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How might I upgrade please?

Is there a link?

Hey there, I can not seem to get the rollover animations to work in the navigation. I also would like to remove the big bar below each post that says “permalink”. Thanks!


I’ve just started using this Theme and I have set it up as I want to use it. Simpel and easy.

BUT ; I cannot seem to get the comment field to work, nor can I get the Twitter feed to work. It has the same problem as the “live demo” here.

Could you help me with the comment field issue AND get the Twitter feed going?

Would really appreciate it!

How can I add another font to the theme?

ups sorry thought it didn´t work but it does. so easy^^

Hello Kohette,

A client just came to me needing some site optimization due to F grades across the board at webpagetest.org. Your PNG and JPG files in the theme took a massive reduction when optimized through tools like JPEGMini and TinyPng.

Because I never like letting good work go to waste, I bundled up the images that were reduced in size (but retained the identical quality) so that you can include them in your next theme update:


You should double check the color of the black comment arrow as I had to re-create that image from scratch. The black arrow and the vintage background PNG were both corrupted files.

Best Regards, Ian

Is this theme going to be updated for the newer versions of WordPress?

I think there is a problem with the CSS in the Sancho theme…

Had to disable this theme – the CSS allowed a spam injection attack on my site. :(