Discussion on Samatex - Industrial WordPress Theme + Woocommerce

Discussion on Samatex - Industrial WordPress Theme + Woocommerce

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mnm767 Purchased

how can i add custom icon or replace icon with png image?

You can create custom icon font, but it requires a little bit css and some tools knowledge, write to enovathemes@gmail.com, will help


mnm767 Purchased

hi, im having issue with main page images i can’t change the background image??

Check the row background options


coocar Purchased

when i install the plugin (Premmerce Permalink Manager for WooCommerce) the website will not work pls chech which problem, i also have another wordpress website not find this problem

Set to php 8.0 a d try again


coocar Purchased

if i change to php 8.0 my backend admin link will not work ,i already try

Please send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will inspect

Can you please help me to add a custom icon font to my page? I can create an admin user for you to use and send you the png files.

Sure, please send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will help

I’m looking for an easy way to disable image animations on my blog posts and I can’t find anything in the documentation. Can you point me in the right direction?

Hi, your website opens, but the blog posts does not, please check your permalinks to make sure they open so i can inspect

I’m not sure that understand. I click on the link above and the page loads perfectly. If you are not in the US, you may be getting filtered. Here’ s a short video that shows what I’m talking about – https://www.loom.com/share/9dc49d1945d4490f9df985fbcabf25f0 I may be able to allow you through security if I know your IP address or country of origin.

Ok, can you send the link with the logins i will see if that can be disabled by setting or with small css


djsolin Purchased

Everytime I upload your theme, it changes the password of admin and cant get it to work. Can you help please? I have had to uninstall my entire wordpress twice already.

Hi, theme never has any access or control over your password, please send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will inspect

Hi! I am using the ‘video’ block. The ‘modal’ checkbox for viewing the video in a lightbox is not working with custom mp4 Video (MP4 video file url). The video is not shown in a lightbox, it just opens the link to the file. When using a YouTube Video (Video embed url) the modal lightbox works fine. Can you confirm and fix it?

Hi, please send the link with the logins to enovathemes@gmail.com for inspection

I’d like add another text box on the project template. For example, the current default individual project template for image, show the image on left and details on the right. If we have a lot of copy or want to add content below the image how do we do that?

Right now when we add widgets they all only add to the right column. Thanks! This would be a big help.

Hi, please write from profile you bought theme

Hello guys, has anyone figured out to get rid of the grid overlay on the slider and all pages?

Sure, check the row settings background


pnd1377 Purchased

Hi, when I open appearance and try to customize it, I can’t find the logo section to edit. can you help pls

Hi, logo is in the appearance >> theme options, and the rest of the settings too


phiemer Purchased

Hello, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for the “Projects” pages, how to remove or change the “CLIENT” feature on the Project Pages?

Hi, do you want to change the string or the data inside


phiemer Purchased

Good afternoon. I am still waiting to see how to change the “CLIENT’ information on the Project Pages in this template. I need to just remove it, and I can’t see where that information is at all. Please advise.

Hi, you have two options: hide with css or remove from template part, for second you need to activate child theme and override the main template file, i can help to do that, just send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com


epicz Purchased


I’m having an issue but how can I privately get in touch?

Kind regards, Marcel

Hi, please send email to enovathemes@gmail.com


We have purchased the Samatex theme and have been very pleased by it and are slowly incorporating it into our new site. We are stuck on two issues we were hoping we could get from from the original author or the community with.

1. We are using the native Project template that is included. For the individual project, we have the sidebar with the gallery. We would love to add additional text on the left side of the page below the image gallery. It doesn’t seem like this is possible, even if we allow Wp Bakery to edit project pages. Is there a way to add additional widgets to this template? Als, if we wanted to replace Pinterest in the social share, where would we do that?

2. Additionally, we want to add widgets to the blog template, and blog landing page. Is this possible? Thanks!

Hi, could you please write from the profile you purchased the theme

Hello, I have a query with the dim grid that is on the whole site, that is visible in some sections and not in others, is this implemented by CSS or can it be deactivated by some option within the template settings? Kind regards

Hello, thank you very much I already found where the configuration was, thank you very much, now what I can’t find is how to deactivate the grid in slider revolution. Kind regards.

Hi, check the slide options / background, there should be overlay option, just disable it

Hello, I was confused because precisely in slide options there was nothing related to overlay but I found it inside Module General Options, Layaout, Overlay, thank you very much for your time and help. Kind regards

hello how can i change the langue of read more button on plog pages and home page

i’m sorry but there is no “read more” translation on enovathemes addon language packs.

also i couldnt found project page “show all” button translation too

okay i fixed problem with editing language files directy at ftp

Good morning

A query about the template I see that it uses font awsome for icons and something that says enova-industrial-engineer1 that I imagine is your own development, how can I find out the complete list of icons to use from enova? And what version of awesome font is used since when I try codes that I get from the official page they don’t work and I want to know what iconography we have to layout the pages.

Very grateful for your time.

Best regards.

Hi, icon list is here, just click on icon, it will copy the name


And the font awesome is version 5


Thank you very much, I did not check the options of the demo.

Best regards

Hello, how could add a new social icon (TikTok) into the Social Link Settings? Really thanks

Hi, please send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will add

Hi, I have a problem when I update a color on the home page (for example in icon box) the css does work, the change of color is not updated and lose the color information.

Could you please help me ? Best regards Agnès

The theme has been updated but the problem with colors is still present

Did you update the addon plugin too

Everything is ok now, thanks


ap256 Purchased

Hello, I just purchased this theme yesterday.

I have started using it but Enovathemes add-ons. the plugin is not activated its throwing an error.

can you check this problem and let me know I need to sort out this thing very urgently.

also, I have imported content and it’s not working properly can you please check it and import all demo content for me?

Hi please send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will help

Hello! My problem is that when I try to edit a section of the theme, it removes all the css code and leaves no margins or colors, even if they are modified.

If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Regards!

Hi, please send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will help, but morning, as here already midnight

Thank you!


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