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hmm…cant paste the code, but here is the page.

Do you have any screenshot for me?

Hello. Have you updated the Twitter API to new version yet? My Tweets stopped working, I need an update ASAP please, Twitter feature was one of the reasons I purchased this item. Please let me know.

On Themeforest now. Please Re-Download.

Thanks for the update! Can you tell what file(s) / lines have been changed?

Hi yamon, i will prepare new documentation design and contents. I’ll update at soon. Firstly, go to and sign in with your twitter account. If you login to system, go to right top and hover to your avatar. You will see to submenu now. Click to “My Applications” link. After click to ” Create New Application ” . Fill into the all blank areas. Submit this form. Your App will create. Ok, lets go the ” ajax “directory on main directory of your downloaded template files. Open the ” getFromTwitter.php ” file and go to $consumerKey and $consumerSecret. edit and change this codes with your app codes. Click your app details for your consumerKey and consumerSecret codes. After the this line changing; click ” Create My Access Token ” on bottom of the your app details page. Please wait few second after the clicked. Refresh the page and get your ” Access token ” and ” Access token secret ”. Paste and change this codes with same style to after the $consumerSecret… Your Api Ready Now…

Secondly, go to the sapphire_ui.js file into the js directory and edit line 320 -> user_name: “CRTVMax”, ...

Your settings will ready.. Good Luck…


can’t get the contact form working. Can you mail some information to yannicneubauer [at] Thanks! :)

Perfect. Thanks for your fast reply!!

Unfortunately I didn’t receive any mail so far. ;-)

I sent you now.

Captcha code and latest tweet are missing in your updated demo!? And you are missing some sales. Please update if you care.

Thanks yamon. I’ve been busy for a long time due to health reasons. I’m going to do corrections.

Ni issue here with me. Just wanted to make sure you are aware of this. Get well soon, wish you the best.

Hello! Pls help me to remove captcha from form. Thank’s!

Please send an email for this issue ;)

any plans to have a wp version someday ?