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Hi, I am interested in buying the Santiago Wordpress theme but just wanted to check a couple of things:

Is it possible to add a tagline below the header?

Can you change the font type of the headers?

Is it possible to have different colored backgrounds for the homepage and blog pages? Thanks!


Thank you very much for your interest. Yes, most of the things you said above can be done with a little changes in the theme. Once you have purchased the theme, let me know and I can help with that. If you have more questions meanwhile, feel free to ask :)

Great thank you! Just another question, is it possible to upload audio (mp3, m4a, wav, ogg) files onto the blog?


The theme does not have such option built in.


I have just bought the Santiago Word Press theme. How do I send it to my web developers so that they can put it on the server? Is it a case of just giving them my admin details and they log into my account and download the items on their end?


Sorry for a bit delayed answer. If you are asking someone to install it for you, you would need to provide them the theme copy and your wordpress login details. They can upload it from your wordpress dashboard. Hope it helps :)

Is there anyone actually operating support? I sent questions 3-4 days ago and obviously I’m trying to get a site built here.



I’m sorry for getting back to you a bit late. Have you sent the questions by the email? Are you having trouble to set up the homepage? Did you have a look at the theme documentation? It contains step by step instructions on how to set up the homepage. It also includes information on other topics. You can find the theme documentation in the main theme file which you can download from your downloads page on themeforest

If you still have more questions or need further help, please use the contact form in my profile and I will get back to you as soon as possible :)

How to fix width of the theme on all devices? Because I don’t like that the menu goes mobile..

Please send your message using the same account you used to purchase the theme and I will get back to you. Thanks.

How to fix width of the theme on all devices? Because I don’t like that the menu goes mobile..


Did you mean that you want to display the theme same on all devices? For that purpose you can remove the responsive layout by removing the media queries from it. Open style.css file and you will find the media queries at the bottom of the file. You can remove all of the media queries section. Save the file and see if thats what you want. Remember to back up your style.css file before making any changes in it, so that if you would need to restore it later you can do that easily. If you would have more questions, please send a message using the contact form in my profile. Thanks.

I tried uploading to Wordpress after purchasing and it wouldn’t upload because it was missing the css stylesheet. What can I do to fix this?


Great to hear that you were able to install it. The theme is mobile friendly, ie. it has the responsive layout. There’s nothing you need to do it. However if you want to make any changes in it, let me know what you want to change and I can try to help with that. If you would have more questions, please send a message using the contact form in my profile. Thanks.

Hi, I need help uploading the carousel. I emailed you on your profile

Replied above.

How to change fonts? I need Georgia and Arial, but they are not. How to upload them to the library?


You do not need to upload these fonts, you can simply change them in the style.css file and directly use there for any elements you want. The style.css file is located in the main theme folder.

I need help with the carousel. I read the them instructions, and emailed you. It is time sensitive that I have my web site up and running with its full potential ASAP. Please email me back with further instructions. On how to activate carousel.

I looked at the documentation before saying I had trouble with the carousel. I do not see what I have to do with the homepage

I’ve spent close to 4 hours trying to figure this out and its quite frustrating.


I still don’t get what problem you are facing. On the very first page of the documentation there is “Homepage”, which has clear instructions with the screenshots on how to create the homepage.

Anyway, if you still cannot figure it out, send me your username and password using the contact form in my profile and I will help you further with it.

Hello, I have recently purchased your theme. I have a problem which I also posted in your fairpixels support and didn’t get a solution for that.

The main slider in my home page is not working. I did categories, did featured images and yet, NOTHING. I didn’t installed any plugins. Didn’t change a thing!

Please kindly assist me ASAP

Thanks, Sharon

I’m still waiting for your support. Thanks

Hi Sharon,

I’m here for all the support, but please have just a little patient, sometimes it can take more than just a few hours to get back :)

I have already replied to your questions on support forums, by email and now here. Anyway, I have fixed your slider. It was because of your language direction. If you have further question, you can just reply by email. :)

thank you :)

Hello there, I recently bought and uploaded the Santiago theme, which I must say is fantastic. However, I would like to remove the post meta, i.e date, comment and view options from the homepage. I have seen questions and answers to similar requests and I have tried looking for the entry-meta class in the homepage section (page-home.php) and cannot find anything of the such. Can you kindly give me directions as to how to go about editing this, bearing in mind I am not a web designer or developer. So the exact file, followed by the exact line(s) to remove would be must appreciated.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you Anthony

Hello, can I please get a reply on the above issue. I need to get this sorted as soon as. Thank you.

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for purchasing the theme. I’m here for all help, but please allow a little time to respond.

You had sent the same email, so I have replied back to your email with the detailed instructions. If you would have more questions, just reply by email. Hope it helps. :)

Thank you ever so much

Hiya, I love the look of this theme but just have a few questions to ask before purchasing. Sorry if they’re stupid or a bit obvious, but need to make double sure as I’m a wordpress newbie!

1.Are all of the fonts customisable? 2. Is it possible not to display the number of ‘views’ on a post 3. Can static pages be displayed as thumbnails on the homepage? (alongside blog posts) 4. Is it possible to integrate instagram, pinterest etc widgets into the homepage and not just the sidebar? 5. Is it compatible with the latest wordpress, and are theme updates free? 6. This one’s a bit random, but is it possible to get rid of the slashes in between the words on the navigation bar?



Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Yes, you can change any font you want. Best would be to directly change in the style.css file. 2. Yes, it is possible to remove number of views with a small change in the files. I can send you detailed instructions on how to remove. 3. By default it displays posts but it is possible to display the pages with some changes. 4. It depends on the widget. The built-in widgets are meant to be displayed in sidebar. It is possible to display on the homepage but you would most probably need to add styles for it. 5. Yes, it is. 6. Yes, you can get rid of the slashes.

Hope it answers all of your questions. :)

Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it :) There was one I forgot to ask which seems like it’d be easy to do but always best to double check.

Is it possible to center the header and text in the navigation bar?

No problem, and yes, it is possible.

Can we insert a headline news ticker on the top of home page via widget somewhere?

Do you have something like that already? or should we use a news ticker plugin?


Do you have a widget area for the top half of the home page?

Pre-sale Questions: 1. Do you have a widget area for the top parts of your homepage? 2. Can the Blog page be the homepage? 3. Can it be a 1 column blog page? 4. Can we control how many words to show in the post descriptions? 5. Can we insert/play self-hosted video from the library? Will it work?

Thank you!


Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Yes, homepage has widget area. 2. Yes. 3. No, it is 2 columns in content and it has sidebar. 4. Yes, you can control. 5. The videos are added to the post using the embedding code.

Hope it helps.

Hi, I have bought the Santiago theme and have activated the homepage using the theme documentation. But I’m now having difficulty in removing the heading of the homepage e.g. it still says ‘Santiago: Wordpress Magazine’.

How do I get rid of this so that it’s replaced with the name of my company?

How do I also get rid of the ad banner at the top of the homepage?

Would I need to set up a child theme to do this? And if so, would I need to de-activate the Santiago theme to then activate the child theme? (Would I subsequently be able to re-activate the Santiago theme if needs be?)


I have already replied to your email. If you would have further questions, you can just reply to the email. :)

Thank you so much for your help so far . I have a couple more questions (my URL is spanishmarks.com if that helps):

1) I don’t like having an advertisement in the right hand banner area. But if I remove this there is a lot of white space. Is there anyway I can upload an image (not advert) into this area instead? I’ve seen in the dashboard, in the header section ‘Header code’ but I don’t know what this is.

Also how would I reduce the space between my logo and the top of the page? The style.css sheet says do not edit this file

2) In the Santiago preview, for the ‘Most Recent’ section in the homepage, you have the latest post as being large and with a grey background and the other posts as smaller on the side. How can I format it to get it like that because at the moment my posts are all appearing as the same size as I upload them.

3) How do I display the social media icons in the black border right at the top of the page, like the Santiago preview has?

4) I have installed the RSS widget, the following page error appears: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. How do I fix this?

Help with the above would be much appreciated


I have replied to your email. If you would have more questions, you can simply reply there. Thanks :)

Hello, I found language files in: public_html/wp-content/themes/fp_santiago/languages and I’ve got problems with those. I don’t really know how does it work. I think I should edit default.po file.

For example:

#: ../includes/slider.php:88 msgid "Read More" msgstr "my translate"

I think it should works this way but it doesn’t. What did I do wrong?

Thank you.

Well, it should work. Are other translation strings working fine?

Hi, I bought this theme and I’m very happy with it. It works perfect, it’s beautiful and easy to install (and I’m a real dummy when it comes to installing themes!!). I have one question: how can I hide the numbers of views? And if I do so, will they be counting from zero again once I decide to make them appear again? Problem is that now I have more comments on some posts but it indicates that I had little views, it looks a bit strange. I was trying to post this question on the support page, but where do I find my purchase code?


Could you send me an email using the contact form in my profile so that I can send you instructions on how to remove the views count from the posts. :)

Hello Mr :)

i need some help from you.. How to change the mobile menu text from ”MENU” to something else?

please give me a solution


Could you send me an email using the contact form in my profile and I will get back to you :)

Hi there! Where do I find the nice facebook, twitter and rss widget that is on your main page on your demo? you don’t have shortcodes and I can’t seem to find them on the widgets either. Many thanks in advance!

never mind. Found it!

First of all, i was thinking that when i buy this theme it will be as same as it looks like. But it is not.

So, that is really big problem. I want this theme like it looks at demo. How can i do that?

I wanna say that i am really so regretful to buy it.


First thank you very much for purchasing the theme. It is very easy to set it up and make it look exactly like the demo. All you need to do is to set up the homepage.

Have you checked the theme documentation file? There is detailed information on how to set it up. It also includes the screenshots in it.

If you will still have any problem, please send me an email using the contact form in my profile and I will be glad to help you with it :)

Hi! Where is the code to add a contact form on a page? I am not seeing it in anywhere even though I provided the email address in the General Setting section.


If you want to set up a contact page, create a new page and select Contact page as page template (you can see the page templates below the publishing button. Also remember that you would need to enter the reCAPTCHA API keys in theme options in order to protect from spam.

I bought this theme and have implemented it. I don’t like that when the browser is not maximized, the side bar drops down the bottom. Is there anyway I can make the width fixed, not fluid? I prefer a fixed width rather than the responsive fluid design for all devices. Please help me. Thank you!


If you want to remove the responsive layout, then you can open style.css file and remove all the media queries code section from it. It starts around line #2394. Remove all code starting from there. However keep in mind that it might require slight other changes, if you would need any help with that, let me know and I would get back to you. You can send me a direct email using the contact form in my profile.