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Discussion on Salutation Responsive WordPress Theme

Discussion on Salutation Responsive WordPress Theme

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Pre-sale question: 1. Do You have any recommended build in way to display for mobile devices to take advantage of full Buddypress experience (mainly live notifications) Mobile App, PWA or other? 2. Does You theme supports natively push notification or other notification for mobile users other than standard email notification for new comments etc. 3. Do You have functionality for “instant replies / canned responses” so that users in groups can reply in threads just by clicking for example that “I will be there” or “I can’t participate this time”. 4. Can I easily translate it to Polish or I have to use premium plugin WPML ?


Salutation is a responsive theme, the display adapts automatically to the device on which it is being displayed. the same goes for the BuddyPress plugin.


Sal;utation is just a theme, i.e. it changes the appearance of your web pages. It has no functionality at all, all functionality is added by WordPress itself and by any plugins you install.


Salutation is just a theme, i.e. it changes the appearance of your web pages. It has no functionality at all, all functionality is added by WordPress itself and by any plugins you install.


The theme is translatable in the same way as all WordPress themes are translatable.

too much money for something so simple and basic

Hi Is possible to have the website full screen width rather than boxed please?

Although the Salutation theme was designed to be 972px wide on a desktop display, most of the width-based styles in the theme (probably all) work with percentages so I don’t think there will many problems switching to a wider desktop style by adding one line of custom CSS. This question has been asked two or three times in our Help Center and the people who asked the question have not returned with any problems after switching to a full-width design.

Salutation theme , Full Woocommerce store compatibility

we’ve been told by customers that WooCommerce works well with Salutation.

Have issues with fatal error notifications. signed up on Parallelus web site, but it will not complete verification of purchase, just says “something went wrong”

I have manually joined you to the Salutation group in our Help Center.

To access the support forum please first sign in to our Help Center using the username ‘timspraguecd’ and whatever password you set when signing up:


Once logged in you can access the “Salutation (WordPress)” forum here:


If you can’t find a solution using the forum search, please create a new topic for each separate issue and we’ll do our best to help.


Hello, I want to know whether this theme can be configured to request membership payment on signup

No. The theme itself has no functionality at all, it just makes your web page look different. The forums part of the demo website is powered by the BuddyPress and bbPress free plugins. Whether those plugins do everything you want you can check out on their dedicated websites:



Is there any way possible I can use this for WHMCS????

Salutation is a WordPress theme.


I have some presale questions. It is very important for me to know all the answers since I am doing research if this what I need is possible to implement. I want to create website using BuddyPress. I need to know if the following options are possbible.

1. Can I have at leaset 20 000 profiles of users, and up to 50 000 profiles of potential users?

2. Can users create their own profile by themselves? And when they creat profile admin of website just verifies and approves this newly created profiles? So I do not want that admin of website creates profiles of user, but users on their own should create profiles

3. Can users when creating a profile choose category of work they are involved in, also I need them to choose location, and I need to have filters for this locations and categories on website (for an example location is one city and when someone sets filters by this city I need to have just results for this city to be visible). Is this possible?

4. Can users add profile photos on their profile, and can they add description of their business activity on their profile, can they add contact info, and in general info about their company? I need to have option that they can add all of this data by themselves when creating their profile

5. Can website admin limit the number of photos the user uploads to his profile and the number of characters for the text he enters?

6. Can registered and logged or signed in users excange messages with each other? Is there an inbox option if one registered user want to write message to another user?

7. Can website admin send message to any registered user? Can website admin send one message to one registered user, and can website admin send the same message to all of the registered users, for an example if privacy policy is changed and I need to send the same notice to all of the users I do not want to send it 20 000, like to put them all in cc? Is this possible?

8. Is there a chat option? Like is there a chat between website admin and users? If some user has some question and he can not wait answer to some message and he needs right info as soon as possible, he will need to have chat with site admin?

9. Is it possible to have some analytics data from website? Like, possibility to have a preview of number of users by some category of bussines activity and simmilar)?

10. Can users edit ther profiles after signig up or registrating? Like, maybe they change their address, change some contact info, or add some photos?

Thank you in advance

Salutation is just a theme, i.e. it makes your web pages look different. It has no inherent functionality, all functionality is added by WordPress itself, or by plugins such as BuddyPress and bbPress.

You can learn more about WordPress here: https://wordpress.org/

You can ask questions about WordPress here: https://wordpress.org/support/forums/

You can learn more about BuddyPress here: https://buddypress.org/

You can ask questions about BuddyPress here: https://buddypress.org/support/

You can learn more about bbPress here: https://bbpress.org/

You can ask questions about bbPress here: https://bbpress.org/forums/


Some pre-sales questions:
1)I need to have a subscription based site. Is your theme compatible with https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-membership-pro-wordpress-plugin/12159253?

2) Will your theme be compatible with WP Bakery builder. I see that it does not come with the theme.
3) Last but not the least; why are the reviews so old? Last one is 1 year old.and the latest reviews are all 1* though the previous ones are good. Wondering why that is so….

1. Probably, but we’ve never tested Salutation with that plugin. (Salutation was released four years before that plugin.)

2. Sorry, no.


I want to install this theme on my site? Can you check my site?


No, sorry, this is not something we can help you with.

Presale .it is on plan to update this theme or not. Work this site whit Buddyfollow plugin and rtmedia

I’ve never heard of the Buddyfollow plugin. I can’t think of any reason why Salutation wouldn’t work with the rtMedia plugin.

Salutation is a very old theme, almost 10 years old. If you are looking for a theme to work with BuddyPress (I’m guessing that’s what you mean by Buddyfellow?), a theme that supports all the new features added to BuddyPress from version 3 onwards, I’d recommend looking for a more modern theme than Salutation because we stopped supporting BuddyPress some time ago.


Okay Thx . Cajn i buy it cheaper :-)

Our spring sale is about to begin. Keep watching the price, it should drop by 25% real soon now.