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Hi! Loving the theme so far. I have run into an issue though. I feel silly for asking, but.. how can I display a sidebar on the homepage?

My homepage pagelayout should put the sidebar on the right, but for some reason it is displayed under the page content and above the footer.


It sounds like the content in your main content area is possibly the problem. Please start a topic on our Help Center so we can look into this.

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums: http://para.llel.us/support/


Just FYI, when clicking on a nav bar menu item on the demo, it redirects to the Parallelus Website homepage.

Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

I hate this theme and the lack of customer service. I am unable to access the help site. The response to that was, “You’re the only one who seems to have this problem. We’ll look into it.” Response is slow. I am not a total web newbie, but I am new to buddypress. It has taken me 8 days to get my site functional. I would have given up except the theme cost $60 and the request for a refund was pretty much ignored (unless many theme sites). The total experience has been very unsatisfactory. If you google it on the web, you will see many sites that are unfinished and under developed using this theme, so I am not the only one.

I would never say that to a customer, and I didn’t. I remember your emails. You’re the person that’s “on satellite and cannot utilize video tutorials” and could not locate the written documentation.

Your first email was sent at 7:30pm and I replied the next morning at 11:45am directing you to our Help Center. Your response was:

I am really unimpressed with that answer. It’s slow and doesn’t address the problem.

I actually found what I was looking for after an hour and a half of searching.

Your next email said that after logging into our Help Center, clicking the “logo” for the site redirected you to the home page. As it happens, is what the logo on 99% of websites does. I’ve posted that email below:

This doesn’t work. I click on the link below and sign in. Then I click on the theme (salutation). Then I click on the help center link. That takes me back on the loop that I just started. I would like a refund. This is exasperating.

I tried to assist you with the following instructions emailed in response to the message:


Once signed in to the Help Center, you can go to the Forum under the Salutation group to ask questions. We’ve never known anyone to have a problem with this process, but since you described it as being hard to understand we will look into making it simpler.

You must contact ThemeForest directly for refunds. They will not give refunds based on support or not being able to figure out how to access a forum to get support.

You may not like the answers, but I have given you polite and accurate responses and in a timely manner. The second email was answered within 5 hours and on a Saturday so I cannot understand the complaints about waiting. If you ask me a question at 7:30pm, there is a very good chance I’m eating dinner and may not check my email until the next morning.

As for not being helpful, I don’t know how to help someone that does not want to be helped. You appear more interested in complaining and pointing fingers. Support is probably the area we get most highly rated and our customer satisfaction in that area is outstanding. It is not necessarily us that is the problem.

Pre-sale questions:

Hi, I am considering changing my template to Salutations. The one I am currently has not been updated for the Wordpress update. Does Salutation work without problems on Wordpress 3.5.1?

It is crucial that it can run the Issuu Plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/issuu-embed/

My current site crashes when I use it so could let me know if I buy Salutations that it will work?

Many thanks in advance!

Yes, it works on WP 3.5.1. There are hundreds if not thousands of installs on the latest version of WP. We don’t always take the time to make a special note that the theme works with a bug fix update of WP (that’s what the x.x.1 stands for)

I’ve never used that plugin so I can’t comment on it’s working with the theme. I’ve also never gotten any support requests saying it doesn’t work, but that may only signify they were never used together or a problem was unreported.

I am very interested in purchasing this theme. However, I have a quick question before I do. Is the theme ready to have member signups with facebook account login. Or is there a relatively simple way of achieving this. This is very important for my needs cause of the nature of the site. Thank you for your help.

There is a plugin called Facebook Connect (best of my memory) that allows this functionality.

Hi, i have registered on parallelus support site, but when i put the purchase id i get an error… I will ask you here.

When i imported the static block content, the posts didn’t appear on the administration page of that custom post type :( I tried to add manually a new one, but i have de same issue.

I don’t know what that could be. We will need more information.

Please verify that the License ID (not Purchase ID) is correct and create a new topic on the Help Center. You can find your License ID under the “Downloads” area of you ThemeForest account.

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums: http://para.llel.us/support/


Pre-sale question.

I’ve not used BuddyPress before. Does this theme allow configuration for members only sections such as forums?

Also is there an approval process for new member signups?

many thanks!

The registration is controlled by WP and BP together. I believe there is an options to enable manual verification for new members but I’ve never tried to do it. You can check this in the WP and BP documentation to verify.

The groups (where forums are housed) have options for public, members only and hidden. This lets you control access. You can find out more on the BuddyPress website.

Does this theme allow users to upload their own photos?

For avatars? It’s not a theme feature but BuddyPress allows users to upload avatars. I’m not sure if that is what you meant or if you were asking about uploading photos for an album or even another way. I think there is a plugin for BuddyPress to allow users to make their own albums.

Exactly what I was looking for, awesome theme!

Hello, I puerchased your theme for my website. It’s great. I have one issue. I was editing content under this link http://warsztatymb.pl/2-edycja-marzec-2013/ and suddeny my tabs went crazy. I didn’t digg in code at all just editing text. Can you help me to fix it ?

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums: http://para.llel.us/support/

Does your theme have the ability to have push notifications and post pictures in updates?

Push notifications? As in notify readers when a new post is published or updated? This is something that would require a plugin.


I created a new post_type called TopShops and a file called single-topshops.php. This is running ok. But I want the width-page Layout. How can I activate this layout for this new post_type??

Thank you, Markus

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums: http://para.llel.us/support/


I have installed the theme with the demo.xml file and everything looks good. But when I install and activate the buddypress plugin the whole website goes blank?

Do you know why this is?

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums: http://para.llel.us/support/

How do i change the grey bar at the top of the pages that shows the wordpress logo and the register and signup button?

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums: http://para.llel.us/support/


Is there any affiliate or advertisement functions for this theme in case I want to monetize my blog and forum may I ask?

Thank you!

That’s not something a theme should be doing. If you find a WP theme with a built in affiliate system, you shouldn’t buy it. This is something that should always be done with a plug.

Try searching the WP plugins directory as a start. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/

Hi, i’ve a problem with my salutation theme: in the blog page i see only one post whilst the wordpress setting is to 10 post for page.

Can you help me to find the option for change the number of post that i can see in the blog page?

Thank you

Try setting up the blog shortcode. It’s documented on the Help Center and demo website. http://para.llel.us/themes/salutation-wp/shortcodes/blog/

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums: http://para.llel.us/support/

Hello, I need to explain me why I do not see more than one article in the blog page!

I see 10 posts on your blog page.

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums: http://para.llel.us/support/

I just purchased this theme and I love it, but I’m having a few problems. I can’t find my activation email for signing up for the support forums. I’ve checked my spam folder. Is there a way to have one resent?

I want my site to look similar to the demo site. I can’t get my sign-up button to work. I think I screwed up the link, because it directs to the home page. What is the correct shortcode for it?

Also, I can’t get the images to appear with the posts on the home page. What is the code as it is displayed on the demo site?

If you can email your user name to us we can manually activate the account. Use the form on our profile page (click my avatar) and just let me know the user name you created on the Help Center.

I would also like to change the logout. Currently, when I logout, there is a message that asks if I want to logout of “Salutation”. It also gives a link to go back to Salutation. How do I set it for my site name and url?


I’d like to configure my blog page to display more than 1 post by page. Here is the link to my blog: http://www.clubacel.fr/blog-acel How can i do it ?

Moreover, where can I translate the Search term in the header ? I’m using WPML as translator and I can’t find any string…

Hope you ‘ll be able to provide some help.


If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums: http://para.llel.us/support/

Hello Guys,

Is Salutation responsive? If not, will this be added soon?


Salutation works great on mobile devices but is not currently a responsive design. We’ve given it consideration and hope to make it responsive in the future.

Does the PSD come with all of the imagery that is in the preview?

The PSD files are included but the photography is not ours to distribute. The images in the main slide show can be found at a stock photography site (links in help document) and the rest of the images are from Flickr creative commons.

All of the layouts and styles, including the slides are include, just the photography we are not licensed to distribute has been removed.