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hi dear, how to add portfolio category to Santone wordpress theme menu? in the menu there is no any category about portfolio…..thx

Hi – I wrote a comment here last week explaining that I am having trouble posting to your support forum. It keeps telling me to add my purchase code which I already have. I am having the following issues:

1. I am using home version 3 – and cropped my images to the size shown when I did the demo import – however, all my images are showing distorted. How can I fix this? or can you please give me the correct measurements for the images?

2. Is it also possible to have the slideshow thumbnail bar hidden by default?

3. And, I would like to set up the widgets on the contact page the same as you have in the demo (for the address etc. with the phone and mail icons) – how can I do this?

Test site can be found here:

Thanks in advance

Any chance of a response???

I’ve registered in the support forum, I see “Your email is pending verification. Please activate your account.” yet I never receive any e-mails. It is useless I can’t login!

hi , i bought the website but what i got only html pages , there is not wordpress template so i can edited easily

helloo, any showcase of sites which use your theme?:-D<3


UXDguru Purchased

Hi, I realize you don’t support this theme anymore, but I recently tried to add a portfolio item like i’ve done many times before with no problem, and it won’t display the thumbnail of the featured image on the home splash anymore. On the portfolio detail, it displays the image fine, but the splash page just shows a blank white image with a pixel in the top left corner. It seems to be doing this only for newly uploaded images, as when I used an existing image as the feature image, it displayed fine. What could be causing this issue with new images? Thank you in advance!