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Nice work Pierre , Good luck !

Clean and beautiful! Nice theme! Good luck with sales!

Hey Pierre Awesome Work and Good luck :)

the 3 icons under the main image on the site are not lining up correctly…is that an issue with Chrome? I dont want to buy this and have to deal with that issue…

Which problem do you have? http://cl.ly/image/1M0u1o2C3Q3B/o I`ll check it in chrome and it looks like correct.

issue on iphone ! is this a responsive or not ? the menu and some of the images are showing responsive, but the rest of the theme … please update :-)

bookmarked it, this is nice!

Which elements are in the layered psd?

Homepage iPhone light/dark Homepage screen light/dark iPhone light/dark Another redner iPhone light/dark LED cinema display Screen

Will you do this in Wordpress?

how do you get shadow box to display videos instead of displaying images? tried a bunch of different options with no luck?>

Would love to buy this for wordpress!

Any chance to add small feature ? – an option for the user to move between the pictures in the boxes after he opened one of them. (i didn’t purchased yet)

Hi bro. How hard would it be to incorporate Google fonts into this?


Nice work Pierre. But I found the problem. Android browser Dolphine Portrait and landscape unusable. iPad Portrait with errors. Any fix would help.

yes, iPad portrait display non responsive.

Hi there, Does this theme support video? I’d like to post a YT/Vimeo video in a section. Thanks!