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Good job! Good luck, dude ! :)


Hi! What an awasome theme! Few pre-sale questions : 1/ Are all the features of the Fuerza theme will be included, like all the “multiple home, gallery and blog styles” and a king of “samourai default style” like “fuerza gallery grid” and others? 2/ Is it possible to change all the colors in the theme, the “green” for example that I don’t like very much? 3/ Is the feature “text hovers” is included? Thanks so much for your response, great job!

Hi, in future we will include many page styles. At the moment are available only styles from demo preview. If the theme will be popular and users will ask to add new pages, of course we will add it.

Have a good day.

Hello Crikova, am happy you keep to your promise of releasing the wordpress version of this HTML template you released in just a week ago and am happy am the first buyer, hope i tend to get a gift for being the first buyer…Lol.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing) Have a good day)


Before I purchased,I want to know if I can have many sidebars, in order to asign one sidebar for one page; and other sidebar to another page!


hi, you need some customization to make it possible. If you have some skills it’s very easy to do.

Have a good day

Nice theme!Good luck with sales… :)


@CRIKOVA, how do i totally disabled the title/text box on homepage slide? i dont want any text or title box appear on the homepage slides

from which one will i remove below;

”<!- Background Home FlexSlider -> >

    <?php if(is_page_template(‘page-home.php’)){ $slider = ale_sliders_get_slider(ale_get_option(‘homeslugfull’)); } if(is_blog()){ $slider = ale_sliders_get_slider(ale_get_option(‘blogslugfull’)); } ?> <?php if($slider):?> <?php foreach ($slider[‘slides’] as $slide) : ?>

thanks i have seen and resolved it

Have a good day

Great looking theme! I have a few pre-sale questions: 1. Is there an option for the header menu and footer to not be “sticky”—(the header scrolls up, and the footer is at the very bottom of each screen) 2. Is there an option for the homepage to continue to scroll beneath the main image (so the page could include other things like recent posts and so on? 3. Is it easy to align the main logo to the left, rather than being centered? Or would this require some customization? 4. Can the blog entries be single column (no sidebar).

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance!

Hi, this will require some customization. We will iprove and add new pages styles and new features to our theme, if it will be popular. You can see other our themes, as Socha.. all pages available in our other themes can be created to this theme..

Have a good day

Very nice work! ;)


I need to change the Green to my clients branded blue color. How do I do that?

Hi, if you know about less, you can change the file css/main.less and replace one line at the top @green to your color.. And after needs to compile the less in css. If you don’t know about less, edit the file css/general.css and replace all green colors code to your.

Have a good day

Hello@CRIKOVA, how do i input or upload my own images to the Gallery tab in admin, i try to add new image but i can’t find anyway through as the image tab below the post page said “Gallery is empty.”

how do l load images to the gallery?

Hi, did you read documentation? In documentation is described. You need to upload ass attacment. How to remove from gallery: 2 way – 1. remove the image totaly, or 2. check the checkbox hide from gallery in image settings option.

Read please documentation and view video tutorials on our youtube chanel (for other theme, galleries are similar in admin panel)..

Have a good day.

Hi, I’m considering buying this theme but I have an issue re the green bar in Gallery, it seems to behave strangely in OS X. Mac, iPad & iPhone 5. It doesn’t underline the correct preview image or make sense as a progress bar. Also are you supposed to be able to scroll with this????

it should inform the position of current image around all images.

Yes that’s what i thought… sorry to say it doesn’t seem to work properly. Will be buying when/if fixed. Thanks again, really like this theme!!!!

Hi, we wil lcheck and fix next updates.

Have a good day.

Hi! Thanks for this great theme. Could you please tell me how to decrease the speed that the slides are changing in the homepage slider?

Regards, Penelope

Hi, you need to change the source code. the js/scripts.js file is the file you need. But you should to have some skills in javascript. By default you can’t manage the spead from admin panel.

Have a good day.

Hi! Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a try!

Have a good day

@CRIKOVA, can’t i have the conventional blogging layout on the blog page rather than this Grid look?

The theme haven’t the same template.

Have a good day

you mean the theme are the same template?

I mean that you can use only pages that are available in demo preview. for other styles you need customization because the theme haven’t this style.

Have a good day

Hi, just some questions before purchasing: 1) Can I replace the .section-content of home page with an image (e.g. a logo) coming down from top? 2) Which kind of slider is in the theme? Is it a slider that allows some caption and animation? Thanks, Albe


1. You can with customication. edit one file. 2. The theme use FlexSlider.

Have a good day.

@CRIKOVA, please how can i make the footer text be in lower case letter NOT all CAP letters?

Hi, very easy. Use custom css field in theme options and add the code nav.footer-menu .right {text-transform:normal!important;}

This should help.

Have a good day

@CRIKOVA, how do i change the menu items color?

Hi, this means that you didn’t change all code. The css/general.css file is the main styles file with all colors. After changing clear or delete cache. Have a good day

i do and the default menu color still showing, below is my source code under general.css file;

[code removed]

replied in other thread.

@CRIKOVA, how can disabled the featured image not to show on single post page on the blog?

please i still cant find any thumbnail or featured image code in either single.php or postfull.php

why is your own template writing complicated? plz analyze properly, what i just want is to disabled featured image showing on single post page.

We don’t provide customization. we tell you the file, the system.. In single -> postfull -> postcontent -> delete <?php echo get_the_post_thumbnail($post->ID,'large'); ?>

It’s so difficult?

Have a good day

the file you nend is postcontent.php

Why is there a big blank page left over on the single post page? how do i remove this?

You need to change 3 files to delete the slider. By default the slider is a part of these pages.. No option to dissable it. Need customization.

Have a good day

but i can’t find anything relating to slide when i open those 3 files index.php, single.php and general.css

please sir can you tell me where i will remove it?

The sldier init for these templates is in header.php file.. But this slider is for home page too.. the way to remove from blog is – <?php if(is_blog()){echo ‘class=”blog-slider”’;}?> to remove this code.. but of cource you need to customiza styles in css.. to remove the white slider space

Hi CRIKOVA, Do you have a suggestion for increasing the gallery image size? Where would we manage this setting?

Thanks, Robert

Hi, the theme design is for images sizes as in demo. You can increase, but you need some customization. the files you need are single-gallery.php, css/general.css, alethemes/config.php

Have a good day

Thank you for the prompt reply!

Have a good day

Hi CriKova

The samurai theme looks awesome. With regards to content, can there be more content below the slider image or is the design layout as per the demo design.

regards Pal

Hi, the design is as in preview. You can add more contect by customization, using page-home.php file. But by default the layout is as in demo preview.

Have a good day.