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Very excited about this! Great theme, and the BuddyPress integration looks great.

May buy it for a redesign with WishList Member (kamana.org). Has it been tested with any other BP or membership plugins?

Thanks, I have not tested it with any membership plugins outside of BuddyPress itself. This runs the same framework as my Mingle theme which is also BP enabled and I have not had any reports of problems with a membership plugin.

Great work as always Parallelus, Is there option to set width to stretched or fixed width?

Bookmarked ready for purchase..:)

Thanks. This is a fixed width design.

Excellent design, as always indeed :)

What about color schemes for header and the rest, is that integrated? Might just purchase if that’s easy to set. And yeah, stretched width possible?

Thanks! Tom

There is a dark skin pre-made for the theme. All of the sections like header, footer etc, can have the color easily adjusted from the admin.

Sorry, there isn’t going to be a fluid width version. I don’t do fluid width designs.

Love it! Glad to see it up, and good luck with the sales… And send me it!

Thanks. I’ll get this to you in the morning :)

Lovely :D I wanna see the black version :) How do i do that :(

Working on it right now. These reviewers are getting really good. I uploaded the theme, went to dinner and when I got back it was live!!! I just added a link to the main menu called “Dark Skin” which shows a single blog page in the dark color for now. Sometime tomorrow I’ll have the a full set of pages in the dark as examples.

Looks lovely ! Good job

The dark skin is now visible for all areas of the demo. Use the first menu item “Styles” to select from dark or light versions.


AFX Purchased

LOVE IT !! its inspired me to start a new project just to use it.

Wow. Anything this awesome theme doesn’t have?

Magnificent work Andy! Love all the little details you added and how everything is well thought out. But this thing is a complete steal for $40, it should be at least $50 or even $60! I bet you spent loads of time on this one :) Keep it up!


I asked for a higher price but there is a TF cap at $40 for a WP starting price. To go above that the reviewer needs approval.

Nice job on incorporating BuddyPress and Forums with nice login / registration pages too! (By the way if user makes an error it reverts to the ugly WordPress login page, you might want to look into that)

Thanks I’ll check it out.

Great job!

Will you continue to support this theme as updates come out for Buddypress? I assume it’s the latest stable version for BuddyPress? 1.2.10?

Also what might be a nice addition – the bar at the top (currently login/register), it would be nice if you could add a third tab as a sort of “notification” which opened on first visit or something.

Thanks I will be supporting future versions of BuddyPress as they are released. I don’t support beta versions but as soon as a full version is released the the theme will always be updated as needed.

Actually, there is no limit to the number of tabs you can have at the top. Each one you create in the admin is added as a custom sidebar letting you decide what’s shown. You can even control the display to show different tabs for public users and logged in users :)

That theme is simply awesome! How long did it take to create it? You must have been working for months on this one!

Thanks. I actually did it in about 6 weeks from concept to completion. I didn’t sleep much the last 2 week. I had already worked a 70 hour week by Wednesday of this week :)

Be sure it has been worth every single second :-)!

I have a question for you is this normal ? [I’m “log in” and the “sign in” option is still there?]

thank you

It sounds like you want the login link in your menu to hide after you log in? To do that you can add the class “-function-is-user-logged-in” to the menu item and it will only show to public users. You can also do this in the “Conditional” field of the tabs. There is a list of other conditional items to control the display of menu items and tabs in the help document.

Hi there,

Nice design. I’m waiting to buy this theme until the dark version comes out. I need dark version to be ask smart and slick as the light version.

So when is it likely to be out?


Thanks but is it possible to view it fully in the ‘Dark’ version. If not yet … when please?

This may be easier …. If I can view the homepage as the ‘dark’ version then that will convince me to buy the theme. Is that possible?

I’m working on it right now… It’s Sunday and I have not slept much in the last 2 weeks trying to create this theme. Your patience is appreciated.

The dark skin can now be previewed for all areas of the demo. Use the first menu item “Styles” to select from dark or light versions.

Nice theme!

I Love this theme! Do you have shortcodes for video?

Videos will open in the lightbox if linked that way, but there are no shortcodes to display them in the page because WordPress already does this. By pasting the URL into the editor WP will embed the video for you. It’s a built in function now.

Awesome theme. Super job. Thank you.

Quick question please: what font are you using for the site title etc? Thanks.

Dancing Script OT

Hi again. Thought you should know there seems to be a problem with video portfolio in Firefox 6.0.2 for Mac. The modal window pops up for a video but the video doesn’t play. No problem in Safari.

Works fine on PC version of FF. I’ll see if I can find any information about this.

Do you offer a quickstart solution as you provided it in a later update of the Mingle theme?

There is a demo content file included in the download as well as a quick start guide in the documentation.