Discussion on Sandglass - Responsive Countdown Template

Discussion on Sandglass - Responsive Countdown Template

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hi. nice theme. how can i make the menu visible all the time?

Thank you, Thomas! Unfortunately menu is just a pop up

Great looking theme! But… I don’t understand how to choose a color theme myself. I understand how I can delete the little options wheel, but how do I choose one color for the theme and make it stick?

Hi benrawls,

In order to use a color scheme simply include its stylesheet in the very bottom of <head> section in your html file, e.g:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/color-schemes/color-scheme-3.css”> Be sure that it’s placed right before the closing </head> tag.

Thank you!

have done that. not getting a new scheme for some reason. started with existing index file just deleted the options wheel stuff way down in the html (along with editing page text) all else works. just not seeing color change. is there something else in the head i should remove?

hmm, just tried it on an un-edited version from zip and it seems to work. wonder where i went wrong.

Cool) Unfortunately it’s hard to say what went wrong. But I’m glad that the template works. Feel free to contact!

I need youtube, git hub, slack icon for social icon

Thank you for purcase, ratonpramanik786!

Font Awesome Font is used for social icons. You can use any icons from here: http://fontawesome.io/cheatsheet/

can you give me this 4 icon shortcode i use fa-slack this but not supported

how to change countdown settings

Hi, ratonpramanik786!

Please read Documentation file: “At first, you need to set date and time when your site starts to work. Please open folder js and find file _config.js. In this file you need to change date parameters on line 5.”


can i install it on wordpress? kr

Hi, Hasan2017e! Unfortunately “Sandglass” is HTML template. It’s no possibility to install it on Wordpress

Hi, Hasan2017e! Unfortunately “Sandglass” is HTML template. It’s no possibility to install it on Wordpress


I would like to build that site on right-to-left language. Is it possible to do it here, with all the effect? and the menu will starts form the right?

Hi, agelocing! We will check whether it is possible and will reply to you as soon as possible.

Hi, agelocing! We’ll send you the css file for the rtl layout and will give an introduction how to add it to your template. File will be sent till the end of the week, approximately friday noon. Please send us your email address.


I’ve just purchased the “theme” (because from what I read its not a theme) and I don’t know how to put it on my wordpress. Just copy paste all the items from the folder over the old ones in wordpress?

Hello, cosminpachiu! Unfortunately, this is not a theme for wordpress. “Sandglass” – is HTML template. To install, follow the instructions in the documentation. If you have questions please contact us.

Hi Sko4, I need to modify the template quite similary in the way chexchu already did: I removed the sandglass to put instead of it a logo (on the left side) and a form (on the right side) quite similar to the contact form but with the ability to allow the user to upload a file. Can you help me in any way? My email address is sertal70 at yahoo dot

Hello, sergio_talente! Please wait. We’ll customize template for you.

This is great! Many thanks Sko4!

Hello Sko4, did you have the chance to work on my request?

Hello Sko4, I just bought Sandglass, a very nice template. but it miss the Instagram icon in the social panel, can you help me?

Thanks in advance

Best regards Sergio

Hello, sergio_talente! Please provide your email, we’ll help you.

Hi sergio_talente,

Instagram icon is available in the font we’re using in Sandglass. You can simply change the class name to “instagramm”. Like this:

<li><a href="#"><i class="icon-instagramm" /></a></li>

Thank you, I got it!

Hi, Thx for the template. It’s pretty amazing. Do you think possible to load sound of Youtube’s video background ? Thx a lot, Regards, Jeremy

Hi, Sobuzzee!

Yes, it’s possible.

For local video bg:

File /js/_front.js. Find a line #79 and change put ‘true’ instead of ‘false’;

For youtube video bg:

File /js/_front.js. Add the following line under line #71:

mute: true

Do not forget to add a comma in the end of line #71.

Hi Sko4, Thanks for your template is really cool,

Have a question: I have removed sandglass clock of the main page (using galaxy one) to put my logo and also because I would like to put the “subscribe” form at “home” up of the countdown. I have try a lot of options but when I take out ”<d iv id=”sandglass”></d iv> ” (put d iv in purpose if not doesnt show here) to replace for subscribe form everything disappears from content page…

I would appreciate help with it . Advanced thanks!

Hi, chexchu!

So as i’m understand, you want to display subscribe form and your logo instead of sandglass? Please send us your email and we’ll send you modified files.

Wow! thanks a lot!: jossedruiz@gmail.com

We are sent customized files to your email.

Hi, before I buy this here are a few questions,

Can i take off the countdown easily from the HTML? I’ve had issues with other templates where if I take off something such as a Google Map the whole site stops functioning.

2) can i change the social media icon? 3) the way video display on websites has been hard for me to figure out with many templates; is there a limit to how long the clip has to be? and is there a particular code to place the video to the template? Can the youtube clip be set to unlisted?

Hi, chinwe24.

1) Sure you can remove one div from html-structure and everything will works correctly. 2) Yes. We are using fontello and config.json is included. So can easily configure icons on http://fontello.com/ 3) We are provide two types of video backgrounds: youtube video and local video. For youtube video we are using tubular.js. In tubular init params you can set:

a) Video ratio (16:9 for example) b) mute/unmute c) repeat d) starting position in seconds

Well the countdown is based off the users timezone, so this is basically 100% useless

Hi, xDacon!

Sure you can configure timezone by yourself. For this you need to add parametr timezone: to countdown script init.


timezone: +10

Initialization of jQuery countdown you can find in _front.js

How would you go about changing how email come in front contact us page , email don’t show from the inquirer address who send you a message, sense my host is hostgator emails come in something like blabla@gator4100.hostgator.com with there name and email address in the body of the message which makes it harder to respond to there emails. You can’t reply kind of have to forward or do a new message.

Hi, PikkonMG!

Just copy and paste this code to contacts.php


That worked

is there any video tutorials of how to configure the .htaccess or how to edit the HTML- themes i am pretty new to this but can learn anything! =) i am up to the task of getting this going , i do need help with how to assign the theme to the index.html and as well as how to make that the priority domain that is redirected to or static page to go to. please help me get the theme up and running so i can enjoy this purchase and great theme!! :)


You can simply remove section <aside id="configurator">.

Lines from 64 to 124.


I have the youtube video config up, I wanted to know if there was a way where i can have the youtube video load from the laptop/computer and when loaded from mobile/tablet have kensburn slide show load since the youtube background doesnt play on mobile/tablet .

this would be of great help if you can enlighten me on how to go about doing this.


Sure you can. Just include both background placeholders (#youtube-bg and #background-slideshow) in your *.html file. And add something like this to your css-file: #background-slideshow { display: none; } @media (max-width: 768px) { #background-slideshow { display: block; } } @media (max-width: 769px) { #youtube-bg { display: block; } }

Don’t forget about required scripts.

HELLO , I just purchased the theme and the message i am getting from wordpress is that I am missing the stylesheet . I also uploaded from filezilla and still got the same message not sure how to get the theme working on my site.

Hello, tuvent!

Draw your attention that Sandglass is not a wordpress theme or a plugin. It’s a HTML-template. You can use it as countdown page with WP, but you need to configure .htaccess manually.

Hi there, the theme looks great! However, I can’t seem to edit the youtube video link. Where exactly can I find the tag that I should change/insert? Thank you!

Found it! the video ID can be edited in Tubular.js (should have known). However, editing the video does not make it work. What could cause the problem? As an example video I am using ID= FLzfXQSPBOg . Is there anything else I should change? I am opening the files locally and not from a server. Could that be the problem?

For anyone facing the same problem, this is what I found: “Please note, tubular must be deployed on a web server to function. The YouTube player will not work when loaded into your browser from your machine.” In other words, I have my answer :) Sorry about the spam.

Thank U, anthonyhovenburg!

hi I would like information

Hi! Refine a question, please.

Good luck with sales :)

Thank you, drupalet !


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