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I don’t seem to have a side menu with product categories. How can I make that show?

What do you mean by side menu, offcanvas menu (burger menu from header?) this is an instance of megamenu, you can view the configuration from my demo store here user demo password demo


I’m having a slight issue.

Before  ’s are found on the website, the following character is also coming up: Â.

Not exactly why it’s occurring, however I’ve been doing a bit of Google’ing and it looks to be something related to the page encoding.

Here’s my website:

Any solution to getting this fixed would be appreciated. Thanks!

Also, the search bar alignment is broken. Refer:

Is there a quick CSS fix I can quickly plug into the custom css tab?


I don’t see any strange characters on the page on chrome and firefox is this fixed or I need to use a certain browser?

Thanks for the search bug report, to fix it you need to add

@media (min-width: 992px)
 .navbar-search .search-query, .navbar-search.expand .search-query {
    top: 0px;

This fix will also be available in the next update, changed file css/style.css

Hi, I reinstalled the theme and now when i wanted to import again the data i get the following message: PHP – 5.3.3 Opencart 2101 This purchase key was already used for (the domain). What can i do in this case? thanks

Hi Nicole, I made a compare between the files that were before you fixed and the files that and i could see a lot of differences. My concern is what happends when i will update php version on the server, as i was planning next week to change from php 5.3 to 5.5. Would you be able to provide me with that piece of code that you changed? Thanks.


All the changes will be available in the next update, you will only need to redownload the the theme.

Hi. Thanks again for your fast help, I am very pleased with your quick and good answers. Keep up the good work !


how it’s possible to show all categories expanded on homepage left side? In your demo I see all expanded, but on my shop all children items are hidden. On inner category page works fine. Category items are marked as “show in top”. Is it possible to get admin login details to your sapphire demo shop to see mmodules configuration? (with demo login details there’s no permission to access modules). Thanks for your help!


On homepage I use category module as in category page, I’m not sure why one homepage would show categories hidden, make sure that template/module/category.tpl was uploaded to your server so that it doesn’t fall back to default opencart template.

You can view demo admin here user demo password demo

Hello, thanks for your answer. category.tpl is uploaded, everything as in example, but it shows collapsed on homepage. Another bug I noticed – price slider filter doesn’t work properly and if I hide, it shows error: Notice: Undefined index: price_max_limit in **/catalog/controller/module/nicofilter.php on line 95 Notice: Undefined index: price_min_limit in **/catalog/controller/module/nicofilter.php on line 96 How to fix it?


I found out the reason that subcategories are not shown on homepage, on my demo I had a patched applied to category module, I included this patch in the next update you can find it in ocmods/category_module_show_all.xml you can install it from admin > extensions > extension installer

The price slider does not add tax prices, is this the bug or another? I fixed the price_max_limit notice message in the next update changed file catalog/controller/module/nicofilter.php

The update should be available in a few hours, you can check last update section on theme page to see when it’s approved and then you can redownload the theme.

Hello Any idea why the following is happening? It;s not ok to have empty space between the products.Any idea how to solve this? Thank you in advance

Thanks for the url, found the issue, to fix it please edit css/style.css line 1135 and change max-height to height in .product .name


.product .name {
    max-height: 20px;


.product .name {
    height: 20px;

I will also include this fix in the next update, you can safely update the theme in the future.

Thank you , now it looks ok

Permission Denied entry to the site but I’m doing the demo! I get an error


Where do you get permission denied? when trying to edit modules? make sure that your user group has access/modify permission for all modules, you can edit group permission from admin > system > users > user group

You can also use import sample data to automatically configure theme modules!/sample

Sapphire Categories module does not appear in the modules I received my purchase

I sent the login password

Thanks for access, I fixed it, a patch for category module wasn’t included.

thank you :)

am getting and error,

Notice: Undefined property: Loader::$language in /home/appline1/public_html/eugene/catalog/view/theme/sapphire/template/module/slideshow.tpl on line 14 Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home/appline1/public_html/eugene/catalog/view/theme/sapphire/template/module/slideshow.tpl on line 14

can you please clarify why this happend.?

Please ask support questions from the account from which you made the purchase.

Does the theme support with opencart latest version 2.2.0?

I followed you tutorials step by step, but it’s failed to apply this them with opencart V2.2.0, please help.


Theme supports oc 2.2.x, for this version after uploading theme files you also need to edit opencart admin > extensions > themes > Default Store Theme and set Theme Directory to Sapphire

Also make sure that you have the latest theme update, you can get the latest update by redownloading the theme from downloads section on themeforest.

Hi Nicole,

i want to change some style for category page, but there are lots of css defined in a file called grid-framework.less. see the picture, where i can edit this file??



Theme does not use less, grid-framework.less is not part of the theme, I’m not sure from where it comes probably from a module.

i bought this theme about theme about two weeks ago, an it worked fine but i forgot to check the cart the checkout process before i stared uploading and setting up my store. After a week of setup, i just decided to test the checkout page and i discovered there a lot of errors on the check cart and checkout page. I have some some minor errors on the theme myself which i guess is normal when you buy theme but these errors on the checkout are so much, i guesss it requires a refund. You can check it out yourself o – PLease do something cos i have clients on my ass.

Thankk you

Thanks for access, I fixed the cart and checkout bugs, the fixes will also be available in the next update.

thank you for the fix, i made an order and it works perfectly but there are some error codes on the top of the order success page after checkout. Can you please check that too. thank you

Thanks for the bug report, I fixed it.


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I am using OCMOD Nico – Category module show all categories, but categories are still not shown :(


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“All other widget types no longer create an ID. If you’re using a plugin that requires a Twitter widget ID, then the author should update it to support our new formats.”

I found this in a twitter forum for twitter staff. Not sure how to fix this problem?


zzzvic Purchased

I’m not sure why your twitter module is working but i have fixed the problem here:

< a class=”twitter-timeline” data-dnt=”true” data-chrome=”nofooter noborders noscrollbar noheader transparent” href=”” data-widget-id=”<?php echo $twitter_profile_id;?>” data-tweet-limit=”<?php echo $twitter_count;?>” data-src=”false” data-auto-expand=”false” data-src-2x=”false”

on line 106… changed to:

< a class=”twitter-timeline” data-dnt=”true” data-chrome=”nofooter noborders noscrollbar noheader transparent” href=”{TWITTERURLHERE}” data-tweet-limit=”<?php echo $twitter_count;?>” data-src=”false” data-auto-expand=”false” data-src-2x=”false”

It would be better to actually get page name dynamically, but i’ve just hardcoded it for now following instructions as per twitter developer docs.


zzzvic Purchased

I need your assistance with bugs. Please provide temporary access link once again. I am happy to review rating once we have ironed the bugs out and you can provide in your next update.


I used the Sample Data Import tool. And I found that the “Customize theme” button shown up even though I didn’t have opencart admin login. Is it possible to disable this button?

Thank you for your help.

And this error message appears every time when I tried to open the website:

“Fatal error: Cannot use object of type Session as array in /home3/mywebsite/public_html/store/catalog/view/theme/sapphire/template/common/footer.tpl on line 46”

Thank you again for your help.


What opencart version are you using? The button is visible only for admin users, the page might have been cached when viewed with admin user, you can try clearing cache or uninstall speed cache from admin > extensions > modules > speed cache

For the error please update

/catalog/view/theme/sapphire/template/common/footer.tpl with