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Nice and unique. Good Luck ;)

Thanks navigator :) I’m happy.

Awesome work,. GLWS :)

Thanks JOGJAfile :)

Nice Work ! Good Luck :)

Thanks for positive comment :)

Great work , keep it up !

Thanks Atlaspix :)

I’m ready to buy – awesome template, good job! Can you add some kind of captcha to the contact form? Letters and/or numbers would be perfect, please no recaptcha. Thanks.

Thanks yamon :) I will prepare at 2 or 3 days.

Cool, thanks. I’ll buy it as soon as you add a captcha feature to the contact form.

Yeah! 4 numbers or letters captcha and I’m buying too ;)

I will update tonight. :) Thanks for reminding. (TZ:GMT+2)

Purchased! Thanks for hear our request! Maximum respect for guys like you! Cheers & GLS!

this is a perfect script that it’s very easy to modify, well documented and well designed.. Thank you for this great product…

Thanks msudan. I’m very happy :):) Please keep follow, i will update at 2 or 3 days.

what will this update include?

Contact form human verification and new colors.

Great landing page! Best of luck on sales!

Thanks for purchase and positive comment :)

The mail.php is non-responsive for me. I changed the email to mine and the form just doesn’t connect. It never goes through or indicates that there is an error or that it was successful. No information regarding this is included in the guide. I would love to know if this is an issue with the template or if I am making a simple error.

Great looking template by the way. You’ve done an awesome job.

Thank you. That fixed that form being unresponsive. However, the email still isn’t sending. Do I need to change anything else in the mail.php file other than the email on line 12?

Please send email to me with error sources. Thanks.

There are no errors. It seems to just not be communicating with the PHP. I am on Godaddy hosting and PHP has never been a problem, so that is not the issue.

Hi, very good product!!!!!

when i hit the submit button in contact form do nothing!! i have set the mail.php, is there anything i do wrong?


Hi serseralal, firstly thanks for purchasing. Contact form works with Ajax. But, what your error logs? Also, Do you have a problem with Captcha field?

Hi, when i hit Submit button it do nothing and the captcha is changing (i enter the right captcha) also the template has javascript issues in touch/mobile mode!!! if you want i can write you my url to check it by yourself.

Please send your url with e-mail to me. Thanks.

Very good product! Awesome work. <3

Thanks my LOVE ! Also thank you for being always there for me during my work. <3 :)

I’ll be with you always and always will love you! :)

New update sent. (Update Contents: Mail.php and create_image.php errors fixing)

Dude, did you checked the auto-resize for tablet and smartphones inside the slider?
Images are too small, I though I was missing something when installed on my server but is not. Even resizing the browser in Safari, iMac on preview here

Can you send me a screenshot by e-mail?

I realise that resizing Safari make the pictures show too small, and in my iPhone 4S, looks no responsive, like full screen. Browsing in my Mac using Google Chrome, everything looks just perfect! PM me so I get your e-mail to send back some shots ;)

How easy is this to install and change for a newbie thanks and does it have easy installation instructions

Use is very simple. Just upload your files to the server you want to be. There are full details about editing the document. Thank you.

How to change the Twitter ID?

Thanks for purchasing rush0143. Please edit line 220 on js/sapphire_ui.js .

Thanks :)...I should say this is a very simple and excellent looking design….

Thanks dude :)


Nice design. but when will you release the wordpress template?

May i know how soon is your “very soon”? :)

Maybe end of this month, maybe April :)

Ok, i’ll be waiting :)

so i emailed you last week and no response so i will ask here. when i create a link to another spot on the page it does not scroll is there some code i have to include to keep this feature alive to achieve this. ie: if i create a text link say to href to #contact it jumps immediately instead of scrolling. tnx

Please send me e-mail with your problem details. ;)

I love this template , ease of use and the support is good, Great Job

Hello, parabés the subject, bought and liked it a lot!

Just wanted to know why the form is not working, just modified my email and did some test and not get my email.

Please help me.

The mail.php file looks like this:

<? if($_POST['contact']) { $headers = "MIME-Version: 1.0"."\r\n". "Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8"."\r\n". "From:".$_POST['name']." <".$_POST['email']."> \r\n". // Your Address "Reply-To: ".$_POST['name']." \n". "X-Mailer:PHP/".phpversion(); $send = mail("", $_POST['subject'], $_POST['message'], $headers); if($send) { echo 'Complete'; } else { echo 'Error'; } } else { echo 'Error'; } ?>

You can e-mail me the detailed? I want to help.

Great temp dude… question, someone already asked about changing the Twitter account and you said to edit line 220 on js/sapphire_ui.js , it’s actually line 320, anyways, I edit that line and added my Twitter account name but, still does not fetch the tweets.

Any idea why?


Hi, twitter update area is working properly. But your tweets may be hidden. Did you check it? In addition, if you assign me to check the details and a link to an e-mail. Thanks for purchasing. I will help you ;)

Really something is wrong with your mail.php or so. I have the same problem. Changed only the Email, tried different Emails. Email Form works, Captcha is entered, Form says everything went fine and Mail was sendet, but I never get an Email ?????? No Error Log or anything. I think your mail.php doesn’t work with some of the Servers. Do we need anything specially for that.

Please, send me an e-mail with this problem details. That way I’ll help you. Thank you for your purchase.