this, please make sure to update the theme plugins and clear your browser cache after the theme update.

Should you need any assistance with updating the theme, please feel free to contact our support team at https://cmsmasters.net/support

Thank you.

Hello, I want to ask for more detail before to purchase the WP theme. May I know that the price of it US$59 include 6 month support, right ? After 6 month, can I use this theme on my own WP hosting without any support ?

If need, can I purchase the 6 month support if I place the order at here again ?

Hello, thanks for contacting and for your interest to the theme!

Theme price includes 6 months support. When support is expired you can continue to use the theme, theme updates are provided for free. In case support is expired but you need assistance with the theme there is a possibility to renew support. You can find more information here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/207886473-Extending-and-Renewing-Item-Support

Should you have further questions please contact our support team at https://cmsmasters.net/support/

Thank you.

Hi, I cannot activate the LayerSliders WP after entry the purchase code. and how to import the basic content to the Site?

Hello, thanks for contacting!

To activate a slider there is a need to use its purchase code. You don’t need a purchase code to make your slider work – it is needed to achieve updates. We are the owners of an extended license and have no rights to provide the purchase code for users but of course we provide you all necessary updates. Usually the latest slider updates are included to the new theme version.

The easiest way to make your site look like our demo one is to import demo content. The theme comes with a .xml file that allows you to import all the pages and posts like they are on the demo site. You can find this file in the Demo content folder you downloaded from the Themeforest together with the theme archive.

Please note, that all images are not included in the demo content and are substituted with placeholders as according to our license we can’t redistribute them.

The theme documentation contains rather detailed instructions concerning the demo content import – please look through it. The theme documentation can be found at the DOCS folder you downloaded from the Themeforest together with the theme archive. (open index.html file in any browser)

Should you have further questions please contact our support team at https://cmsmasters.net/support/

Thank you.

Pre-purchase question; are those instagram photos from an automatic widget or is it just code in a WP TEXT Widget?

Hello, thanks for the question!

For the Instagram Feed we use the Instagram Feed plugin by Smash Balloon: https://wordpress.org/plugins/instagram-feed/. After you activated it, you can add the Instagram Feed Shortcode with User Id to the any page you need: https://www.screencast.com/t/RbPGoIrbbb

Please don’t hesitate to ask further questions. Thank you!

Hi, I think this blog theme is really beautiful and I plan to buy it but I have a question. Can I make the comment section appears first before the comments? Like in this one https://goo.gl/photos/ygmmUHRJwaH3UqpD6

Hi, thanks for contacting!

As much as we’d love to help, changing the way the comments are displayed requires significant modifications, that are beyond our support policy. Appreciate your understanding.

Some third party plugins might provide wider functionality for this purpose, but we can’t advise such plugins at the moment as we haven’t implemented tests.

Please feel free to ask any further questions about theme functionality, we’ll gladly answer them. Thank you!

Is there a way to have a landing page of a customized under construction page? I have an image I would like as my under construction page. Thank you!

Hello, thanks for asking!

There is no built-in Maintenance mode in the theme functionality, but we can advise you to use any appropriate plugin, it should work correctly with the theme. Appreciate your understanding.

Please don’t hesitate to ask further questions. Thank you!

I also have a design related question… I really the love the big slider on the main page, but i was wondering if there’s a way to set those images so that they aren’t content from the blog? E.g. to have a slider with say 4 of my pretty photographs that represent the feel of my blog, rather than random blog content that changes and doesn’t look as sophisticated?

Hi, thanks for question!

Sure, slider can be used to display images or post content, all this is a slider functionality and you can use it the way you like.


Ok great! Sorry just a few more questions… hope that’s ok! I’m just not familiar with what is and isn’t customizable…

Can I make the image on the about page a large square/rectangle?

Can I add an instagram widget to this theme? I’ve seen them on themes like this and I think it looks pretty: http://soigne.revolvethemes.com/posts-sidebar/

And finally… is it possible to display the full posts on the main page, rather than one photo, a small paragraph and a read more button? I prefer to use the read more button only for really really long posts, because images are my main focus I want to make them easy to skim on the landing page, minimizing how many times the visitor has to click to find content… (e.g. designlovefest.com for a reference of what I mean with scrolling content)

Cheers! x

Hi again, thanks for the questions!
Our support team works Monday to Friday and the response time might be up to 2 business days, that’s why we didn’t get back to you earlier. Appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please note that you can add the needed image to about page, choosing it from your media library.

For our demo we use the Instagram Feed plugin by Smash Balloon that allows to add your instagram photos using the Instagram Feed Shortcode. Hope it will be helpful.

As for the blog displaying – you can choose the metadata that you need to display in Blog Shortcode Settings. To display the full post text you can add it to the Excerpt field.

Thank you, should there be anything else you wanted to ask please do so!

Hi! I’m new to wordpress so am still trying to get my head around things! I was wondering, from what I can tell this theme uses outdated wordpress software… will you be updating it soon? Does it matter if it’s not compatible with the latest wordpress? Cheers!

Thanks for your reply!

We can’t provide any trial version of the theme. All our themes can be bought via Envato Market only as all the rights belong to this marketplace. Appreciate your understanding.

We don’t offer access to the dashboard, but there’s still a possibility to see how everything works on the backend. For this purpose please watch the videos you can find under Features menu item here. They are taken for another product from our portfolio, but general idea for Salinger is the same.

Hope it will be helpful, kindly let us know if you have any further questions!

I had a look at the link, so does that mean Salinger is pretty customizable then? Also, is the theme compatible with the Divi Builder Plugin? thanks!

Hi again,

Sure, the theme has universally useful functionality and the design can be customized, if required.

Concerning the Divi Builder Plugin – in fact we can’t guarantee its compatibility with Salinger theme, as we haven’t implemented such compatibility tests. Though we can’t deny mentioned plugin will work properly with our theme. Appreciate your understanding.

Let us know if you have further questions, thank you!

How do you upload the demo content on Wordpress?

Hello, thanks for contacting!

The theme comes with a .xml file that allows you to import all the pages and posts like they are on the demo site. You can find this file in the Demo content folder you downloaded from the Themeforest.

Please note, that all the images are not included and are substituted with placeholders, as according to our license we can’t redistribute them. Please install the WordPress importer plugin, then proceed to the Tools-Import-WordPress, upload file and import. You’ll need to import the Content itself and the theme settings.

The sliders are imported separately, so you need to install the slider plugin and import the slider sample file.

The theme documentation contains rather detailed instructions concerning the demo content import (you can find it at the DOCS folder you downloaded with the theme archive – please open index.html file in any browser)

In case you experience any hardships with import, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team, we’ll gladly assist you.

Thank you!

How do I add an instagram feed to the bottom of my site to live so that it shows up on every page?

Hi, thanks for contacting!

Please see the Blog shortcode settings from our Home Puzzle page. Please note, that you should update both the shortcode and the page after any changes are applied. You might also want to check which exact page is currently selected to be a front one in Settings – Reading. Kindly let us know if you’ve managed to change the layout on your end.

Thank you!

I managed to change the layout. I was overthinking it. It is very intuitive and easy to use.

My other question was about the LayerSlider and Slider Revolution. it is asking me for a purchase code and leading me to their site. I am not sure how I am supposed to use these functions. Currently all the sliders in my demo content is just a gray background.

Great, glad to hear that!

As to the messages concerning purchase code in sliders – in fact purchase code isn’t required for slider functioning, it allows to get plugin updates via dashboard, though it’s not necessary as updates for the slider will be provided in theme updates on Themeforest. As much as we’d love to help, we can’t provide you with purchase codes as licenses prohibit that. But you can always contact us to get the latest slider version via email.

Demo content doesn’t include images as we have no rights to distribute them, though all necessary settings are available and you can use demo sliders for further elaboration, but with your own images.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!

Pre-Sale Question:

Is it possible to remove the sidebar widget from a single post page (http://salinger.cmsmasters.net/2016/02/21/my-latest-adventure/) to give it a full page, centered style like (http://salinger.cmsmasters.net/3801-2/)?

Thank you!

Thanks for asking!

Sure, sidebars can be easily removed on any page/post.

Thank you, should there be anything else you wanted to ask please do so!

Thank you for the prompt response!

Perfect! One last question, how easy is it to change the colors of the theme? Is this built into a customization panel, or would it require doing so through CSS modifications?

Hi again! You can find fields for additional CSS classes for every section/column/shortcode, as well as a possibility to add such classes in General Settings. But in fact such fields are rarely used (for customizations mainly), as all theme colors can be managed via convenient dashboard settings.

Thank you!

Hi There! Does the theme have the capability to do a three column, image, mixed grid below the slider?

Hi again, Lauren, thanks for your clarifications and further questions!

Let’s see, you can have 1 pixel gap puzzle portfolio or large gap puzzle. Is any of these variants suitable? As to the magazine – could you please specify your requirements so that we could check how our theme can satisfy them? What elements would you like to see on your online magazine website?

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for the quick response. Those look like great options. Is there a way to eliminate the white border so it meshes with the background?

The magazine will have several elements: travel, food, fashion, contests and will need submission and subscription components and space for people to advertise. Creative works and academic works in all formats accepted.. photography, video, audio, written articles etc.

Does that help?

Thank you again for all your patience and answering all my questions. I truly appreciate it.

Thank you for your kind words! Our support team works Monday to Friday, that’s why we didn’t get back to your earlier.

You can settle any background color or image for the portfolio section (and, in fact, any section of content).

Thank you for the details. We’d suggest you using blog and portfolio functionality for travel, food, fashion, contests topics – as corresponding shortcodes have all required settings to divide topics by categories, to differ in front-end displaying and can be suitable for your purpose. For advertising we can offer sliders or featured blocks. Subscription feature is available as well, any requests/submissions can be sent and received via contact forms. As to photo/video/audio/texts – all these formats can be used with our blog posts, you can see them under Features menu item.

Please let us know if you have any further questions! Thank you!

Hi there,

Thanks for your beautiful work !

Few questions about the theme :

- Is it possible to hide « By XXX » in the blog list page, for each post ? If yes, how ? - Can we set infinite scroll for blog list page ?

Thank you !

ooops, sorry, found answer to hide Author

Hi, thanks for contacting and for your feedback!

Author mentions can be disabled on every post separately. Or for all posts, that will be created in future, at once – in Theme Settings – Single Posts – Posts – Post Author.

As to an infinite scroll – please follow our instructions to enable it. First of all please proceed to Theme Settings – Elements – Custom Codes – Custom Javasript and insert the code you can see below:

jQuery(document).ready( function () {
    (function ($) {
      function x(){$('.infinite_scroll ~ .cmsmasters_wrap_more_posts .cmsmasters_post_loader').click();}
   setTimeout(x, 2000);

And save changes. Then open appropriate Blog shorcode and add infinite_scroll class to Additional Classes field. Please select “Load More button” option and leave Posts Number empty. That’s it!

Please let us know if the result meets your requirements. Thank you!

Wow! Oh my God! This is crazy weird, baby!

Even though I’ve been in technology for over 30 years, I was an English major, and early – mid 20th century fiction is my favorite genre. Just like you guys are CMS Masters, I’ve always said that Salinger was the Dialogue Master – of all time! Anyway, I was talking to another English major friend of mine and she told me her favorite prose work was ‘Nine Stories’. That was one I’d always wanted to read but never did, so I ordered it, it arrive yesterday and I started reading it almost immediately. First story, ‘A Perfect Day For Bananafish’, brilliant, absolute genius! So, you see, I’ve been in “Salinger Mode” for the last 24 hours.

I also just recently started talking to my daughter about re-designing her food blog, and she also wants to start a creative DIY project blog, and kind of make them sibling blogs, like Franny and Zooey. She’s remarkably creative, I tell you, remarkably!

But here is the crazy weird part. I’m also working with a homeless cat shelter about doing a great website for this marvelous woman who runs it. So I was looking at your Pet Shelter theme demo, which is awesome baby, and clicked on the drop-down for your other themes. There is was, bam, Salinger!

I immediately dialed my daughter and told her I simply must talk to her today and that I was thrilled, just thrilled, baby! She rang me back and I told her all about the theme and all, and I’m going to show it to her this afternoon. She is going to die, I tell you, absolutely die! I am going to buy this theme and when we release her two new blogs, her readers are going to go bananas. She gets hundreds of thousands of hits per month and now she’s going to get millions! I told you she’s remarkably creative, remarkably.

The theme’s just marvelous, simply marvelous. Jerome would be proud, I tell you, proud! If he was still here, the silly old coot might come out of hiding and give you all a big hug! Jerome would surely give you all a big hug, baby.

(LOL, That was fun! Did my writing style remind you of anyone in particular? I told you i’ve been in Salinger mode for the last 24 hours. I really don’t talk that way in real life.)

Seriously, your theme is aesthetically beautiful, it’s functionally robust, and I’m confident from your other work that, even though it’s a new release, it’s very stable. I am going to buy this shortly, as well as the Pet Shelter theme. I’m looking forward to working with you.

I was serious about the millions of hits on my daughter’s blog, though, and if you like cooperation and collaboration, we can put a “built on/ powered by, etc. CMS Masters” blurb and icon on her footer. That will get you some exposure and some back-links. Probably quite a few, actually, as she’s syndicated to a lot of other food blogs. One of her recipes from the blog was featured on the cover of ‘Woman’s World’ magazine last year.

I’m currently redesigning my corporate site to simple one-page design built on bootstrap. It’s super lean but if I can test your one-page design on WP, I might go that direction if it’s fast enough. Anyway, I can put you guys up as one of our technology partners in that section of the site. I’ll fill out a contact form and we can talk soon. I just have a lot of other huge project deadlines right now and my business is exploding, so I’m just kind of overwhelmed right now. I’m going to hire some new people and hopefully things should get under control very soon. Thank you and, once again, remarkable theme, simply remarkable! lol

Oh, and here’s something for the last commenter, Ibuitrago. Listen to these guys and buy their theme! You don’t need Dreamweaver. If you know only a little about Dreamweaver it will take you 5X longer to do anything like this great theme. I’ve use it since it was first released, practically, and I think I’ve opened it only once in the last 2 years. It’s bloated and sluggish. Plus, it could even maybe mess shit up for you and you’ll spend hours pulling your hair out trying to find the reason why.

Dreamweaver’s always had a quirky way of formatting code just a little to put the Adobe stamp on it, and it’s not always compatible with other stuff. It’s almost like Adobe thinks they own the web and you have to pay them to work on it. Dreamweaver takes years to really master and know all the weird little nuances of it. These guy, CSM Masters, have much better and more RAD.

Wow, that was so fun to read!!! Your writing makes me believe web development is not your only skill, seriously. Besides that, your words are incredibly inspiring for us. When creating each of our themes, we always hope it will be “just the theme” someone was looking for, and we are so glad to see when this happens. Thanks for sharing your warm words :) We wish good luck to you and your daughter in all of your beginnings, and we do hope our themes will contribute to your success. On our side, we are always ready to provide help and assistance with our themes, should you need any while working on your projects.

Best, cmsmasters team:)

Hello, i know a little things about dreamviewer, i don’t know anything about this (buy theme). I wanna know if i buy this theme, i can open it and work it in Dreamviewer? Tks!

Hi, thanks for your interest!

We haven’t tested Dreamweaver with Salinger theme and that’s why can’t recommend using it. In fact there’s no need in such software and any coding modifications, you can add content via user-friendly dashboard and content composer, any settings can be altered in the dashboard as well.

Please feel free to ask any further questions. Thank you!

Great theme! :)

It’s possible to create fullwidth images, sliders or sliders?

Hi, thanks for your interest!

Sure, you can see a full width slider slider on our Home page! Other elements, especially image backgrounds can be easily settled to full width as well. Kindly let us know if you have any further questions.

Please note, that our support team work Monday to Friday, that’s why we didn’t get back to you earlier. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

Thanks for the answer!

You’re always welcome!

Great theme – GLWS :)

Thanks, we did our best!

Nice and Beautiful Work, GLWS :)

Thank you very much! :)

Impressive work, All the Best!

Appreciate your feedback, thanks!


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