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Also Alex – yeesh I know I’m asking a lot of questions, but I’m loving the theme and for the most part it’s fabulous for what I need – it’s just that now I am making the customized changes around the visual look – I wondered where do I go to find the .css for the gallery stuff and how do I remove the “click here to read story” and just have the next screen of the story content that follows after you “click here to read story” happen upon rollover? – to clarify I want the actual content of my info about each picture to be the thing that comes up over the image on rollover. thanks soo much for your time and energy

Hi, I’m sorry, but this is not possible. You need customization, and some skills in php. files you need are single-gallery.php

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thanks I will attempt – best to you.

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Alex – in your documentation you suggest that your theme comes with tons of shortcodes and you talk about divider and testimonial and tab shortcodes – but the only shortcode available to me when I choose the shortcodes button on any page is a sl ider shortcode -what could be going on? Why do I not have shortcodes and exactly where would I go to find them – how would I get them installed again?

also, what is the green colour you have used for the theme – I want to choose it in the colour picker of the font so that I can have that appear as the link colour in my body text – the rgb # is?

Hi, – here you have the dropdown with all shortcodes. If you can’t to add, the icon is in the editor. An orange button with “[]”

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Pictures on home slider on not acting responsive. Thanks!

Images in the slider are responsive. we use background-size:cover to make it responsive on all devices.

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Is it possible to display a video on the home page vs. a slider?

Hi, this is not possible by default. But in general with customization this is possible.

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HI CRIKOVA, is there error on template. ON the PC is working OK, but on the tablet (ipad 2) drop down menu (shortcode) works only from the homepage (home). If the site is on any other subpages – submenu is not showen.

Hi, for me is working well. On each page i can open the menu and go to other page. Try to clear cache, and make sure you set the mobile menu correctly.

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Your demo site have 2 top menu – left and right

1. Cache is clear and I’m looking your demo site on tablet ipad2 (showing classic menu not mobile menu) 2. when I’m on page from left menu (home, blog, gallery) drop-down menu in shortcode is showing – it’s OK 3. but when I’m on page from right menu (about, press, awards, contact) drop-down menu in shortcode is not showing – it’s BAD


The demo site have 3 menu. left right and mobile. open the site without iframe TF.

2.3. Show please some screens. Because for me all is working perfect.

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Hi Alex, I installed a plugin (Compact WP Audio player) that gives the following code to be added to template file: <?php do_shortcode(‘[sc_embed_player fileurl=”....url….mp3”]’); ?> I’d like to have the player in the footer. Could you please tell me where exactly should I add that code in footer.php file? Many thanks.

Hi, we don’t provide customization. Our support helps with theme settings. If in plugin documentation is described that you need to put in footer. the file you need is footer.php. The place you need depends on you, select the necessary class and add here your code. If you don’t have skills in php, we don’t recommand to edit source files. Find a developer.

Have a good day.

The (mailto) link auto created on the ABOUT (add member) page is misspelled (mainlto). The extra N disables the mail links. How do I fix this?

On the same ABOUT page, I can’t figure out how to change the roll-over green when choosing a person’s profile.

Where is the color of that GREEN?

Hi, the problem is in the template, you are right. Next update we wil lfix it. For you you can fix it now, edit the file template-team.php and remove the letter “n” from the necessary word.

About green color, you can change in js/scripts.js file.

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Just purchased your theme. Really nice. I was wondering in which php file or css file I can edit the ‘READ FULL POST’ text on the home page gallery box that drops down.


Hi, the file you need is header.php In this file you will find the dropdown section on slider.

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Thanks for such a quick reply. Just one more question. Is it possible to make your logo appear bigger and expand the top band? Thanks,

Hi, by default this is not posiible. The logo have a limited size. But in general all is possible. The only thing you need, is some skills in html and css. I you have it, try to find a solution. You need to use the Custom Css field in theme options panel. Add you custom css code in this field to increate the logo size.

Have a good day.

Love your theme! Here’s a dumb question. How do I remove/change the “Samurai Photography” line that appears in the footer. Or add “categories” such as you have on the live preview? Thanks, and sorry for my ignorance.

I now see the “Category” in advenaced settings, but I still can’t find out how to removed “Samurai Photography”. Thanks!

Hi, this is the copyrights field. In theme options add your copyrights, and it will be replaced with yours. Very simple.

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Thank you!

Greetings! Love working with your theme. I was wondering if you might be able to advise what the best size/file format is for the background images. It seems no matter what I do, or how large I make them, mine never look as crisp for focused as the ones on your lovely demo. Thank you for all your assistance!

Hi, the best size is 1920-1080px. This will be good on big and small devices. We use on demo this sizes.

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Thank you!

Help! can somebody – anybody tell me how the process of creating a blog works for this theme?? I have tried everything and it just doesn’t seem to made sense to me – the documentation is soo sparse and I have done all it asks but the page that keeps showing up when I choose return to blog page goes to a 404 page not found – how do I direct this link to return to my blog page?

okay – it’s working – sort of – I think I’m just not a fan of the way it looks…

Hi, the blog page should look as in demo site. If you made all as in documentation, it wil lwork perfect. Any other questions?

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Stunning theme. I would like to purchase this theme but I have a few of questions I need answered if you don’t mind.

1) Is it possible to replace the background slider used? I would very much like to use a slideshow plugin like FlexiSlider which would allow me to animate my background slideshows.

2) Is it possible to change the animation used for the slideshow text boxes? I would prefer a fade in and out.

Thank You.

Ok, Have a good day

now purchased :)

Ok, Have a good day

Hey Alex,

1. I am still having trouble with the blog set up. I have the blog page set up here www.adventurebandit/bandit-blog and then if you go to a post page and try to use the “back to blog” link it goes to an error page rather than back to www.adventurebandit/bandit-blog. I get this prompt on the error page: “Sorry, but the page you’re looking for has not found. Try checking the URL for errors, then hit the refresh button on your browser.”

How do I get the “back to blog” to link to my bandit-blog page?

thanks very much for your time and consideration

Hi, It looks that in the post page the back link is set up to “blog” slug, as default. Bu you use “bandit-blog”. You have 2 ways to fix it. The first is to change the Blog page slug to blog, and the secont, is to open the single.php souce file. Find the link “Back” and replace the “blog” with “bandit-blog” and Save.

Have a good day

thanks very much Alex – it works now!

Hi, well. Have a good day

Hi, bought your theme and having many troubles.

Why are the images in the gallery section stretched? I put in a normal size photo and they’re stretched, I spent two hours making square photos with text and they’re still stretched. They’re also stretched on the demo.

I want my front page to look like the demo, but I have ‘blog posts’ written on the bottom.

I can’t find the drop down menu option.

How do I change the Author Name for the posts and text sections I’m going to create?

email me direct at



1. show a screenshot please, or give a site link.

2. Read documentation. in documentation is described hot to setting the theme. General-Settings > Reading -> Front PAge HOME. Setting your Home page and all will work perfect.

3. What do you mean? You doesn;t know how to create dropdoun menu? this is a wordpress default function, just drag the item to right and it will take the place for dropdown. If you are about mobile dropdown version, add a menu item to Mobile section in Menu Section

4. Change in wordpress. these are not theme settings, are wordpress settings. Please, as is described in documentation, first of all learn some tutorials about wordpress, and only after star setting the theme.

Have a good day

here is the site link to the stretched images:

Did you read my post? I said the dropdown menu and author problem was sorted. It’s a nice theme, like the last one I purchased, but I need help in sorting out some problems to make it look like the demo which is why I purchased it. Email me directly and I’ll give you more information about what needs fixing, I have a screenshot of your demo with the arrows becoming blocky after you click them. email me at



The image is croped automaticaly to necessary size – 430-267px. This size is using by theme for featured image. You image have white border. It was croped from center. That’s why you have white left and right border. You can upload a nw image with necessary size and select as featured and check the ckeckbox “don’t show in gallery” and you will solve the problem.

if you need to contact us as email, use the contact form on our profile page.

Have a good day.

Hey buddy, thank you much for this cute theme. I’ve 2 basic questions for you.
  • How can i set a default background image for all pages? (theme options setting doesn’t work, you can simply tell the file to modify)
  • Is there a way to change the slug of main gallery page? (if yes you can just tell where to modify)
Thanks again…

You can add a background manualy in header.php file, or using theme options -> Custom css field and addyour custom code. But the best way is to check why you are not able to use it. You have an option to upload a bg to each custom pages. Just edit pages and upload it. You can upload a photo one time, and paste the link in all pages you need.

To edit source file is a bad idea, because the theme have some pages, that doesn’t use images in background.

Have a good day

Hi Crik0va! Wonderefull theme! Is possible to download the XML Sample content? Thanks in advance! Cheers!

Sorry for double-post. I know there is a XML-sample-file already, the problem is it’s not working for me.

Hi, the xml file is included in the download archive. we haven?t other xml. the file from download archive is working perfect. If you have problems with importing, that’s a hosting problem, probably the hosting have some limits and wordpress havent permision to download all content.

Have a good day

Hi, i want to buy this theme but i have a question. for the home page full screen slideshow is possible to set the fade effect for the images ? What we can change on that feature ? Thanks

Hi, yes you can change the slide effect to fade effect for the home page slider. You will need to replace one attribute. We will tell you were to find and what to do. It will take 5 seconds.

Have a good day

A suggestion to change header.php line 34 to:

<?php if (!empty($slide['url'])) : ?>
    <em class="href"> <a href="<?php echo $slide['url']; ?>"><?php _e('Read Full Post','aletheme'); ?></a> </em>
<?php endif; ?>

I didn’t want to provided a URL for a slide, yet the ‘Read Full Post’ link still showed on the slide.

Hi, we wil lcheck and fix it on next update. Have a good day.

Looking to purchase this theme, however it is unclear if the full screen slider can be anything vs. only pulling blog posts?

Appreciate you letting me know!

Hi, the Home slider are not blog posts. Tehe slider are images with titles and descriptions. You add separatly the title and image to each slider.

You can select other pge as front page. The gallery page or the blog pae if you want blogposts on your home.

Have a good day

Hi, I have some presale questions please reply ASAP.

My idea is to make a website similar to, please confirme if this requirements are available in your solution:

- Registration of clients

- Be able to choose pictures by category, title, keyword

- Be able to choose 2 or 3 types of resolution of the same image

- Buy with PayPal or 2Checkout or other portal

- Option to buy credits packages that will be used to purchase images

- Download the photo after the payment is confirmed

- Auto-placing a watermark on the preview photos

- Add, Edit, Delete images categories

- Create Packages credit to purchase images

- Posibility to create several users so that they can add their photos, each user should have the posibility to make the following of what they sell.

- Manage (approve or reject) photos placed by a User


Hi, the theme support all pages that are in demo preview. If the demo is good for you, you can purchase it.

Have a good day.