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Hi Pirenko, The textbox element does not show the word options so i cannot format my text and the content i put in it are white, blending with the background so i can’t see my text contents in the element. Kindly help out.

It seems that the same happens with any of the Wordpress default themes (when the Visual Editor is active) so this is not a Samba issue. Thanks!

Hi, I tried to simply add a phone field in the native contact page template but unfortunately no way for me ;-)

So, I tried to do it with contact form 7, I managed it but something strange happened when I added a contact form 7 shortcode in the Samba contact options : the fields became « slow » (I mean, I need to go to the following field if i want to see what is written in the previous field). I don ’t talk about placeholder. I noticed if I removed few css the problem disappear. Here are the css added when using Cf7 : .wpcf7 input[type=”text”]{float: left;} .wpcf7 input[type=”email”]{float:right;} .wpcf7 input[type=”tel”]{float:right;}

And, if I do a new contact page (using the Classic layout template) I don’t have the problem.

I’d like to use the native contact form to keep the same presentation.

I’m actually working in local and I can’t show you an exemple (I hope you’ll understand). Thanks.

Ok, cheers!

Mail sent

Ok, thanks! I will get back to you soon. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko,

We’re having some trouble with our blog post layout. The content is displayed at nearly full-width, and it also increases/stretches the picture size usually leading to poor image quality. How can we change the blog post layout to resemble yours from the demo site.

Here’s ours: https://www.mediapaas.com/blog/ Here’s yours: http://www.pirenko.com/samba/2013/08/30/get-ready-2/ http://www.pirenko.com/samba/2013/09/07/online-gaming-2/

Also we tried adding some CCS to change the blog post text, font, and so on for readability but it didn’t reflect in the blog. Is this the right caller?

.postContent p { margin-top: 1.7em; /or any other value you want/ }

.blog_post_item_description h1, .blog_item_description h1 { font-family: ‘Raleway’, sans-serif; font-size: 36px!important; font-weight: 400!important; }


Hi, the link you sent to your website is not a single post so it can’t be compared with the theme links. Please compare 2 pages that are similar and remove your Custom CSS to be sure that the layout issue is not coming from there. Thanks!

Sorry – put the wrong link in! We removed the CSS and here’s the link to compare: https://www.mediapaas.com/2014/01/08/cloud-transcoding-helps-media-producers-deliver-content-to-fragmented-audiences/

The problem is that your featured image has only 300 pixels wide: https://www.mediapaas.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/transcoding.jpg
You should upload wider images or adjust the option “Maximum content width” under Samba Options>General tab.


I don’t see the Theme Changelog for 3.3, could you detail it please ? thanks

I have just updated the theme description. Thanks!


Hi! Pirenko,

I need a support, I want to make a 4 image gallery with the address in the page page of each all will be under one main category called stores.

How can I do that?

Hi, I don’t understand what you want to do. Send me a private message with a link please. Thanks!

Hey Pirenko, i have a problem with the option tabs. By default if you add toursection or tabs you have 2 tabs, i can then add multiple tabs in the Visual composer editor, but if i save them they don’t show in the actual webpage. If i go back to the editor they still exist however.

If you have any plugins active please try to turn them off. If you still have trouble please send me a private message with the WP login details so that I can test it. Thanks!

Pls how can i enable the “menu collapsed by default (3D effect)” feature. I cant seem to find a way to do this.

Thanks, just went through earlier comments and found the video in your youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLiLS8VjDT8

9ice theme, Thanks alot

Ok, thanks :)

Hi Pirenko, I got this accordion slider, http://codecanyon.net/item/accordion-slider-responsive-wordpress-plugin/7341927, and I placed it inside the “page with sections” template. I was able to get it to be responsive and as full width/height as possible, but because of the existing grid, it only fills the 12-span. Is it possible to override it so it is full screen like the full slider is on the theme?


Please send me a private message with a link and I’ll check if that is possible. Thanks!

actually it somehow works now. thanks!

Great theme! I just have one issue. I created a custom parent link with the url set to # and put two sub menu items underneath it. However when I click on the parent nothing happens, the submenu does not open up. Can you help me figure this out?

There was a bug with version 3.2 and it only happened if you were logged in. If this is your current situation. If not please send me a private message with a link. Thanks!


We have a static image in the slider as our home page but when viewed on mobile the image is so tiny. When trying to make the image bigger by pulling it to enlarge it, it doesn’t seem to work. Is there a way around this?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t recommend this, but to allow zooming you can edit the header.php file and remove “user-scalable=no”.

Hi Pirenko….thanks but could you tell me why you wouldn’t recommend this? What do you think might happen? Thanks

In my opinion zoom should not be allowed on responsive websites. It may bring trouble on other sections. Cheers!


i want to change the colr of the prk_menu_block into white, but custom css do not take any effect… can you help please ;?

Thx cy.

Try using the !important CSS notation. Thanks!

Yip, i tried but the ”.prk_menu_block” does not change. Its still on Body active color…am i too blind? ;)

Hi, please send me a private message with a link. Thanks!

Hi,, I Copy and paste my Google Analytics code,when I hit Save, I got Save Error! Any help?


Sorry, But my mail server block your mail, I think it’s have attachment code.. So I can’t read you replay

Any other way

Can you send to: mrwan(at)kashida(dot)ly

Ok, I will soon. Thanks!

Hi, I am trying to optimize my website but I am finding it difficult to add an H1 tag to the body content.

Please how can i do that. I use the All in One SEO pluging

If you use the text element of the Visual Composer you can select that tag. Cheers!

Hi, I have a problem to my blog when I put BuddyPress plugin: I can’t do a search on my pages … The results page does’nt appear and I’m redirected to the homepage : www.eduplace.fr Have you ever encountered this problem? thank you

There’s no reason for those not to work with the theme. Did you tried those pages with one of the default Wordpress Themes? Thanks!

Ok BuddyPress was set incorrectly and Ithemes security problematic. This is resolved. Do you create pages specific style for this plugin? This would be welcome ;-) thank you

Ok, great! Special styles for BuddyPress is not in my plans at this moment. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko! I’ve just purchased and installed this beautiful theme :) Two questions tough 1. When I set a featured colour for each portfolio item it doesn’t work, it only displays the body active colour. What am I doing wrong? 2. The pages display the slideshow below the page title, how can I fix this? Many thanks! Maggie

Please send me a private message with links to illustrate both situations. Cheers!


I recently started getting the below error with my twitter feed. The theme is updated and I definitely have tweets to display. Please assist:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/dashing1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/samba_framework/inc/theme_widgets/pirenko-twitter/widget.php on line 141

Thank you,


I’m not blaming you for anything, but this should be really related with your Twitter feed. I can find a way to remove the warning, but still you will have events where nothing is displayed.


It appears that I’m not the only person to report this issue. This plugin is part of the theme itself. Is there a fix? It wasn’t like this until I updated the theme and I’ve verified the Twitter settings. I appreciate and am looking forward to your help. Thank you!


All the previous reports were related with accounts that had no tweets. Also there were no changes to this file since July of last year (not related with any update). I can send you a different file if you want it (without the warning). Send me a private message if you need it. Cheers!

Hello Pirenko,

Great theme, 1 pre-purchase question: need to massively use the Gravity Forms plugin, the theme is compatible?

And a consideration: smartphone with android 4.2 using the firefox browser 30.0 unable to view pictures and videos on the website demo samba, any thoughts on this situation.


Hi, thank you for your kind comment. Gravity forms should work, but probably you need to turn off the AJAX load option. About Android: can you send me a link to that page? There are no known issues at this moment. Cheers!


It seems that firefox may be failing with ajax. The situation that has no visualization in the animated slider smartphone was at HOME; and PORTFOLIO GRID where ajax is seeking without completing loading.

Ajax is only used if you navigate through multiple pages. This means that if you reload any page there’s no Ajax call. I don’t have any similar reports and everything is fine on my Samsung Galaxy Note II. I will try to test that device if I get my hands on one. Cheers!


would you know a css rule to get the left bar larger and remove “rectangle effects” on navigation ?

thnaks a lot

About the menu you will need to make more edits to achieve that like I wrote earlier today. About the other question: go to Samba Options>General tab>Use special colors for posts and pages? and turn it off.

ok thanks, i turned it off but it just removes the over on text, i sill have these rectangle on border left before each line of the menu nav

oops works now, cache prolem i guess thanks !!!

Is it possible to change the width of the menu? My clients logo is 300px wide.


You can try that with some custom CSS, but it is not the easiest thing to do. I’m thinking of adding this as an option to the theme, but I can’t promise at this moment.

I’m having trouble activating my Google Analytics tracking. Where do I find more information on how to go about this?

Or do I need to install a plugin like Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast?

You don’t need to install anything. What problem are you having exactly?

Hi, I’ve tried copying the UA code as well as the <script> code under Custom Scripts—> Google Analytics Code. Neither of the two were picked up by Google Analytics.

I then installed the plugin as mentioned and the tracking was picked up by Google Analytics.

I then deactivated the plugin with not effect on the tracking it seems.

What is the correct procedure to add Google Analytics code directly to the theme?

That is weird. Please send me a private message with a link so that I can analyze this. Thanks!