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I love the template, very clean html and easy to customize and use but its missing a styled html table. How much would it cost for you to add a styled html table with paging example?

you can email mer with more details

Good theme, tyvm :)

Hi. I just bought the html template but don’t know how to install it. Is there any small how to file? Or maybe I should buy the opencart version instead.

You brought html file, it doesn’t have any installation, opencart template is for opencart script.

I mean, I use opencart scirpt from Any clue on how to use the purchased template?

how can u use html for opencart?? you need to use opencart template opencart script.

Cool, I think you should add a remarks for the html template “CAN NOT BE USED FOR OPENCART SCRIPT ”, just in case any stupid buyer like me browsing your templates again.

Anayway, thanks for your courtesy in answering my questions, sigh.

Oh am very sorry that you got confused, ok i will try to add a note

Hi there,

Can you email me with a price to get this cart functional with a CMS please?

Ta Amber

Hi Amber, Can you plz email me from by profile page for which cms u need price quote.

Hi, I love this template, it would go great as a store for my site, I need help with customization. I would like to ask if you offer any customization services to get it working how I want? Thanks, Justin (

Hi plz email me from my profile page with details

Really nice design dude!

Thanks Dude

I have coded this for WHMCS if anyone is interested.

You can get it at WHMCS Themes.

Please note I am not reselling this beautiful template – you must first purchase it here.

Well done Settysantu – really nice design, hopefully WHMCS integration will boost your sales!

Looks good dude, all the best

Um, I am not sure where to get the HTML for this template. I remember purchasing the HTML , but never downloaded it, or did not store it.. :(

Hola cabo de realizar la compra de la plantilla pero me descargó la versión OpenCart y yo necesito la versión en HTML , si me la puedes enviar a mi correo te agradecería mucho.

Sorry i don’t understand what you are saying, can you say it in English.

Ok, I made the purchase of the template but I downloaded the release OpenCart and I need the HTML , if you can send me to my mail I’d appreciate a lot.

Sorry dude, you get template what you brought.

Hi, I need to know if this is a pure HTML5 + CCS3 theme or if it is an opencart or some other framework theme. Thanks Kiks

It is hand coded xhtml template but not html5

I wonder if you if you are upgrading with responsive

Right now no.

Shame is a good theme :(