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its totally bugged. whenever you create a page and add a text block and than add a video and save it,

template duplicates the text and adds a video of someone named dominic.

its frustrating

Please place the latest theme version and bundled plugins on your server. If you still have trouble send me the login details. Thanks

it didnt fixed and i ve sent the details.

Ok, thanks!


I get the following error message on my Twitter sidebar section:

Can you help me out please:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/anamaria/public_html/wp-content/plugins/samba_framework/inc/theme_widgets/pirenko-twitter/widget.php on line 141


Hi, it seems that the Twitter account has no tweets to display. Send me a private message with a link if not. Thanks!


I keep getting the “Your page layout was created with previous Visual Composer version. Before converting your layout to the new version, make sure to read this page.”

I click the “convert to new version” button and it converts, but every time I make a change, and update the page, the message pops up again and duplicates parts of the page.

I’ve updated the theme, and I’m pretty sure I updated the plugin correctly, but no go.

Any ideas?


It seems that the bundled plugins are not up to date. Please send me a private message with the WP login details so that I can double check. Thanks!

Hello, I have this small bug also en the menu, it doesn’t display the submenu when clicked. This is the site: http://www.sonterradermatology.com/


I visieted this URL and the menu seems to be fine. Let me know if you are still having trouble.

HI. Now it works! Txs.

Ok, great :)

Great theme!

Just one Question How do I remove the color bar on menu items?

Try this custom CSS:
.prk_menu_square {display:none;}

My site was dreadfully slow. I turned off all plug ins and then turned them on one at a time. Your “WPBakery Visual Composer (Samba)” is the culprit… but now my entire site is wrapped up in it and won’t diplay without it. Have you updated this plugin at all to make it not jam up the service? I like your theme but I can’t have it kill the speed of the site.

128 or 256 if possible. Cheers!

it is currently 128

Send me a private message with a link. Thanks!

Hello – I’m having an issue where when I load a page containing an audio file, the new WP audio player feature does not load upon first entering the page. If I refresh the page after I have entered the page, the audio feature will show up, but not the first time around. Do you know if this has to do with the template and is there anything you recommend I do to fix this issue? Here is an example – http://goo.gl/vtbB2G

Thanks, Erik

Try turning the Ajax loading option off under Samba Options>General tab. If you only want to reload specific pages please check the theme documentation. Cheers!

Thanks – that seems to have fixed it.

Hello Pirenko, Please i’d like to know how i can identify the H1 tag for the blogposts. i’m trying to optimise my website for search engines. thanks.

What do you mean with “identify”? Thanks!

Hi! I have installed the theme and created the menu and sub menu, but when I publish the menu, the sub menu tree doesn’t open it opens another page.

So I created the custom menu removed the link add # yet its the same.

Thank you so much for the support, I have removed the requested codes.

Thank you so much for the amazing Support. Highly Appreciate.

You are welcome :)

Hi! How can I eliminate the borders of all tables in my samba website? Thanks!

Please send me a private message with a link so that I can see what tables are you talking about.

I am having an issue too with the opening of submenues. I created a main menu item and put a page underneath it (submenu) but when I try to open the main menu, it doesn’t show me the submenu item but goes to the main items page. How can I fix this?

This should only happen when you are logged in. Send me a private message for a quick fix. I will release an update soon. Thanks!

Thanks for the info. Would be great if you could provide an update. I want to check the functionality while the website is in maintenance mode. I don’t want my customers to see the new design before all the changes have been implemented.

Sure, I have just replied to your email. Cheers!

I feel like this is a stupid question since I set up my site in the first place, but I’ve recently shifted my site from www.wellingtonfamilyphotography.co.nz to charlotteweston.photography and I can’t figure out how to get the coloured menu working properly on the left sidebar. I’ve updated to the latest version of Samba and Wordpress. What am I doing wrong here?

I fixed it under menu locations, thanks!

Ok, great :grin:

Wow, what a nice theme, it is now #1 for my next site. Will see after I’m done my theme search. :bigwink:

Ok, great :)

I have an preorder question: Can I anyway define a maximum width of the theme? So the left sidebar is fixed (I think). And the content on the right should be max for example 1000 px. Thanks!

You can adjust that size with the theme options.
Please just be aware that on some pages the content will always be full width (example: http://www.pirenko.com/samba/ ).

Okay… but if I don’t use these templates (full width) it’s okay for me.

Another question: can you add the pagination feature an the grid blog template?

That is not on my plans for future updates. Thanks!

Hey Hi Pirenko, Need urgent help, I moved to Cloud hosting recently.

Everything is setup, But nothing shows up on the page. Wp-admin works perfectly. But nothing on page.

Please help me out. :)

I’ll send you login details by mail.

Tried to upload all the files again, still the problem remains. Please have a look again.

The problem is certainly related with the migration that you made and I don’t see any errors on the browser. You should try a fresh WP install or change the cloud settings in some way.

Umm. Did some tries and Success! It works! Thanks anyway :)


The submenu isn’t displayed when I’m logged in the admin panel.

Yes it is true (will release an update soon), you can send me a private message for a quick fix. Thanks!

hey Pirenko, There’s something not well with Google webmaster tools with this them, Whenever I fetch and Render page as Google from Google Webmaster tools, THe output shows nothing.

That means google cant see stuff on my page, Everything is just null!

Example : http://i.imgur.com/l5A2qci.png

Any solutions?

That should not have to do with the theme. Try with another theme to confirm this. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko! Love the theme! I’m a little working about crashing my site but I wan’t to make it as fast as possible. Is there anyway to get the settings you prefer for W3Total Cache, or any other helpful plugins?

Thanks! Andrew

Good to know that you are enjoying Samba… On the theme preview I’m using that plugin with the default settings. Cheers!

Thanks! One more thing if you don’t mind…I have the documentation with choosing different icons but I can’t seem to find the cool multi colored – more dynamic icons that are used in the preview and on your site. Am I missing or overlooking them?

That is because those are not font icons. They are images… You can get them at pixeden.com .

Hi Pirenko! I need two portfolios having same skills but different set of images as is in your example site (Grid & Masonry) http://www.pirenko.com/samba/masonry-portfolio/ 1. Personal Projects : Portfolio Grid layout – same skills – one set of images. 2. Gallery : Portfolio Masonry layout – same skills – different set of images How do i achieve this?

Hi, yes you can do that. Let me know if you buy the theme and need help. Thanks!

Dear Pirenko..

First many thanx for this great & nice theme, it’s rock up my site.

But I found that I have error with exporting RSS feeds, I can’t make the default RSS page for wordpress to work, it’s say : “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”

My site is: http://kashida.ly/feed/

Can you advise me about this issue.

Best regards

Hi, did you tried with another theme? Thanks!

Yaa,, good tip! I tried it with another theme & still have error. I guess it not SAMBA problem..!!

Sorry for Sorry for the inconvenience…

Sure, not a problem :)