Sannn - Timeline Oriented Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Sannn - Timeline Oriented Personal Blog WordPress Theme


Sannn WordPress Theme

Meet Sannn, a super clean & handsome timeline oriented tumblog style WordPress theme ideal for bloggers, photographers, digital artists, musicians and … basically everyone with a story to tell.

Timeline oriented and grid-based — The minimalistic and grid-based layout is built around a trendy timeline. Posts are stacked neatly creating a playfull and awesome overall feel.

Post formats — A good bunch of post-formats are supported for you to use and abuse: standard, link, quote, status, images, gallery, audio & video.

The look-and-feel of a couple of these post formats can be edited through the theme options! This way you can easily add your own touch! Pretty neat right?

All-about-the-blog — Sann is all about gettin’ your blog on!

Sannn is a follow up to the popular Sann theme, which was the first of it’s kind: a timeline oriented tumblog style WordPress theme. The original Sann theme was released in 2013. Now it’s back: bigger, better and smoother.

If you’re on the lookout for a well designed, well coded and well structured theme for your content: look no further, Sannn is a great match for any type of content. Whether it’s text, photographs, digital art, audio or video: Sannn will make your content shine.

So what are you getting exactly when you purchase Sann? Here’s a couple of awesome features you get to go nuts with when you (read: reasons for you to) buy Sann:

Top Features

  • Clean & minimal look and feel
  • Neatly timeline oriented
  • Full-width featured content area
  • Super responsive for all your devices
  • Infinite scrolling (if that’s your thing)
  • Handpicked typography options
  • Enough color options to make the theme yours
  • Highly customizable with the Live Customizer
  • Translation ready
  • Much more… (obviously)

Need support?

Head over to our dedicated support site

Thanks for checking out Sann theme

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have—we are here to help :). And if you have already purchased the Sann theme and love using it as much as we did making it, please remember to star rate it.