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@CRIKOVA, plz answer my 3 previous message above this thread.

Hi. already replied

Have a good day

i have also follow in in past 2 hours and no response, you need improve on ur support so you can get more sales

Thanks. Have a good day.

Hi, I just beggining configuring my site with this theme and I have some question so far:

1. the logo is taken strictly to a specific size, How can I change it to use the appropriate size? just changing the css file?

2. How can I change the color in header and footer?

3. In posts. In the up of the page, the slideshow is looping waitng for images but these don’t appear.

4. I can’t find customize the green color that appears by defualt in layouts. This is an standard in a single WP theme. Do I have to do it through changing css files? Thanks in advance

Hi, tell me please what wordpress wersion you are using?

Thanks!!! I upgrade to wordpress 3.7.1 and the sliders appears. but still there is a built error in the slider added trhough the shortcode. look how it looks like:

the slider from shortcode haven’t errors. simply disable navigation buttons in the shorcode and 1,2,3,4 will dissapear.. this options is for other thigs… And of cource use bigger images to make it full page screen.

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There is an error, when the description in a photo slide show is longer, the frame over the pic it does not appear centered. And the text is losted at the bottom of the page.

Hi, we will check and fix it next update. Probably the box is static and the text length is limited.

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How can I use Gallery layout as a Post? or How Can I add comments in the Gallery layout?

Hi, this is not possible. You can’t.

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How do i disabled the slider on the blog page totally, i don’t want any slide or sliding space on blog page, just want the blog post shows immediately on blog page no need scrolling down before one can see it.

Replied in another thread.

Hi, I purchased the theme. How can I replace the box of slide-down in home page with simply an image (a logo) appearing from top? Thanks, Albe

Hi, you need some customization.

1. in js/scripts.js remove the code that make this effect.

2. in the same file js/scripts.js find the home page flexslider init and add the option. In google you will find more info about flexslider.

to make it you nned to have some skills in javascript.

Have a good day.

I saw scripts.js, but I didn’t find the code to change

Hi, all code is in this file. Our suopport doen’t include customization. We can’t make it for you. We just can tell you what files you need.

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Hi again. There is an error when you try to add any shortcode like a Alert or Tab in Gallery’s text field. The layout runs down completely.

Hi, you don’t need to add a slider shortcode on your gallery post. Read documentation please. In documentation is described how to manage galeries. Upload images ass atachments to this post and save the post. The slider will get images automaticaly.. no need to create slider and to use shortcode.

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I did not try to add a Slider, I just ried to add a simple tab shortcode inside de text field in gallery layout. but the whole layout breaks apart.

The tab work perfect.. the problem is in the slider.. How do you uploaded images to sldier? as is described in docs? Probably no.

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Just purchased – trying to install your theme and it keep failing it says it’s missing this style.css stylesheet.

what ’s up – please advise – thanks

ignore above – got it resolved

Hi, ok. Have a good day.

Hey Alex, tried the email suggested in your documentation – it bounces back. I am trying to create my homepage slider as per your documentation – but I do not get the shortcode generator does not appear for me – there is no option for that as shown in your documentation image. Please advise. Many thanks.


thanks very much!

arghhh – nope not working – I’ve read and reread your documentation but I do not have the same panels that you show in your documentation. Specifically…

If you go to your documentation and into the sliders section and scroll down to the text that reads “Now we created our new slider. We need to add images and data into slider.” the screen grab image you have below that instruction in your documentation that shows “Slider Shortcode” and all the options beneath it (slider slug, slider show, animation etc.) I do not have any of this available to me when I try to create a slider – there is no option for me to define any of this and no matter what I do, whether I go ahead and press add new slider and add images and save – I do not get slider slug for inputting anywhere – what could be going on? Why do I not get the Slider Shortcodes panel?

please respond – thanks very much for your time

Hi, what you mean? you don’t have sldier settings? Click on your slider properties and copy the slug. if you have problems with the slider section, reinstall the theme, may be some files are corrupted and the section didn’t work properly.

After creating don’t forget to save your slider.

Make a test. Create a slider with name – “testslide” and in theme options insert this slug – “testslide”

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I’m wondering how I can change the default logo size?

Second question – the slider animation for “fade” isn’t working, do you have a fix?

Third question – is there a way to eliminate the “story” in the individual photos in the galleries?


1. You can make you logo biger using custom css field. Add your custom code here.

2. We don’t have fade animation. only slideDown on the slider with white section box. If this is not working, clear cache. If not helped, reinstall the theme, may be some files are corupted.

3. No, this is nor possible. one way is to customiza directly in source file. file you need.

Have a good day.

Hi, toggles aren’t working well. If I write a long text into a toggle, it doesn’t display in its entire length: the last rows go below the footer. Furthermore, if I set a toggle under another one, the first toggle, when opened, overlaps the last rows over the second. Is there a limit of rows I can write in the toggle text?

try to wrap the text in a paragraph tag or in a div tag.

Hi, I tried. With a div tag, the problem continues; with a p tag, it’solved in Firefox and IE but persists in Chrome.

ok, we will fix it on next update. probably tags inside have problems in chrome.

Have a good day

Hey Alex – 1. I was wondering if I can change the white background of the page content to the same colour as the header and footer? how would I do that – I’m assuming in the page’s custom css field – but what should I input there? 2. How can I have that box of content in say the awards default appear screen left rather than right? or even centered?

best to you and thanks very much for your time

Hi, this is not possible. You need customization. But our support doesn’t include customization.You need some skills in php,html and css or find a developer that will do it for you.

Have a good day.

done now

Have a good day

Please, is it possible to: turn responsive off?

Hi, This is not possible. Have a good day.

@CRIKOVA, i am very disappointed at after following your procedure of changing the whole menu color in general.css file, the menu color still never change to my preferred rather it remain white. Should send you my general.css file ?

only this .main-menu a {color:goldenrod;}

thanks very much as it works.

Have a good day

I am thinking to buy this theme. but i have questions about this theme. 1-) when i open gallery details page,i cant change the pictures with keyboard right and left keys. Is it possible to make this movement? 2-)i want to change logo layout. is it possible to move this logo to the left?

Have a good day.


1. This is not possible at the moment. The slider is with thumbs. thumbs block keyboard navigation. 2. Yes, you can add menu items only in the right part, and the logo will be in the left.

Have a good day


is there some chance insert to template (maybe header) gtranslate select language widget ?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Hi, you can try to add it in the nav section (right or left). Use the header.php file and try to add the switcher code. And for visual effect add some custom css to place in right place.

Have a good day

To my final question, how can i make the images use in slider smaller so it can look sharper not very stretch and losing it quality as it is currently on

And what if the user will have a monitor with 1980-1080px? Your images would be pixelated.. it’s very bad for a clear site.

You can’t change the lsider size, because the slider is full screen. Your sizes are not for full screen

but the images the client gave me are in 427×640px and using it like that stretches/widen it and loses it quality so that why am thinking that way.

This is not possible. You can’t use vertical images in a fullscreen horizontal slider. Add photo with necessary size! Or create a black image with 1920-1080px and add your small vertical image on this black one in photoshop. And upload new images.. That\s the one way.

Have a good day.

Hi, the menu of responsive mode isn’t working in any way, neither in Chrome, nor in Firefox, nor in IE. The dropdown menu doesn’t open. What about?

you’re right! I’m sorry… Thank you very much for your help.

Have a good day. Rate the theme 5 stars please, if you like it. Thanks.

Hey Alex for some reason when I add links to the text of the body content – the font colour of the links turn white which is very hard to read against the white background – any ideas on why they do that?

and on this page there now appears to be something going on with the link – I would however like the link to be the green colour you’ve chosen in your theme – it’s more in keeping with your theme and cleaner

Hi, the code you need is .content-right a {color:green;} this should help.

Have a good day

Hi Alex, I put a slider-shortcode in a standard page and for some reason two little black dots appear on yhe left bottom of the page. See image attached here: The code I’m using is: [ale-slider name=”slider-shortcode” slideshow=”1” animation=”slide” controlNav=”0” randomize=”0”] Any idea? Thanks, Albe

Hi, ok, we will check email and reply.

Have a good day

Thank you for your help

Have a good day.