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Hi! I’m looking to purchase this theme for the website of a sci-fi / action shortfilm. Is it possible to show videos on the photo-galleries? Thank you.

Hi, you can upload the video in content area. If you want to upload the video in the slider, you will need some customizations, but if you want it in the content area, no problem. Have a good day

Ok. Thank you. Have a good day you too.

Have a good day.

Sincerely yours, CRIK0VA.

Hello again. I would like to change some features on the galleries, like make zoom in the images, make the scrollbar “scrollable”... Is that possible? If it is, I just need to know the files I should change in order to get such things. Thank you.

Thw gallery archive is archive-gallery.php and the single page is single-gallery.php

Ok. Thank you. Now, I have a new question/issue: I have incremented the number of members on the about us page, but now I have this problem: the scroll on the main window of the browser does not work. Why does this happen when I can use the scroll on other pages of the site? If you could give me a hint of how I can make this work, it would be very useful. Thanks again.

Hi, it can be an overflow attribute issue for the main box class.. remove that attribute from css

Hi, images on my website are not responsive: if I use a smartphone, they don’t resize and moreover I can’t scroll them horizontally. Thanks for your help.

Hi, use a code like img {width:auto; max-width:100%; height:auto;} in theme options custom css field

I tried, but when you click on the image to expand it, it remains non-responsive

I m holiday and dont have the posibility to test.. contact me on 4 september i will take a look

Hi, I have the same issue as lauracero above… I have added a couple of team members to the about page, and only the text content on the right is scrollable. The right column uses the jspScrollable class, and I just want the default browser scrollbar to handle the page. Please help, thank you!

I enabled the regular browser scrollbar by changing the overflow property for the page from hidden to auto:

html.aboutpage { overflow: auto; }

Yes, the page is using the hidden overflow attribute, and you need to dissable it in css/general.css file.

Hi Crikova:

I don´t know why but Ale Toggle doesn´t work well now. All are open in all my website even if the state is “closed”.

When I create the toogles all worked fine… I think that the problem could be generated by a Wordpress update (vers. 4.0) or any incompatibility.

Let me note that I use the 1.1 version of Samurai theme.

Can you take a view?

Thanks in advance for your answer,


I forgot… you can see that website in:

Hi, on our demo it works perfect. I will take a look in source code nd chek what’s happen. Gime me a link from your site were you have toogles.

Hello, I´m trying to configurate the main menu but the links does not appear straight in a row. I choosed header right aligniment. What can be wrong? Look:


Hi, you should use both menu locations right and left. Place 2 items in the left menu and it will work perfect.

I just installed wordpress 4.0 and tried to add the Samurai theme by manual upload into theme folder. All goes ok, untill I’m activating the theme when I have a blank page and in the console I have the error message: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error).

I have this error also on WP 3.8.4 but just on the plugins page. And I can not access admin at all, but the theme seems to work.

Have ideea what’s the issue? Thanks.

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.


I already added there and waiting for a reply. Thanks


How can i customize the theme to have the option to choose one slider for each page?

Hi, are you a purchaser? i don’t see the purchaser status

Hello I have a problem with the slider options not adding sliders, no way to delete the, and also no way to make the slugs show up.

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.

Yes did you see the link to a forum post the I put in there? Sadly I didn’t get a response on your support forum though.

The support takes 3-6 days. Please be patient and wait a reply on forum.


I bought many themes, I sure don`t recommend this one.

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.

Just evasive answers. Didn´t help me once

the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.


I wish to purchase this template for a friend. Most of the aspects of the template meet my requirements but just wanted to ask if the following are available:

1.Below the slider on the home page, I would like to add more content. (some text and another slider). the main slider remains fullscreen but we can basically scroll down to see more. 2. I want to adjust the size of the height of the content box in the about page of the template. like just about half the screen. 3. Some page I wanted to have a different width that the about page. 4. Basically i want to be able to adjust the height and the width of pages. (Also wanted to include a slider as background is all pages) Please tell me if these are possible without much hassle. I am in a bit of a hurry so quick response would be very helpful

Thanks a lot in advance…


1. The home template contain only the slider. The rest should be customized. 2. You can do it in a css file. 3. You can do it in a css file 4. Also in css file.

With some customizations your requirements are possible..

I really like the look and feel of your theme. However I need some specific capabilities. 1) Full screen video & image slider for homepage which will keep running until it plays all images & videos. 2) Video galleries.

On some of your earlier responses you mentioned video can be added with “customization”. Can you do that? What will be the cost?

Alternatively, can I use a full screen video & image slider plugin to accomplish what I need? Will your theme work with such a plugin? Can you recommend a plugin? Thank you.

Hi, you can use our theme with Revolution Slider plugin for example and archive the fullscreen video as you need. Have a good day

Hi can you tell me how to change the Programs links? I want to send those clicks to a different sales page outside of wordpress. Thanks.

Hello, I am preparing to buy this template. I really liked the photos from the demo version of this template. Hence my question, are these paintings included in the price?

Hi, the images are included.

Hello. I have purshaced samurai responsive theme, but i don’t know how to setup this theme. Do you have any video or explain me how to add slider at start and more of this. Thanks