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Hi, great theme. I attempting to use the vimeo video option on my portfolio. The video shows up scaled really small, to the point where the video is almost not clickable under the nav. I tried a higher width and height for the iframe embedded code, but that isn’t affecting it. Any thoughts on how to remedy this?

thank you


Sorry for the delay, I have replied you on the forum and post a solution for you.


For some reason my widgets are not being displayed in the footer. I have the option ‘remove bottom widget section’ set to no on all pages. Ive added widgets to the footer but none of them are being displayed…any ideas?


Could you send me your wp login details via my profile page? I need to check your settings, also, I will check whether it’s caused any custom CSS or not.

Hi I am trying to add some content to the site but for some reason I am not able to change the size of the font, can you help?

Thank you for your help, Can i also ask you one more question. I am trying to build a website and im trying to follow the instructions in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nci9UUGtmLQ but in that video the background fills up the whole screen its so wide ..but in my website if i add a picture it only fills up the middle part how can i make it cover the full screen?

And also is it possible for me to get the template for this site “http://demo.themevan.com/preview.php?theme=samsara”. This is the business example from samsara ..and it would be very helpful if i had this template i can just replace the pictures and change the position and adjust it a little bit.


1. You should add a row first, then edit it, switch to “design option” tab, now you can upload the background image.

2. I have already included the sample data in the main zip file which you downloaded from themeforest, just import the sample data like documentation descripted.


Ive noticed that when creating a portfolio, in the manage images section im trying to add images from my media library for a slideshow but you cant do it, there is no way of adding existing uploaded images, it simply inserts them as normal pictures. I have to upload the same images again instead and then have the option of using them in a slideshow. can this be fixed please?


Yes, in currently, you can only upload the picture separately to the post, then the slideshow will show up. Or go to media library, attach the pictures to the post. Otherwise, the single post can not recognize which pictures are related with it.

By the way, I’m always find a better solution for the slideshow manage, and if I found the better way, I will upgrade the theme soon.



How do I change the Samsara logo at the top left corner, I have tried changing the custom logo in Samsara options but nothing happens when I do this, it doesn’t even show the new logo when I insert it?

Thanks Nathan

First issue, please change your anchor link id to “service”, lowcase


I have emailed you directly.

Thank you

I replied your email.



We installed the theme, imported the dummy data. Everthing works fine. Also the parallax effect on images.

Now we only changed the images (background of section) and the effect is gone? How come?




How is your background setting under “design option” when you edit the row?

You should set the background to “Theme default”.

Also, please let me know your link and wp login details via my profile page if you still can’t fix this issue.


I’ve replied your email.

Dear customers,
I’m Van’s partner, I will handle the support work until Van is OK. If you have questions, you can still add comment below, I will reply as soon as possible.

Jesus dude… your yelling like a D!cKhead to the support team… haha get a life man… your lucky they even helped you Gabreu

How can I make my desktop menu the same on a mobile phone? http://eliteasg.com/

On my phone now is only shows the search button and the dropdown button. I dont want that.

Can we change that?

I did that and it works however in mobile it still shows a grey header with the search icon. Can we make that grey header disappear.

Then when I remove the search icon on my desktop the menu wont move to the right of the page. Has some pretty big spacing.

Better yet… how can I just make that bar transparent?


1. For move the menu to the right after you remove the search icon, I will improve this CSS issue, now the quick solution is add the following custom CSS into Samsara options > Custom Style > CSS codes


2. You can use the following custom CSS to make the bar transparent

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px){
 .fullscreen_stage {
     margin-top: -60px;


Another question I had / advice…. trying to find a plugin that is functional with the page for Instagram. I would like this to sit on the footer of the page and be 1 row with 5 or 6 images across the bottom. Any suggestions?

I’m not quite familar with the third-party plugins, but I searched on google, and found this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-instagram-widget/ maybe you can have a try.


Thank you! Installed!



Is it possible for other pages to set parallax and color backgrounds? And not just for the homepage, like the demo website? In the demo the other pages have only white backgrounds now. Thank you.

Yes, just custom the other page like you made the homepage.

Question ThemeVan about this epic theme… Here is my site http://295tactical.com/ now the instagram plugin I have that you recommended works great ( thank you ) however when its in the creative theme it wont go full width. Is there a CSS code you can provide or a solution to make this go full width?

Hi, you can try the following steps.

1) Edit the row which include the instagram. Add ID for this row, for example, let ’s set the Row ID to “insta-row”.

2) Click the “wheel gear” button, add the following custom CSS

#insta-row .vc_col-sm-12 > .wpb_wrapper{width:100%;}

You can also refer to this screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/9zm0n3o8lmtodzv/row-setting.jpg?dl=0


You guys are the best! Thanks for the awesome support and theme.

Glad to hear that!

Would love to ask this from your support forum, but the registering form doesn’t send activation mail so it is impossible to use. My problem is that after updating Visual Composer to the newest from 3.7.4 or if i update the Samsara Theme file from 1.0 to the newest one our site whole structure gets messed up.

Is there any alternative way to try to get some help other than forum – which doesn’t work or Facebook – where you don’t reply?


Have you checked the spam from your email page? Or you can tell me your forum username, I will manually active your account, and you can also put question here.

The new version of Visual Composer has been changed some CSS for the row and column, so sometimes if you upgrade the theme and VC plugin, you have to edit the row and change the row sketch to “Sketch Row and content” in row settings.

If my answer is not clear for you, please send your link and WP login details via my profile page. I will check it.


This theme comes with Visual Composer, but it is not allowing me to update the plugin.

Error! Envato API error: Username and/or API Key invalid.

Does that expire? The site doesn’t work without it.


We bundled the Visual Composer plugin with only one extended license for the theme users, so we can’t provide the single regular license to every user. Almost all the themes on the themeforest which includes Visual Composer are under extended license.

So if you want to update the visual composer, you can only wait for the new version of this theme, because the updated theme comes with the latest version of Visual Composer. Or you can send me email via my profile page, I will assist you to update the VC plugin.

By the way, there’s no features limited without the plugin license. You can only update the theme through Envato API.