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Reviews for Sam Martin - Personal vCard Resume HTML Template

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for Design Quality

The resulting page looks very well. It was very easy to change colors and fill with my info. I found some bugs but were easy to solve. Since is well based in Bootstrap 3 it is very easy to make changes and still don''t lose the style

for Customizability

Great templates do not happen by accident, you have to consider web design best practices. For me as business owner of small design/develoment studio everything go around conversions.

In this template I found matching of both best design practice with great probability of conversion reasons are

a. Simple and Smooth navigation fit to all screen sizes
b. Interesting, unique, and high quality Images
c. Color scheme attractive and eye-catching,
d. Meaningfull descriptions, instructions, and labels

for Design Quality

i really appreciate design quality, its so pixel perfect. theme offers multiple 8 theme base layouts and each theme has sub 3 layouts so total 24 layouts. that is simply grate. i generally look at 4 points when i buy a template or theme

1. Design Quality
2. Code Quality
3. Documentation Quality
4. Customizable or let say flexible to your requirement

and these template qualify all this checkpoints for me.

for Code Quality

Such a great design and clean code.
A perfect example of a perfect theme.