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Very very lovely theme. Good luck with sales!

Thanks Mate :)

Lovely work – shame you don’t include a standard dropdown menu and a blog style page for those developers who wish to utilise the unique design layout without using it as a shopfront…

Food for thought anyway – might generate a few extra sales to widen your audience.

Hey Sticker,

Thanks for suggestion. Appreciate it. Our user wants standard pages & options. We have used that. Our audience love this. We proud to have such beautiful theme.

Regrads, Koolthememaster

Thank you Mizukovideo :)

Good job! more sales for this ;)

Thank you louiejie .. :)

Good work! Are there any inner pages included in the demo? Product category page or product page?

Thanks!! Yes there are 5 pages included home, category list, product detail, checkout & contact us page. You can see on demo there is pages button on left side of screen: http://themeforest.net/item/santana-html-version/full_screen_preview/2324411

Regards Koolthememaster

how would you suggest manually adding a shopping cart to this? i want to avoid using magento, would you be interested in making a wordpress ecommerce solution for it using some kind of paypal check out plug in?

Interesting, but far from complete to represent the starting point of an actual site. A welcome page is definitely just not enough and I don’t understand how your ‘template’ made it through, maybe the reviewers at themeforest were tired that day or wanted to finish earlier. It is very, very far from the standard I am expecting from a themeforest template.

Great work mate!! very impressive design. Thanks for providing HTML version of the Santana Theme. It seems to very popular theme. Good Luck.

i love this theme! i hope 4 a responsive update :-)

We are not making responsive theme yet. But yes we are going to launch wordpress version of theme soon. I hope that will help :)

please check you’re mail box i’ve sent you an e-mail ,

amazing theme :)

why does the product ‘quickview’ feature not work?


I purchased this template earlier today. It is a very nice design. I am using it for a consignment store. However I quickly realized that I don’t see the contact.php file. Did I just miss seeing it? If I did can you let know where it is? I need the contact page and the e-mail/newsletter to work.

Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.


Please email us http://themeforest.net/user/koolthememaster so we can answer you in brief.


Does this template supports a three column layout? I am a web developer and i have created a nopCommerce from you template but could you give me some help in setting up a three column layout if possible. You can track my progress here http://pebegiftsandbooks.com. Any help would be appreciated. :nerdy:

Cool theme. Need for OpenCart – available? Thanks!

Sorry..no OpenCart. But you can buy this one & use for opencart integration. Otherwsie Magento version is available.

This is a beautiful website template. No doubt. However, it is incomplete. It includes a contact page and a newsletter signup but NOT the necessary files to make it active. For someone not as proficient in coding that has created an issue. Every other template listed on Themeforest (what I purchased so far) includes the necessary files. At the very least, I wished that it was mentioned somewhere that not all the necessary files are included with this template. That would have effected my decision somewhat. This is a 5 star in aesthetics but a 2 or 3 star otherwise.

This HTML version. I see quick look on new products (first product) try to use fancybox image modal but it direct link to image instead of modal popup.

Thank you for this beautiful design. I love this :)

WP version?? im still waiting…

Yes..Its on hold right now. We launch soon. Sorry for inconvenience ;)

Boy! I’ve asked for some help but it appears as if I’m being ignored :(

Hi nice work ,

How can I make the top level nav 160px, as I only have 6 departments and want the menu to utilise the full 960px with the text cantered in each li

Many thanks Alex

When is the Wordpress version coming out?