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Thanks, Alex

nice, hope you will consider wp theme

Hi, yes of course, WP is in development process.

is there a wordpress version

Hi, at the moment the wordpress theme is in developing process.

This is a really nice theme, I have just bought it. Good luck with sales :-)

Thanks, Have a great day.

am waiting for the wordpress version to be out cuz that is what i want to buy, all of my web design jobs on wordpress.

@CRIKOVA, how long can we wait for the WP version?

hi, in a week we will upload the wordpress version.

Have a good day.

thanks for prompt response, so in 7 days time, the wordpress version will be out.

Were can i find the index.html files of the “home” page

really cool design nice work.

hi, in the root template folder. the file is calles home.html

Have a good day.

Hello, How can change the Menu Top width?

Hi, this is not possible by dafault, but in general this is possible with some customization. Add this customcode in Custom Css field in theme options panel nav.main-menu .menu-align {width:1100px!important;}

Have a good day

Thank you for your answer but i have the html version and no the WP version. this is a test link You see the button in menu home is under the menu becose the menu is not width enough.

Hi, that means you need to edit the css file. The file you need is – css/general.css find .menu-align and add changes. Than find – nav.main-menu ul and add changed too.

Have a good day

Good template. Documentation less.

if you want that the function (mailto) send an email in the about template, you have the search and replace mainlto by mailto in the template-about.php …

hi, are you a purchaser? The documentation is included in download archive. May be you are about theme, not template. We know about the bug, it is already fixed in new version.

Have a good day

Greetings. I have purchased your template. I have a problem with the about2.html page. When I try to place a Youtube video on the 3rd “window” the video doesn’t appear. What should I do? Thanks for your advice.

Hi, by defult the page doesn’t support any video frames. (Next update we will sure fix it and make it possible). At the moment you can use any plugins to make the youtube links working. Or just wait the update. We are planing to release it in January.

Have a good day.

I was referring about the “about2.html” page. There is the third window and people can click on the video and the video should play, right?

It’s working perfect. – I opened in google chrome. the video is playing good. check your code, probably it is wrong.

Have a good day


please let me know if is posible to add a permanet line of moving thumbs in the index fullscreen slider, as seen in your “gallery” link in this so great template.

and… Do you think can be added a simple captcha to the form???


This is a template not a theme. The theme is on the link –

About changes, yes you can make it, but you need some customization and skills. By default the theme doesn’t have it. Needs some customization.

Have a good day

hi. Im interested about html template. please, can you tell me if you can add the thumbs line? or can you tell me options to do it?


Hi, i will tell you how to do it, the files you need to edit and attributes you need to add.

Have a good day

Greetings. I am having trouble with the pictures on The pictures are misplaced. I use Firefox. Please let me know what to do. Thanks!

Hi, i don’t know. The template does not affect any SEO issues. Have a good day.

Hi. Where can I set my e mail for the contact page? Thanks!

This is a template, you must create a contac function in php. The template is on HTML, doesn’t have any php scripts. Have a good day

Is it possible to increase the size of the gallery? The pictures look too small

With some customizations you can do it

Greetings. For some reason the contact box does not work. Do I need extra files?

Please, use the support forum – for support.

I want to buy it and add a map. Can I add the Google’s API for Maps to the HTML5 versión of this template? Thanks!

Yes you can