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I like this theme, thinking to start using it at my web page, but what this theme needs to be perfect:

1. Why not the option to create 1 or more sliders at Hero Home? 2. Why is not possible to use a picture instead of a video at Home Hero? 3. More chanche to change color and fonts in the Teme Options 4. Easy way to change CSS in child theme. any tutorial or manual?


Loving this theme!

How easy is it for someone with limited knowledge of code to customize this to their needs? (changing background images, colors, tabs, subtracting unwanted sections, etc.)

Seems like a pretty straightforward theme, and we’re trying to figure out whether this is something we can put in the hours to learn and customize ourselves.

Thanks so much!

Thanks for your interest and the kind words!

Our theme options are pretty intuitive and you should be able to navigate which options you want to enable and which ones you do not. Each option is detailed in the User Guide you receive with your download.

Also, you should be able to quickly and easily make presentational changes to this theme in a child theme. Of course, if you run into any hiccups along the way, we offer free customer support at

Thanks again and let us know if you have any other questions.


Where do you add the Subtitles to the pages?

I’ve installed the Sans theme and working my way through page creation however, I can’t see it in the User Guide?

By Sub-titles from the demo site (About page) I mean:

We give you the tools so you can concentrate on what you are best at… being creative.


Thank you for the purchase. All customer support questions are exclusively answered at


I am considering purchasing this theme, however, I see no updates since May. Has it been abandoned? Thanks!

Thanks for your interest.

Theme updates are released on an as-needed basis to fix any bug related issues or remove any deprecated functions. This teem has not been abandoned.

I wish I would have updated to this template sooner. Amazing! Likely one of the best documented themes I’ve seen. Very pleased will be following your work in the future.

Wow. Thanks for the kind words!

5 Star Theme !

Stunning on tablets and mobile devices. Very little bloat – clean and page load times are fantastic. Like the other poster mentioned, “I should have purchased this long ago.”

Great theme!

Happy holidays!

Thanks for those kind words!

Don’t know why this have only few sales. Sad to see always those boring themes sale and awesome ones like this one doesn’t.

Good luck!

Thanks for those kind words.

Hello! Thank you for a great theme! What font did you use for the demo logo?

Great theme wp8, and the instructions are excellent as well.

One quick question: I’m using the Grayscale color scheme and would like to change the Home Page Hero button to another color than grey.

Can you point me in the right direction?

Thank you

All customer support questions are exclusively answered on our support website at

Hello -

I am thinking of purchasing your template. My website video is hosted on my host’s server and not on video sharing sites. That being the case, how easy is it to create a video slider and a video portfolio compatible with html 5? I am currently converting my video to ogg, webm, and mp4 and embedding using html5 code.

Thanks, S.

The level of ease would be relative to your working knowledge of PHP, jQuery, HTML and CSS.

With that said, you should be able to execute what you are looking for, in a child theme, using the FlexSlider plugin bundled with the theme.

Just dropped by to say this is a really great template. One of my favorites by a long shot.

If anyone is considering buying this template, DO IT. Lots of value here.

Btw, here’s my site if you’re interested in seeing the final product:

Thank you!

Looks great and thank you so much for the compliments. We really appreciate it.


Adding Vimeo videos using the Sans theme does not work as you have stated in Safari! Are you working on resolving this issue?

The Vimeo staff have stated that videos should be embedded using iframes as apposed to Flash

I cannot rely on my clients having the very latest version of Safari for them to view videos on the website.

Please reply with a resolution ASAP please?

Thank you

A couple of things…

We have chosen to use the oEmbed method because it is the most future proof method of embedding content, like videos from 3rd party services, that can be viewed and played on mobile devices as well as desktops.

The way oEmbed works is the URL is parsed through a WordPress function that sends a request to Vimeo who will then return a player type, HTML5 (current desktop & mobile browsers) or Flash (legacy browsers at least 2+ years old), based on the requesting browser’s capabilities. The Vimeo embed code works the same way.

If your clients are using a legacy version of Safari incapable of parsing HTML5, they will be served a Flash video.

Lastly, in the future, all support questions are exclusively answered at

HI is this theme still supported? Also do you have a live client example that also demos the responsive features? Oh and where’s the blog? :)

All of our themes are supported on our customer support website ate Click the Live Preview button for a “live client example.” You can demo the responsive features on any device of your choosing. When previewing the demo, click “Notebook” for the blog.


Can I add short codes to the Hero header section of the website?

No, the header section of the home page is customizable via the Theme Options though.


How do I setup the notebook/blog section like in the demo? I would like to have all categories.

All customer support questions, and User Guide clarifications, are exclusively answered at

Hello! Thank you for great theme!

We set up the homepage and saw that near the domain appears additive words:

Is it possible to remove this addition? That it does not show up in the address bar? Sorry my English :) Thank you!

All customer support questions are exclusively answered at

Hi there,

I have purchased this theme as I am in love with it. I just have one question. I noticed that on mobile versions of the theme, zooming is totally disabled which I actually like but my client wants the zoom to be enabled for mobile devices (iphone, android etc)

Can you direct me to where I would need to make this little tweak to allow zooming? I know more than likely it would be a meta html tweak or maybe a function? Please help me with this small problem ASAP. Thank you once again for making such a great theme!

Double tapping, for zooming, will not work as the viewport initial-scale is set to 1.0, which is 100% zoomed in. But, you are still able to pinch expand, if needed.

But, if you still want to make this change, there is a function that adds the viewport meta content to the head element in functions.php. You can override this function and set the viewport meta to whatever you desire, preferably in a child theme. Note that doing so will probably introduce issues with your site being responsive.

Lastly, for future reference, all customer support questions are exclusively answered at We only check these comments for pre-sale questions.



I know its been a while. Is there a way i can adjust or set the hero portfolio preview image for portolio items? I think its resize the preview image from the featured image, but it just doesn’t quite look right.


Hi there! Sorry for the delay, I was out of town at a wedding this weekend.

The Hero image is 1440px wide by however tall it needs to be, without being cropped. Whereas the portfolio images are cropped to 330px by 186px. The theme uses the same image and crops it as it needs to be to fit that area, I assume it’s cutting off something you don’t want cut off?

The only easy thing I can think of is to design your Hero image for the ratio of the 330px by 186px image, and nothing will get cropped. Other than that you’d have to do some heavier coding.

Also, I’ll have an update coming out soon. You can be notified by email of updates to the theme by checking the “Get notified by email if this item is updated” box next to the item on your ThemeForest Downloads page.

Please let me know: Is the theme accessibility ready by definition of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, level A? Thanks!

To the best of our knowledge and ability, yes it is. We do the best with all of our themes, but it’s possible we may miss a few things.