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Are you upload the actualization of visual composer 4.12.1 ?

Version 2.0.0 of the theme is out and it brings proper WP 4.6 support along with an update to the newest version of Visual Composer. Updating is not optional if you want to use it along with WordPress 4.6!

Please take a look at the changelog for instruction on how to update and what to look out for. You can find the changelog on the item description page.

We respond to all support requests from verified customers even if they don’t have support / have support period expired so make sure to send us and question through the item support page.

Which is the Row id for the update?

In older version i added a row id input as part of the customization. The new version has a ID input in row settings by default.

We have tried inserting google map using the iframe code but on the front end, it doesn’t show… the frontend editor shows it though… please guide…

Please request support through the item support page. Google maps started requesting a api key since recently. older websites that used google maps before the update do not need to add it. If you send the link to your website and WP login info we can get to the bottom of this asap.


TonnyP Purchased

Can it be true that you Theme does not support SSL (https://...) We have tried and used the latest version and we get 2 errors: Google fonts and Google maps references inside your design? I cant se where in your code I have to change it from http to https ? plz help me ASAP?

Cheers Tonny

It is a simple fix. Please send me a message through item support and i will send you the changes you need to make.

The process item icons are not showing, just rectangles

I need to see the website to take a closer look.

There’s no place to add LinkedIn link on the Meet the team part of the About page?

I know. The component should be extended if you need different social media links.

The file you have to edit is: sapphire-wp\framework\composer\components\vc_ewf_team_member.php

it should be simple to do with a little php and html knowhow, just follow the structure for the other links

Video from a single Vimeo link only plays on the Revolution Slider but not on any other pages?

What version are you using of the theme? Version 2.1.0 fixes a problem with videos not showing…

have issue with refresh page that duplicate every time i refresh the page

i removed all the pages and still same issue

Please contact me through item support and send WP login info so I may take a look at it for you!

Hi there i have a new client that has an older verison of the theme. we added an ssl cert and it wont function correctly. will Rebuying the theme fix this issue? could do with knowing asap so i can get this resolved,

Hi there i have a new client that has an older verison of the theme. we added an ssl cert and it wont function correctly. will Rebuying the theme fix this issue? could do with knowing asap so i can get this resolved, i will need the fix asap as the site has been broken all week due to the ssl issue

The theme has gotten updates over the period of time it has been available. i cannot guarantee that the new version will fix you issue though we have made changes to the google fonts and maps as some people were reporting problems with ssl. What problems are you expiring exactly.

I’m trying to get featured image working as page header.

First I tried to use the default page header image upload functionality – but unfortunately it doesn’t work at all. I can select pic, click on “select” but it neither appears in the small preview frame nor as header on the page.

Any Ideas?

What version of the theme are you working with. Make sure you have the latest 2.1.0 installed and if you still have issues get back with a support request through the item support page.

Hi I would like to buy your theme. But i have few question about the whole process of adding the theme to my web. Im working on wordpress which is suitable for this theme. My question is if i have to build the web from the scratch or if i can use (By using install content) your whole layout and only change colors pictures and information (but the whole structe will be the same and ll looks like the live preview) i dont want to build the web from the scratch so its importat for me to make the whole proccess easy and smooth. Also i want to ask if i can add testimonials and logos the brads im working with?

The theme comes with XML demo content. You can import that, make some configurations ( the included documentation covers them) and in 5 minutes have a website that looks identical to the demo website. then you can just edit the pages and replace dummy content with your real content.