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Nice and different. The layouts omn themeforest are excellence but they tend to look a lot alike. This one is different. Nice job.

thanks soaringpine for appreciation

very nice and very clean

thanks mabuc

nice. what shopping cart software can this be used for? can u code freelance with oscommerce or make a cms for me?

hi macho, this can be used with oscommerce, zencart, magneto etc.., but i think oscommerce layout will be in tables ( as its new version 3 is in div’s but its alpha ) and this is in div’s, for more conversation can u mail me through my profile page.

This layout is fitting my web site pretty nicely. Great documentation, easy to change. Awesome value to just $10.00 Thank you.

am very much happy to hear positive feedback from buyer.

nice nice…

is this design already coded ? would like to use for xt commerce ?

its an html template g3niuz, you need to convert it to xt commerce.

How hard is it to change the color? I am not a photoshop whiz at all.

for changing color you need to know photoshop atleast basic level like layer styles etc…

Will this work with 1Shoppingcart? I really like your work!

its a html template you need to integrate into it.

Hi, I’m new to this site but does the fact that there are 2 screen shots mean that there are only 2 html files? Or are there others included as well, shopping cart contents etc?

only 2 html files with css

How difficult is it to integrate with zencart? Thanks

It depends on the person skill set, he need to be very much good in zencart theming

I get a security warning when I click on preview

This web site at has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

Does anyone else get this.

yes just removing virus and changing webhost, will be fixed in couple of hours


psd included? contact form included?


yes psd included but contact form not included

Hi, does this include product detail page and a shopping cart? Also how easy is it to use it for other static pages you may have on your ecommerce site?

Its a static page , for working ecommerce check this one

I undertand its static and that is fine. What i wanted to know is does it just include a single page or it includes all the pages a standard ecommerce site will need.

for this html include 2 pages, click on screnshot to see

Thanks for the help so far. I really want to buy this, but it would be great if you can make the product detail page 2 column instaed of 3 column.

i think u can make it if you know html, but right now am bit busy when i get time i will