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Can you add masonry blog template to this theme like your Pixia theme’s?

I’m on Mac too and don’t really have that issue. Please turn off all your plugins and try again. If you still have trouble please send me a private message. Thanks!

I turned off all plugins and try again but nothing happens. Also I tried at another Macbook Pro, it looks the same. This issue only appear at Macbook Pro.

Macbook Pro is fine here too. Anyway, I just replied to your email. Thanks!

I like this theme. before purchase i have three questions: 1.can i make the theme to right to left in other words make it rtl(reverse anything like sidebar)? 2.with WPML plugin can i completely translate the theme to persian? 3.can i add custom woff format font?

Here are my comments:
1 – You will need to make manual changes to the theme for this;
2 and 3 – Yes;

unfortunately i don’t know how to edit web codes. if rtl feature will be available in future i happily buy this theme, thanks for reply.

Ok, but I don’t have that in mind. Thanks!

Hey Thanks for the great theme!

We’re trying to use Layer Slider as the main slider on the Home Page but there are padding issues all around the slider, even when the row in the visual composer is set to full width.

Is there some custom CSS to enable us to have Layer Slider flush within the page?

Kind Regards Cian

Thank you for your kind comment!
Send me a private message with a link please. Cheers!

Might be a silly question, since I realize Samba features the side menu and I like it, but is there a way to make the side menu a regular top menu in any way. Just wondered if that option exists in case I want to try a different look. Or do I have to purchase your other theme?

Hi, sorry, but that option is not available for this theme. Thanks!

Hi Pirenko,

Awesome Theme, Nice work. I just want to know is it possible to make the menu to open on hover…?

Hi, do you mean when it is collapsed? Instead of clicking on the three stripes? Thanks!

Thanks for reply. Yeah instead of clicking,It should open when mouse over on that.

Hi, I can help you with this if you buy the theme. Send me a private message if you do that. Thanks!

Hi Pirenko, Is it possible to remove the four circles on the right hand side of the homepage slider? http://christianhart.com/millencapital/ Thank you, Christian

Try adding this code under Samba Options>Custom Scripts>Custom CSS:
.super_height .flex-control-nav {display:none;}

Fast & easy solution! Thanks!

You are welcome :nerdy:

Hi Pirenko, Sorry for my english … First of all, congratulations for your work. I’m really interested in it … I have studied Samba and I have two questions before purchase: 1. On the grid display portfolios, ranking the skills top and thumbnails is by alphabetical order. Is it possible to have another type of classification: iD by example … 2. On pixia, there is an accessible footer by a cross at the bottom right. Does this feature exists (or is possible soon) on Samba? Thank you for your reply. Best regards.

Thank you for your kind comments and interest! Here’s what I have to say:
1 – The portfolio entries are actually sorted by date. You can use a plugin that has a “drag and drop” order interface. You can see how here: http://www.pirenko.com/blog/2013/05/29/changing-custom-post-types-order/
2 – You can also achieve something similar with a plugin. Here’s one that does this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-sliding-drawer-content-area/


i need to change css of page titles, could you tell me where can i find the prk_output_title function please ? thanks

It is on the inc/helper.php file. Cheers!

thanks !

You are welcome :)

Hello Pirenko! Congratulations for an awesome theme! I have a little issue in my online shop, I dont know how to show all my productos in the shop page.

The link is http://www.tinaallo.com/tienda/ where shows only 10 productos per page! How can I do to show all the products???

Thanks a lot!

This should be edited under Settings>Reading. It will also affect you blog and other content feeds. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko,

I am having a problem with audio players. Everything works fine, but the player doesn’t show up in a post, unless i refresh. Do you know the cause of this behavior?

for example: http://www.boybianchi.nl/audio-snippets/sigward-boy-bianchi

on my mac, pc, ipad and phone i need to refresh in order to see the audio player appear.

Thanks for your help Grtz!

Some plugins require a full page refresh so you will need to turn the Ajax loading feature off. This is done under Samba Options>General tab.

Hi i would need to modify aspect of portfolio filter bar and portfolio single item navigation bar.

Could it be possible that you indicate me the css class please ? thanks a lot

i just need to add #top_bar_wrapper { border-bottom: 2px dotted #e47a7a; background-color:#fff} but color has no effect…

Try using the !important notation. Cheers!

it works thanks !!! just have to change color of arrows and social now thanks

What css would I use to hide the slider content on smaller screens? Say iPad min portrait and smaller?

I tried the following but it didn’t work…

media only screen and (max-width : 768px) {

.slider_text_holder { display:none; } }

Thanks! I love this theme BTW!

Never-mind – I figured it out! thx

Ok, great :)

Hello, I would like to buy your template. Are the html only files included in the whole pagkage? I am wondering if I can download only the html files.


No, but you can try and create the content using wordpress and then export the HTML content. Here’s a plugin to help you with it https://wordpress.org/plugins/static-html-output-plugin/

This is a great theme! I am only experiencing one issue. I have the cart set to show in the left sidebar but when adding new products it does not scroll until I go to a new page or do a refresh. Also when i go back to the home page some of the products are cut off as well. Is there a way to fix it so it always allows the user to scroll when there is more cart content?

Try turning off the Ajax load feature under Samba Options>General tab.

Hi, I love your theme and I’m intending to buy it asap.

I have to check a few things before, though. Hope you don’t mind answering these questions.

1) Is it possible to link one portfolio item to another, separate portfolio? Let me explain. I’d like to make a portfolio (probably titled) in which every item would open (on click) a new portfolio page (grid portfolio) with new items in it.

2) Can grid portfolio items open up as a Single-Wide Layout instead of Single-Half Layout as it is on your Demo page?

3) What are the optimal dimensions for a portfolio picture?

4) Can the little zoom in icon that shows up on portfolio item hover (in the lower right corner) be removed?

Thank you! :) I think this is all I need to know for now.

The answer is yes to 1,2 and 4 and as for 3 I would say that the images should be 1600px wide. Thanks!


First of all, congratulations on this great theme! I’m loving it so far… I have one important question though; I want to create a “Retouching” portfolio and there’s this little piece of HTML that swaps the before/after images on mouseover and I was wondering, is it possible to show HTML content in the lightbox instead of an image?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I would say yes, but you need to use an iframe wrapper for that. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply. Care to elaborate a bit?

You will find more information about the lightbox here http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/magnific-popup/

Hi Pirenko,

before post my question; first i’d like to say that you have done such a good job with Samba. In comparison to other templates, it is definately much better in every aspect and the support is also awesome. So thanks for that.

Now for the question; on my mobile device it seems that there is no way to see where to acces the menu. The site is boybianchi.nl. when i acces it on my iphone for example the logo shows clear but i can’t see where to acces the menu.

Thanks Grtzz

Thank you very much for your kind comments :)
About your question: it seems that the bars have the same color as the menu background (the bars color depends on the theme current active color). If you want to make them white try adding this under Samba Options>Custom Scripts>Custom CSS:
.prk_menu_block { background-color:#FFFFFF !important; }

That worked. Perfect! Thank you.

You are welcome :nerdy:

Hello, Excuse me, I need support, I hope to write in the right section. I have problems with the Visual Composer plugin, once I try to access to the frontend editor does’t load the page! So I can’t use the editor from the frontend. How can I fix the problem? Thank you very much, regards

Please turn off all the other plugins you may have and try again. If you still have trouble please send me a private message with the WP login details. Thanks!


sqp Purchased

Hi Pirenko. Very nice theme you made, I love it. I just have a problem with visual composer and the new google maps engine. The google map visual composer style does not accept the new maps engine urls. I embedded the map code in a Raw HTML and it works fine, but only on a blank row. If I embed it into a Tab View, the embedded map fails showing the right places, don’t know why.

I read, that the new visual composer is maps engine ready : http://vc.wpbakery.com/blog/google-maps-in-visual-composer-for-wordpress/

But it seems that your theme does not use the latest version. Is it possible to make an update?

Thank you very much.

Good to know that you are enjoying the theme! The last time I updated the theme Visual Composer was on April so that feature was already available. Please send me a private message with the map code that you are using. Thanks!


sqp Purchased

My error. I didn’t past in the right url. Sorry. But even with the VC google maps plugin, as long as i put it in a tab, it puts the map to Greece instead of France with a 0 level zoom : you can check it out here : http://clff.wpengine.com/lieux-du-festival/

Please send me a private message with the map code that you are using. Thanks!

Hi Pirenko, I would like to change the “image hover” effect of the “Team Members” page. http://christianhart.com/millencapital/?page_id=14

I would like to have a transition from Black&White images to Coloured images when you get the mouse pointer over the team images.

How can this be done? Where do I have to edit the CSS code?

The idea would be something like: http://www.deepbridgecapital.com/about-us/our-people

Thank you!


I suggest you place it on the other.js. Cheers!

OK, I’ve inserted all the JS code included in 3 of the 4 files extracted from the article you sent: functions.js, grayscale.js and imagesloaded.pkgd.min.js (modernizr.custom.js wasn’t necessary as it is already included in the “other.js” file, though it’s an older version Modernizr 2.6.2 vs Modernizr 2.7.1).

I’ve also inserted 2 lines in shortcodes.php file (line 273): $out.='<div class="image-container grayscale">'; //NEW LINE $out.='<img src=". $image[0] ." alt="'.prk_get_img_alt($image[0]).'" class="mb_in_img" />'; $out.='</div>'; //NEW LINE

Nothing happens, it doesn’t work. Am I doing it right? Maybe causing some conflict with another functions in “other.js”?

Any help would be much appreciated..


[edit] I’m testing it here: http://christianhart.com/millencapital/?page_id=14 [end edit]

It seems that you need to hire someone for that customization. Thanks!