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Awesome template tp, glws mate! ;)

Nice and clean template, very good work! One question. Is the portfolio page filterable by categories? Quickly looking the theme and seems that not, right?

No it’s not, but there are plugins for that in order to make it filterable. I found one but it’s not for free.


I’m thinking to buy the theme but I would like to know if it would be possible to change the colour of the menu bar.


yes you can change the menu bar color. I will help you do that in css

Hi, Can I popup a box with a youtube video instead of an image? If so how ? Thanks.

It’s already in the demo, just go to portfolio and click preview on item 9 and 10

Hi very nice job…

I have make some change like : add un image for the logo. My problem is when i’ll check on my phone the logo is to big. How can i resolve that?



You need to adjust the size of your logo in media queries. Please open style.default.css and look for media queries section for mobile size and adjust the size of your logo in there.

Is the contact form script included in this?

Contact already have form validation and ajax submit. All you need to do is integrate it in the server using your own language you used.

Where can I find the 16 ready made skins? On the live preview the link on the homepage to view skins is broken. On the downloaded page the same link fails to open “skins.html” as the file is missing.

Hi ivanpb,

In the demo, did you see the style switcher at the right? That is the different skins of the template that you can choose from.

In the downloaded page, go to css/skins for the different skins that you can choose. All you need to do is choose one skin and add it to the <head> of the page.

Hi! Nice theme

I have same issue with erck which is I added an image for the logo, and the size does not look right on iPhone & iPad Landscape and Portrait.

I’ve read your replied. We need to adjust the size of the logo in media queries section within style.default.css but what should we add?

Please give example for: iPhone & iPad, both Landscape and Portrait.

Looking forward to hear from you soonest as possible. Thanks & nice day! :-)

Rgrds Edward K.

Any update for the above matter?

Rgrds, Edward K.

Edwardkoh…. I too have been trying to get answers. No response. So many themes are 5 stars on themeforest for look and function but I never rate a theme until I experience the support side of things. If I got some support I would rate this 5 stars but since I get no response it is just another dud  No stars.

I believe I answered your concern via email. If not then read below about the logo. Thanks :)

Hi, logo must be inside of a class “logoinner”. This class have a default padding of 25px. So if the height is overlapping the header bar you should adjust the padding. If this logo is an image (ie 150×60), you can adjust the padding of element with class logoinner.

.logoinner { padding: 5px 25px 5px 25px; }

If the padding above still not meet what height you want then you can adjust it to what you want. You can do the same for the text logo.

Adjusting the logo height also affect the menu bar so if you want to adjust the height of the bar, then find the class names below and adjust it’s height

.menu { height: } //adjust the height of what you want .sf-menu li a span { padding: } //adjust the padding

That’s it.

Does this theme include how to apply the blog design?

There is no instruction for that. What can I offer you is the design.

where do I ad my own email for the form to send? I don’t understand the previous post about this?

There is no section in the template to add email address. This template is just a static html page. It’s your side to write a code and make it work.

Thank’s again for your works. I have prepare 4 column with the one_fourth class. But i have add un image inside but how can i adjuste the size of the images for Iphone…



I have a strange problem that causes some submit buttons to appear styled and others un-styled, even on the same page. I would assume it was just the CSS page not being linked, but considering the entire page is styled and I’ve had several pages where there are two buttons, one is styled and the other isn’t, I’m really not sure what to think. I’ve also had buttons appear styled, and after checking back on that page, they’re unstyled.

Have you encountered this before? Any suggestions?

Did the unstyled one have a class name?

No, I did not apply a class to them. I had them set to type=”submit” in the html and named them. However, I did go to the CSS page and add input[type=”submit”] in front of all the .btn tags and it appears to work fine now. I’m still curious as to why it selectively applied styling when I used the same naming convention across the site. Thanks! Great work by the way, I love it.

If you want to use the styled version of a button you should put a class name to it same with the demo. I have to do it like that because other still want the default browser style for button

I love this theme! I was just wondering if you have a guide anywhere to what each of the slider classes are? I mean the difference between class “slidetext2-4” and “slidetext1-2” etc.


Hi, just open the file css/home.slider.css to see the styles of classes that you mention.

Thanks for the quick response! I had been looking in the regular css file and found them in home.slider.css.

I’ve really been enjoying working with this theme. Just left you 5 stars.

Thanks DrMarie :)

Hi I Love your theme. I need help with the “Tab Widget” element. I want to display this element by it self, I’m having problem with the align the element with the page left padding? how can I solve this problem?

yes sir…

Thanks for your tech support… I solve the problem by my self.. I rate your tech support -5 stars.. I was looking forward to buy more items from you, But I’m not happy with your tech support…..

I apologize about the support. I know I have delayed response. You know I have no team here and have other full time work to do. Working here full time is not enough for my needs hopefully someday. I hope you guys understand and thanks for the purchase.

I´m triyng to use the fixed layout. But I can´t seem to find what skin/css to use in order to achieve this.

Thank you.

just add a class ‘body-fixed’ in element

in element <body>

What is the most efficient way to slow down the rate in which the slider switches slides? I tried to change the ”$.fn.cycle.defaults” by raising the timeout here: “timeout: 9000, // milliseconds between slide transitions (0 to disable auto advance)”, but it didn’t seem to affect the rate at which the slider turns. I’m a huge fan of the theme.