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My client is using this theme and is wondering how to go about creating a custom category page that displays differently than the regular category page or blog layout. How would we go about this?

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Can you have threaded replies in the posts of topics in group forums?

BuddyPress group forums do not support this.

Can your help me? When it constitutes CONTACT FORM AS FOLLOWS get an error message.
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This is the Salutation theme comments. Do you have Salutation or Mingle?

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Salutation is a great theme! Is there any plans on making it responsive in the next update?

Not the next update, which is planned for this weekend to address BP 1.7, but hopefully at some point.

We’re having trouble scheduling this because of the time investment required. It’s much more difficult to convert an existing theme to be responsive than it is to build one that way from the start. The logic behind the CSS is a great deal different. If it were not for the BP functionality of Salutation we likely would have done this already. That alone adds 2 weeks to the task.

Thanks for the quick response and I completely understand!

is possible in their bbPress Theme? BuddyPress 1.7 support? u iPhone and iPad or Android mobile page possible?

would appreciate a Antword the theme would then buy

We’re doing updates for BP 1.7 now. Many are already using it but there are a few minor style changes needed for some of the changes to the BP widgets. It is not a responsive theme.

ok thanks

Hm would like to buy the theme if only for slider login and it looks very good, very good support video 8-)

:-) I just benödige bbPress and mobile support is something coming in?

viellleicht ok I can live without but bbPress Support mobile

I’ll Follow their subjects – they give demo page with BuddyPress 1.7 online to test

1. Previously, in login user can only modify 3 fields (name, favorite color, age). Can we add additional field to store more information? This is our additional fields: • Full Name • Nick Name • Address • Hobby • Email • Activity, etc 2. We plan on creating a system to filter some user so registered user will be able to see more information but for non-register, they can only see name and photo Do you prefer this way or do you have any suggestion? 3. Can we design a description at the bottom of each photo and display in 3 columns at the page gallery? 4. Can we adjust the background so it’ll have texture (images) or other color? 5. For then button, can we change the color or perhaps ever re-design it, the way we intended to? 6. Can we display the menu at the side bar (on the right) so it’ll give appropriate function fir each page? 7. Can we adjust the footer so its height can hold several line of text (ex copyright) instead of very big and empty space as now?

1. BuddyPress allows you to create your own custom registration fields.

2. You can specify the visibility for public or members only on each field.

3. That might require editing the template. I’m not sure I fully understand the question.

4. Sure, you can edit the design however you want.

5. Yes, you can edit button colors. It’s an easy one time task you can do from your skin CSS file.

6. You can create as many sidebars as you like for any pages. There is a custom menus widget in the WP admin that lets you specify a menu for the sidebar. A different one can be used for each area if you choose.

7. The height of the footer will adjust to the size of your content. You can always specify a custom footer height in your CSS if you like.

Hello Developer ! Looking forward to buy this theme if u can answer :

1. Is buddypress included in the theme download itself ? 2. If not which version do we need to install manually. Can it run BP 1.7 ?

Day passed :) Waiting for BP 1.7 Ready theme. Will buy straight away. Cant afford to update theme after the custom css i have changed. Can i get a final date when you would roll out the update for BP 1.7 ?

Sorry. The nanny called in sick and I’ve been watching the kids. Threw off my schedule a bit. I’ll try and get it uploaded this evening. The only thing not done is the change log. :)

Oh its perfectly fine :) Do it when you get time…Have fun with kids :D

do you have a release date for BP 1.7 compatibility ?

It’s being uploaded today.

I have a question before I Buy the theme, a mobile page with an update coming for iPhone, iPad etc..?

or it will not give?

We hope to make it responsive but currently it is not. If we can do this at some point we will but there is no schedule for the change.

How to use Latin extended fonts in page Title this is the problem http://i.imgur.com/BCdrAxr.png

example:Illeték és közzétételi díj

áéö?ú?ó fonts missing…

how to fix this?

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Hi there, it would be great, if you could make Salutation work my RightHere’s Modal Log In Plugin (here on codecanyon available)

This Plugin has the ability, to remove wp-login.php and wp-admin and other wp-links and replacing it, with for example domain.com/login (wp-login.php) or the wp-admin gets renamed to what ever you want domain.com/backend.

So the site, would not immediately give it away, that it is a wordpress site.

Wordpress itselfs adepts great only the Themelinks not. For example, the LoginPopUp: Forgot Password Link results in 404 error message, because it tries to open wp-login.php?.... (which doesn’t exists, now it would be /login?action…..).

That would be a nice feature, if the theme could work with the plugin.

First of all thanks so much for this great theme! I know that many other has requested a responsive layout the theme, so I am just another one who wants to request a responsive layout also. Please make it as soon as possible, it would be great. regards

HI, is it possible if you could transfer my licence to your “Mingle” theme instead of this one?

Only ThemeForest support has that ability. You can use the support links in the top menu to contact them for assistance.

hi, can i use facebook login this theme’s into login page

There are plugins that will allow you to have users login with Facebook.

Hi Parallelus I know that the new version of Wordpress 3.6 (still Beta 3) will support “Post Formats”, will then Salutation be updated to include this function? That will be great.

Thanks in advance.

The current version or WP supports Post Formats also. The theme has no Post Format specific functionality.

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I know it’s been said a bunch of times already but I’d just like to add my support to making this a responsive theme. I’d be willing to pay an upgrade fee for it! On the whole though, great theme and great support. Very happy with the purchase.

Hi there! Excellent theme! Could you please tell me how to include text below an image already opened in a lightbox popup?

I’m trying caption but it doesn’t work…

I’m using this code to trigger the popup from a text: MY TITLE

The lightbox popup works fine but I’d like to add text below the image already opened…

Thank you!!! : )

You need to use the “title” attribute of the link.

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I’m sorry, this is the code: <a lightbox="yes" caption="cation text" href="http://MYURL/MYIMAGE.jpg">MYTEXT</a>



I just bought the template and set it up.

I want to change my main page to A sample of an alternate home page layout.

you can go to check what I want to do

go to the live-view website, and features -> home pages -> home pages: another sample.

I imported contents, but you did not give me features menu.

So I don’t know how to change my main page

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