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I love this godamn theme! I LOVE IT!

...thank you :)

this is nice, is there an admin side of it to update the portfolio gallery. thanks

Hello All,

Great template… but trying to figure out where to configure the email address (and outgoing server?) to which the message on the contact form needs to be set…

Trying to reach themepixels… no luck yet…




I already answered this question a while ago. The contact form is static that means you have to integrate it yourself to create some codes to send it into email. What the template offer you is the design

Ah. OK I guess… could have been included in the documentation… would have saved you the effort of answering – thanks anyway.

Have a great day! Chris

How do I adjust from wide to fixed format?

Many thanks

Figured out how to set fixed width, but how do I add a background image?

Not covered in your help files.


I guess this guy doesn’t do support.

Hi, the latest version of Internet explorer breaks the slide show on the single portfolio master! The thumbnails show but the main image does not. Can you advise on a fix for this? Thanks

Nice template but your support is appalling! Do you have a fix for this issue?

Hi, sorry for the delay I just got busy because our place got hit by strong earthquake followed by a super typhoon. I am located in philippines. Anyway, the solution to your problem is available in this link –

I am sorry to hear of the weather situation – I sincerely hope that you, you family and friends are all well. I confirm the issue with IE11 is now fixed – thank you


I am having the same issue in the newest version of IE… would be great if someone can help… The issue is that, recently, the images are not longer displaying … for an example check the ‘My Travels’ -section of

Any help would be highly appreciated – I notice that Themepixels support is not really responding – have also send them an email for assistance.

Best Regards, Chris

You can view the solution to the issue in this link –

This does indeed resolve the issue; MANY thanks for your assistance!

Could we now have a fix for this issue too? Not on my site as I have yet to use this page but am considering doing so. Here is a link from the previous posters site. See the images will not load. Thanks in anticipation

Is the problem only occur in ie11?

Dear adultgumtree,

Please note that the solution provided by Themepixels (see has resolved the issue on all my pages – also the one you notice in your previous entry here. (or I am not seeing the issue you refer to).

Regards, Chris

I am having the same issue with IE11 and I cannot get on the themepixel site because it is not accepting my valid purchase code from 1-30-2014 when I try to sign up. Can someone at themepixel help me please? I need to resolve this issue.

Yes I know you purchased it because you have badge. Give me time to look at it and let you know for the fix. Thanks

Thanks. I’m just having that issue with the pictures loading. I seem to have the current jquery.preloader.js script but the spinner continues to show. Is the solution at this link? I can’t get to it.

I don’t really understand what your problem is. Can you please ellaborate? Thanks

I’m trying to use the flexslider in the side navigation layout but it doesn’t scale correctly like it does in the blog pages. Any way to get this to work?

Hi, I really like this theme. GREAT WORK.

I’m not sure how to change the color style and fixed/wide ratio. I see it in the style.default.css, but not sure how to change in the index.html, any help? Also, how do I change the background to a color and pattern like in the demo on themeforrest.

Wonderful Work!!! I Love it, and it was so easy to work with. I have had so many compliments on my site, it’s layout, ease of use, etc.

Thank you…Great workmanship

hello, I’m new here and I am a second thought. I want to buy the template “Sam”, the slide images have to buy? if so, where and if you already have the codes to purchase, to run the animation of the slide must buy too?

I’m sorry for bad English.

Hi, the code for the slide is included in the template and yes you can use it on one project. If you’re planning to use this to another project, then you need to repurchase the template for another license to another project. Hope this make sense to you. Thanks!