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Hi, I am using envato toolkit to update my themeforest themes and I am having some issues:
  • It does not recognise Salutation installed.
  • When I try to install the latest theme instead, hoping to override the old theme. It gives me the following error: “Destination folder already exists.”
I don’t know why that would happen. The theme shouldn’t have any effect on that plugin.

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I notice the theme have it own default gravatar for all users. Can you please help me figure out a way to change the gravatar for all users because my ssl only work with the default gravatar. I have a garvatar account I created, can you tell me how I can change it to the gravatar in my account.


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This theme is absolutely awful. The support takes about 24 hours to respond. It’s not compatible with more than 75% of the plugins and add-ons for Buddypress, and all they do is blame everything BUT the theme rather than giving you SUPPORT. You guys suck.

I would like to purchase this theme but was hoping you could upload the entire template (as shown here) into my wordpress hosting account.

I am new to wordpress, but want to start a charity and this is the perfect theme. I will obviously pay you for the trouble. Could you let me know if you can do this?

We don’t provide uploading or site setup services, but there are a lot of affordable options for this. Any freelance WordPress developer could do this for and there are services where they provide just this type of solution. Thanks!

I bought this theme and am having problems with Buddypress. Each time I install the plugin, even an older version, the site crashes and I have to delete the plugin via ftp. I have posted in your support area with no reply. Can someone please assist?

The question you asked 14 hours ago (Sunday night at 9pm) was replied to about an hour ago, here. Please understand we don’t provide real-time support and it may take up to 24 hours to get a response, possibly longer during weekends.

Posting multiple places about the same support issue just makes extra work for us to reply to the same issue more than once. Thanks.

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Good morning my name is Ricardo Triana, I´m a front end developer and web/mobile designer. Im looking to purchase a template for my startup company. What Im looking for is:

-User registration/sign up -User can edit their profile (avatar image and data) and publish. Profile can be viewed by all registered and not registered users. -User geolocation. Can user have a geolocation option when creating profeile. -Advanced search app -Responsive and extremely mobile friendly -Chat aplication or some kind of comment aplication so users can interact in a private/public manner. -User can create a post/page with custom fields, and will only be published after admin authorization. This post/page can be tagged so that it can be easily found by a user when using this tags as search filters. -User can create and share a post/page with custom fields that will only be viewed by certain users. User should be able to associate this post/page with a certain user that is registered in the site.

I know these might look like a bit too much, but it is my best option, i need some kind of minimum viable product to be online in a few weeks, that is why Im taking the template option as my last resource. And I know that some of these functionalities can be achieved with plugins and son on. But Id really like to know if plugins can be installed without any trouble and that your template will be able to install these plugins with no conflict.

Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you guys can help me out.



The second level dropdowns in the menu have stopped working. Can you tell me how to fix this? It was working…heavy sigh. http://glassworksdb.com

P.S. I tried to register for support, but I never received an activation email. Of course, I can’t login because I keep getting an error that I haven’t activated the account.

Make sure you checked your spam folders. If you can’t find the email, please send us your login name and email address used to register on the Help Center and we can manually activate your account.

hi there, is it possible to have social login? at least facebook, but ideally fb, twitter, google+

thanks, Adam

Yes, there are many plugins that add this functionality to WordPress.

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Does this theme support woocommerce?

There is no built in formatting, but you can use WooCommerce with the theme.

Hi one pre-purchase question.

Do you support BuddyDrive and do you have any demo or screenshot to show the layout of it?


I really don’t know about BuddyDrive.


Love this theme! Want to buy just have a question: SEO is a big deal for me. Was wondering how is theme SEO wise – i.e. is it clean coded – which SEO plugin does it work with best? etc.

Any info on the SEO aspect would be greatly appreciated.

It should work with any SEO plugin. Our code is always clean. :)

Hi, great theme!

I am trying to use Easy Video Player wtih Salutation. The EVP plugin puts a video to the page by inserting code like this (into the HTML version of the page):

<div id="evp-65856aefd2d1707550f8583f949295bd-wrap" class="evp-video-wrap" /><script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.rakovinaprostaty.org/evp/framework.php?div_id=evp-65856aefd2d1707550f8583f949295bd&id=cHJvYmxlbXlzcHJvc3RhdG91L2JhYmp1a19uZXBhY2llbnRpXzAxLm1wNA%3D%3D&v=1409755840&profile=default"></script><script type="text/javascript"><!--

The result is that this code is shown as an image/placeholder in the page/post editting mode and as a video on the rendered web page. It worked in all of our webs (tens) but not with this theme. It shows the placeholder during the edit mode but also on the actual web page. I mean the web page, where the video should be shown displays only the same image as the editted page. Can you tell me how to fix it? Somehow, the inserted javascript is not allowed to work.

Thank you, Pavel.

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Hi, I’m using “Salutation” and after the 2.1 buddypress update my menus and slide shows do not work.

More people have this problem.


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Hi, I’m thinking about buying this theme, but noticed the last support response was 25 days ago. I just wanted to make sure support is still available. Can you respond to this if it is?

Also, is there an update to make this with high resolution, retina display?

Our last response was 25 days ago because the last question asked was 26 days ago.

The theme supports high resolution screens.


The theme looks great!

I have three prepurchase questions though

1) in the demo i can see that people have a number of friends, but i can’t see the “add friend” option. It is there right?

2) Can simple users create their own groups?

3) Is there anything such as a “like” button or something?

Thank you very much!

All the “community” features are provided by two plugins, BuddyPress and bbPress. You can check out the features of these plugins at http://buddypress.org/ and http://bbpress.org/

Pre-Purchase question

So basically what I want to do is that,

I want registered members to be able to view certain information once they have logged in.

Non-members must just see the site. They must be able to register. Once they registered then they must be able to view certain information.

Please note that the registered members information will be different. So for example

member1 logs in and is redirected to member1 page

member2 logs in and is redirected to member2 page

Is it feasible with this theme?

Thanks Vincent

Salutation is a theme, all it does is change the appearance of your web pages. All functionality is provided by WordPress and any plugins that you chose to install and activate. There are plugins that can help you achieve the behaviour you describe – plugins such as s2Member for example – but the Salutation theme itself doesn’t include any functionality. It’s just a theme. :)


I and my partner bought salutation around an year back. We have forgot the account we used to buy this theme. Is there a way i can upgrade to latest version of this theme, which is responsive?


The only way to get a theme update is to login to your ThemeForest account and download it.

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my username or password: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203039084-What-do-I-do-if-I-ve-forgotten-my-username-or-password-

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Hi, same questions before buy: 1. I don’t have many experience with wordpress, until now I have Joomla to create my websites. I’d like use your template to create a multilanguage site. Can I use this template for create a multilanguage site? 2. Which extension I need install to create my multilanguage site? 3. Where I can put the flags on the template? Can I add it near the social network?


1. Yes.

2. The most popular multi-lingual plugin for WordPress is WPML.

3. You can add content pretty much anywhere you like. I’m not sure what you mean by “near the social network”.

I don’t need active registration user on my website so my idea is remove the panel and then “sign in” and “register” button on top-left and put there my flags to allow site translation. To do it I need edit your template?

You can customise the content of those top tabs, including the names of the tabs, and you can remove top tabs or add add more top tabs if you like, but you couldn’t easily replace those top tabs with flags; to do that you would need to customise one of the theme’s PHP templates.

I am using an older version of this theme … instead of overriding the files, can I upload it in a seperate theme folder and then switch? Will I have to recreate all the design settings and static content?

This topic in our Help Center describes how to update the theme: http://para.llel.us/support/groups/salutation-wordpress/forum/topic/latest-version-salutation/

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Please take a look at the image and advise the best way to set up these side bars in Salutation. Thanks.

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