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I have my home page set to display the latest post, but it only shows an excerpt of the post, how do I display the Full Text from the post?


I have replied 6 days ago and sent an email to your gmail address. Please check your spam folder. Thanks!

Sorry, Thank You for the great support. :)

You are welcome :)

I have a problem displaying the text messages over fullscreen slider in IE9 si IE10, any idea why? http://www.montaguolsen.com/v2.1/

Yes, I have replied 12h ago. Let me know if you have not received it. Thanks!

Sure, your email was in spam :) I have sent you screen shots and also some debugging toughs.

Have to say that I love your work and I think your products are incredible complex and well made. Cheers, Victor

Thank you for your kind comments! I have received your emails and will get back to you later today. Cheers!

is this possible to easily create a right side bar just like the menu on the left? im trying to implement a right side bar as another menu or like a “news” section but i cannot succeed.

Hi, that is not very easy to implement and it won’t look good on some page types. Cheers!

Hi! Where (if any) is the code to increase the size between portfolio items in the grid option on the portfolio page?


Under that page content you will find some options. One of them is the thumbnails margin. Cheers!

Ah! The one place I didn’t look :) Thanks!

No problem… The important options for pages and posts are usually located under the content. Cheers!

how to avoid theme left menu refresh itself when you double click a menu item? it makes navigating between links totally unavailable and all the menu tree becomes useless.

if you have many items like me in your menu, your visitor will totally get lost where he is. because it closes the sub menu items and refreshes the whole web page when you double click a left menu item.

it refreshes even if you navigate a little bit fast it imagines you are double clicking..

I already told you that can try and edit the main.js file for this. Most of the websites don’t do that and I agree that we should not block loading if someone decides to click the menu again. Open some popular themes here and you will see that if you click on a menu button that opens the same page as you are, the whole page will reload.
Let me just add that you can create parent menu buttons that don’t link to any page. All you need to do is create a custom link and make the URL value ”#”.

actually the problem is not only reloading. it also closes the menu tree when it refreshes.. so the navigation stops and the user gets lost. probably he will close the website. and exit for alternatives.

also those top rated templates are not using left side stable menus. they are using active menus which are disappearing when you remove your mouse on it. so its normal that kind of menus to refresh itself because sometimes the menu gots stuck and menu doesnt fades away even if you remove your mouse curses above.

for menus placed left and stays stable are good for crowded menu web pages. for example i have 300 pages on my website. imagine a visitor navigatin between the pages he is reading page 167 and accidentally he doubleclicks the menu item when navigating. and boom he is all lost.

that makes template unuseful for websites like mine with many menu items.

actually i dont also know where to edit in main.js.

Hi, a menu with 300 items is never good. With any theme… I still think that your idea is not good, but anyway send me a private message with a link and describe the menu buttons that I should click. Cheers!

Hi! Thanks for this beautiful Theme. One Problem: When choose “Page-Classic Layout” and change the Page-Options below, it takes no effects. For Example: Headline is still visible. Any Idea?

Ok, i will try…

Another issue: Each post category should have an own background-style. I have tried ”.category-electronic-instrumentation{background: #97c3e1;}” in the Custom CSS-field but didn´t work…

With theme on his original state the post categories should not have any different color. If there’s a page that you want to change please send me a private message with a link and I’ll see if it is possible.

Hi, there’s any way to display more than 25 pics on the portfolio? the pics upload perfect but they are not showing if there[s more than 25, thanks!

Where do you say they are not showing? Thanks!

http://grupo-xds.com/samba-portfolio/ For example, only max 25 pics to show.. and have problems in the skills , in “Solar” and “Home and Living”

Ok, but where did you bought the theme? I don’t see a “purchased” badge…

Hi Pirenko! Good Work!!!!

Another issue: Each post category should have an own background-style. I have tried ”.category-electronic-instrumentation{background: #97c3e1;}” in the Custom CSS-field but didn´t work…

...ok, thanks. Its not specially for the theme, more for the woocommerce products…

anyway…its now not the Background i want to change, i want to include an icon for each category to help the visitors to navigate. I like the color-theme a lot! Rare and good work!


Ok, but, once again, send me a private message with a link and I’ll see if it is possible.

Hello Pirenko, I am trying to have a constant rotating background slider while having AJAX enabled. In order to do this I installed a separate plugin, the only problem with this is that it does not render properly in Chrome (works fine in Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer). Is there a way to achieve this natively just using your theme? http://elwapotaco.com/wp/ I would like it so that switching from one page to another does not affect the background slider.

Thank you in advance.

It is working with the theme, but not in that browser. This means that the theme is not blocking it. Cheers!

I don’t think you are understanding me. I would like this same effect but I rather not use the plugin at all. Can your theme (without using any additional plugin) do this same thing?

Oh ok, sorry, but did not understand that before… The theme does not have that feature. Thanks!

Hey Pirenko,

I’ve purchased you theme and i love it, the only thing is i would like on my portfolio pages ( some of them have only one picture) i would like it to be centered. – http://www.fxsignsandstickers.com/vehicle-lettering/bikes/

Thank you in advance!

I don’t really see an easy way of doing that, because the script being used here will always pull the images to the left and above. You can add some margin on the left side, but it will affect all portfolio pages and probably you don’t want that. Also, it will not look good on mobile devices.

Hello! In my site: http://www.africansummerschool.org/ do not understand why the home page with the animation never changes slides. why? What’s wrong? What should I do? it is quite urgent … thank you so much!

Please check the options under that page content. You will find there the autoplay feature. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko, As I usually use the internet browser FIREFOX on my Galaxy Note II (Samsung), I notice that when you are on a Full Slider Template the MAIN SLIDER is not displayed. I try both with my site and with your Samba Theme live preview. Fortunately, it’s works fine on the native browser Internet and Chrome, but I thought that I should bring that to your attention. I Know there is so many types of devices, platforms and browsers and probably it relates to Samsung Galaxy Note and it works on other devices. But, in an other hand, this could concern other devices and the browser Firefox is fairly common. So one day you may have time to check it and see if you can fix it. In any case, I would like you to know how much I appreciate your availability each time I had a problem with development of my site with your theme. Cheers. Adna.

I will run some tests next Monday. The theme seems to be working on Firefox (desktop at least). Please send me a private message in the meantime. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko,

Thanks for the previous help. We are still experiencing the sidebar cutting off on pages where the left content is shorter then the sidebar. This page is a good example: http://breasthealingmap.coxwebdesign.co.nz/tattoo-artist-program/ (the disclaimer in the sidebar is cutoff). Thanks for the help!!!!

Hi, please update the theme. If you still have trouble please send me a private message with the WP Login details. Thanks!

Hi Using Gravity Form for forms, my DatePicker does not display correctly (css bug) should i remove something in custom.css ? Thanks

Yes, maybe. Try also turning the Ajax load feature for that page. Cheers!

Pirenko, what is the maximum depth of the left menu? In the demo-site you have the menu with 1 sub-menu item each. Is it possible to have a sub-sub menu-item?

Hi, yes this is possible. Thanks!

Hello Pirenko, I seem to be having a problem with the next and previous buttons that I can’t figure out. http://shausmanova.com/portfolios/underground-museum/ The next and previous projects don’t go in order, I tried setting the ‘in_same_cat’ field to false, and it didn’t help, and now I put them all into the same skill, but it keeps skipping around. Help?

To comment on that I need to login on the WP Dashboard. Please send me a private message with the login details. Thanks!

My latest tweets widget is not working. I have added all keys, secrets, and tokens. The widget still says – Please fill all widget settings, but all of them are filled in. Any ideas of why this might not be working? Here is a link – http://goo.gl/Y68qzS

Please send me a private message with the WP login details of possible. I would like to try and place other account details.

Hi, Is there a way for me to set sequence for the slides? Its currently seems to be displaying alphabetically. Thanks.

They are ordered by the date that you have created them. You can change this using different methods. You will find some help here: http://www.pirenko.com/blog/2013/05/29/changing-custom-post-types-order/

Great. Thanks!

I really like the icons you have in the demo for What We Do. Is that a set that comes with the theme or just some images you added? I found them online on some other sites but I couldn’t tell if it was part of some icon pack.

Hi, no they are not included. You can grab and add them to any page. Cheers!

HI, I have downloaded the theme but it seems to be very slow. It takes a lot to load pages and sometime it only shows white pages.

How can I fix it? Thank you

If you have any active plugins please turn them off. If you still have trouble please send me a private message with a link. Thanks!