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i found my problem, so ignore this. Thanks

Great to hear :)

I have bought this theme but I need to put a shadow on the words on the homepage slider as the writing is not very clear on some of my photos. I m a novice so can you please give me step by step instruction on how to do this?


Sure, I can help you with it. Please send me an email using the contact form in my profile and I will get back to you.

hello , can you recommend me a social like plugin for the theme? I tried WP Socializer and it was buggy. Please let me know. thank you

Ok. So what type of social plugin you are looking for? Do you want to display the social links on the single post to share the post?

this feature i already have. i tried social likes just now, and still not working…the theme has the share feature already..i need social likes , like a floating widget…

I have already replied to your email. If you have more questions, you can simply reply to that email.

Hi , I really like this theme but I am new to Wordpress and this whole website making and I really need some help.

1. I would like my header like a full page but cant figure out how and how large ( how many pixels it should have). Also the menu below i want to be a part of the header (be IN the header) or at least right under and not to have a white line between the menu and the header. 2. when I was creating page and writing text I also didnt find how to change size of letters and fonts in that text 3.how can i change the color of the background?

Than you!!!!


Thank you for purchasing the theme. I’m glad that you have liked it. I will be happy to help you with your questions above, could you just send me an email using the contact form in my profile and I will get back to you shortly. Thanks again :)

Dominikarojtova at gmail dot com

Hi There,

I am having some trouble customising the homepage with widgets. I have copied the FairPixels Carousel widget and Fairpixels Featured Category widget into the homepage widgets area on the Wordpress widget tab, but it seems to make no difference to my website. None of these things seem to appear anywhere.

Don’t worry – I have managed to work it out.

Great that you managed it. :)

I’m having a problem creating the hero slider on the top, just below the menu. The only slider widget option I have is the sidebar slider, which doesn’t work on the main page.

I’m so confused! Please help!


Thank you very much for purchasing the theme. You will find the slider settings from the page options. Just edit the homepage and you will find the settings below the editor. Check the theme documentation for more information. if you need further help, let me know :)

The thing appealing about this theme is that it does exactly what it is supposed to do. I have bought several themes and I am just going over the process of choosing one for my blog. I have a question: is visual composer compatible with it and can I use it? What about other shortcodes plugins? Or even others?


Thank you very much for your interest in my theme. It is very easy to set up. It does not use the visual composer or any shortcodes. The homepage is widgetized, which means that you can drag the homepage sections in any order you want. If you have more questions, let me know :)

Good evening! i purchased the theme and it works fine but i have a problem when i want to insert a video in the article. i don’t understand what kind of link i have to insert in the “featured video” box….if i have a youtube link how can i insert it in the article with this method and showing it in the featured imagine? i hope i was clear! thanks a lot! luca

perfect! thanks a lot! :D

You are welcome. If you have liked the theme and the support, could you please rate it 5 stars? I would really appreciate that. You can login to your account on themeforest and rate from your downloads page. Thanks :)


Any reason why featured images aren’t showing up on single posts?

Yea, featured images are set for posts. I tried to create a test post, no luck. I tried changing the size of the file, no luck. I see the call for it in the content single.php, I see it in the demo, but inspecting element and viewing source code it’s not there. Slightly freaking out as we’re a pretty high trafficked site. I’m going to send you an email with the URL to look at. I also tried disabling all plugins and that did nothing for the featured image. The javascript issue is not a big deal, as I can move around it and remove the javascript (it’s triggered parent window iframe and reloads the site in responsive layout nestled)

I appreciate your help and support in fixing whatever’s going on. Featured images were working fine before the switch, so I have no idea what’s happening!

I have replied to your email already, if you need further help, you can just reply to that email.

Thank you for being fast and so helpful, giving you 5 stars.


Thanks for this great plugin! I’m still learning how to use it but haven’t encountered any issue so far and your documentation is very helpful.

Yet I do have an issue : on the Theme Options > Sidebars panel, I can’t create any Sidebar, nor name it or click the “create sidebar” button. It seems like this page is “frozen” so I can’t do anything.

Is there any way to fix it?


It could be because of your browser ad blocker extension. Please try to use other browser which does not have that extension installed and see, it should work. If it still does not, send me a message using the contact form in my profile and I will check further.

Indeed, it works fine on IE… Thanks a lot!


I’m unsure how to make subcategories drop down from the parent category listed on my site. Can you please help with this?



Hi Laura,

You will need to create a menu from your dashboard, there you can add any drop down items to the menu. Please check the theme documentation, there is information on how to set up the menu. Also check this url: http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Menu_User_Guide

If you still need further help regarding this, send me an email using the contact form in my profile.


Is there a way to turn off scrolling on the front page slider widget? Since it’s on top of the page, people scroll to move down the page but if their cursor is on top of the slider it just scrolls through the sliders.

Is there a way to fix it?


Open the file slider.php from the includes folder in the theme directory, there you will see following two lines around line #44:

keyboard: true,
mousewheel: true,

Change true to false and save the file. Hope it helps. If you will have further question, use the contact form in my profile. Thanks :)

For the Homepage Slider how do I change the title’s font from WHITE? It does not show up on my images sometimes.


Send me an email using the contact form in my profile so that I can get back to you with instructions.

Hi, I am looking to buy, but tell me is there any page builder from your side in the wordpress?


Thank you for your interest. There’s no page builder required to use the theme. You can easily set up homepage using the custom page options. You will find detailed information in the theme documentation file.

Why don’t you post the code for everyone? I need the same thing. Kevin

see below….

Loving the theme. It’s working very well.

I was hoping to figure out a way to have the picture on the homepage carousel dimmed so that the white text would be more visible – right now, I’m trying to avoid using lighter pictures so that the headline shows up.

Is there a short piece of code that I can add to the stylesheet? Where would it go?

Thanks for your help! Website is FairfaxTomorrow.org


Please send me an email using the contact form in my profile and I can send you the code. The reason why I didn’t paste here because of the formatting, the comments area does not support complicated code formatting, so it becomes messy and hard to read. :)

just took it yesterday, and very easy to use.

3 questions.

1 how to change the black color of the header and the footer? i tried to find a way in the theme options page. it does not work.

2 on your demo site, there are two navigation menus, one above the site logo, and the other below the logo. is there a way to control the above one? so i can make it visible when i need it.

3 i set up several feature categories on the homepage, but i cant control the length of the latest post in each section, it showed the full length, making the section very ugly. i also tried the “more” in the post, which did not work. not the right-left balance in your demo.



I’m glad that you have found it easy to use :)

I can help you with your questions, please send me an email using the contact form in my profile and I will get back to you :)

i have posted these questions in your support forum. ignore them here.

Hi there, i bought theme and i’ve a problem w/ category.php. As u can see here http://postimg.org/image/bixqu5bo3/ there is a blank space between last article on 1 line and first article on second line. Pls, can u help me? Francesco


Since you have altered the styles, its hard to guess. You should clear floats after every third post. You can for example add code in the posts loop and add a specific clearfix after every third post.


I just purchased this theme. I was trying to instal it on Wordpress and the installation failed. The message I got was: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.” Could you please give me an advice on how to instal it?

Thank you.

Ok, I installed it (had to download it again), but now my whole site crashed. It simply does not open, I cannot even get to the admin page.


There’s absolutely no problem with the installation. The error of missing the stylesheet is because of uploading the wrong file. You need to upload the fp_santiago.zip file. This should not crash your website. If you are still unable to access your backend, you can connect to your host using FTP, go to your themes directory and remove the folder you uploaded there.

Hi, I want to retrieve most viewed post base on your count, how can I do it? thanks

The views are stored in post meta using the key post_views_count. If you want to retrieve posts, you can use this meta key in the loop arguments.

Thank you, but I’m not a real programmer, could you give me some sample to retrieve 5 most viewed posts from my blog?


Ok. Send me an email using the contact form in my profile and I will try to help with that.


I would like to buy your santiago wordpress theme, but before buying it, I would like more informations about the differents options of your template. Could you please send me the documentation of the theme in order to see all the details of the different fonctions, widget , customisation ?



Thanks for your interest. However the the theme documentation is included only in the theme package. I cannot send it in advance. However if you have any pre-sale question, feel free to ask. I will be glad to answer :)

Thank you for your fast answer. In fact i would like to know the list of your custom widgets and shortcodes with their function and options. (short question but long answer) ! ;)


You can see most of the widgets in the sidebars in the demo. Theme does not include built in shortcodes, there are several plugins available for the shortcodes, you can use any of the plugin.