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Hi there, When I try to install the theme by uploading the .zip, it says

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Am I missing something? Thanks

Install a theme is very simple. I need to see that you are using codes. Please contact through e-mail you with?

Hi – I’m aware of how to install the theme. This error is throne when I go to WordPress > Appearance > Themes > Install > Upload. Please let me know how I can get rid of the error (or I’ll have to switch themes). Thank you.

:/ This is not wordpress template. You did not pay attention to it? Only html template contents included on this template. Wordpress template will be released soon.

Where to change the speed of the top slider, sapphire-slider I think.

Tried it in the .js where this stands

$.Slider.defaults         = {
    current        : 0,     // index of current slide
    bgincrement    : 50,    // increment the bg position (parallax effect) when sliding
    autoplay    : false,// slideshow on / off
    interval    : 4000  // time between transitions

but this changes nothing, not the speed, not anything.

EDIT::: solved

:) If you need any help, I can help. Good luck.

What is the best email address to contact you on? My first one received no resolution and the mail.php continues to not work even when the website says a message has been sent. I really need this issue fixed. Thanks.

E-mail answered.


I have a problem with mail too.

When I try send message from site I have no errors and I got message:

Your message has sent! We will be in touch soon.

But in my mail there are no messages.

Where is problem?

Here is a server log Mon Apr 01 13:41:14 2013 [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Notice: Undefined index: contact in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 3


Problem has fixed via mail.

Very exellent support! Grate template ) Thanks!

Thanks, not at all! Good lucks :):)

Editing the variables below in the jquery.sapphire_slider.js file have no effect on the animation:

$.Slider.defaults         = {
        current        : 0,     // index of current slide
        bgincrement    : 50,    // increment the bg position (parallax effect) when sliding
        autoplay    : false,// slideshow on / off
        interval    : 4000  // time between transitions

Looks like you have to seek out the variables in the code and hard code the changes.

For example, to change the interval to 10 seconds, find this line:
... and change it to:

Please fix this as I’m sure it will confuse a lot of people. Not to mention, 4 seconds is super fast and annoying.

Hi, firstly thanks for purchasing. Open sapphire_ui.js and edit line ‘113’. Your problem will be fixed. If you like the theme, please do rate. Thank you.

Wow! Thanks for responding so quickly! And thanks for this tip … editing the setting in the sapphire_ui.js file worked for me. You might want to put a note in the jquery.sapphire_slider.js file that those settings can be edited from sapphire_ui.js. Thanks again for the quick and helpful reply.


I can’t get the contact form to work. Edited the mail.php and added my gmail address. The website says the message was sent succesfully but I didn’t receive an email.

Contact with me via email ;)

Well, I expected more. There are almost no relative values. Most positions (even text positions) are static/absolute. The documentation is lightweight, but the css files are heavy.

You should test it before release it! There are lot of things to improve. For me it was wasting my money. At least the mail form should be working :(.

I will consider your offer. But yesterday I conducted an update. There had fixed this error. Thank you. If you liked it the theme, please rate :) Also, Thanks for purchase and review.

As I told you, I already used your latest update! It was released this morning and was still not working.

Allright, I’ll check again. Thank u.

I had a problem with the php emails too. CRVTMax responded very quickly and sorted out the issue on my server for me. Very impressed with this template and the fantastic support from CRVTMax, thanks mate.

Thanks appninja :) whenever you need.

Does this theme have the ability to just have rotating top slider banners non-animated? I would prefer just static images.

Yes, of course you can. I changed animations for you ->

Have a problem with the main slider in Opera (Safari, Chrome works fine). It stuck on the second slide and stop working, arrows and circles can’t help to scroll. How to fix it for Opera? Thank you.

During the day to check and let you know. Thank you. ;)

We are trying to solve this problem. We maybe prepare an alternative slider.

FOr some reason the link doesnt change when clicked.

for example, when clicked to contact, the link does not become #contact.

How can I fix it? thanks!

I’ve also tried safari on pc and see no problem. Have you tried a different browser?

yes I tries in all browsers and the problem still exists. check this link and see how link on the address bar changes each time the menu links clicked. Can you please fix that.

Do you have any change in the address bar when you click the link. Yes, I will prepare it. Such a feature is not available at the moment, but the problem will be fixed with an update in a few days. Thanks for review and improvement ask ghaydarov.

Hi, Do you already have an estimate on when the wordpress template will be released. Would love to buy it!

Within 2-3 weeks. Maybe sooner than later.

Hi my client bought this template from you, but the mail.php is not working. As far as I can see there is a $_POST[‘contact’] that never gets send via JS. You have the solution for this ?

Yeah, i will help you. Please contact me with e-mail.


I created an additional page in a sub folder an would like the logo to link back to the home page…But can’t figure out why it is not working?? Any advice?


Hi aangulo, please remove line 156 on sapphire_ui.js in js folder.


$(’#logo a’).click( function() { $.scrollTo(‘0px’, 800 ); return false; // Remove This Line });

Hello, I am testing on IE 8 and the navbar is not working correctly?

Please let me know what needs to be edited?

I can send a screen shot if needed…Thanks.

Update on above…only happens when it is ‘https’.

FYI, found the culprit…

changed this:

<!- HTML5 shim, for IE6-8 support of HTML5 elements -> <!—[if lt IE 9]> <script src=””></script> <![endif]—>

to this:

<!- HTML5 shim, for IE6-8 support of HTML5 elements -> <!—[if lt IE 9]> <script src=”//”></script> <![endif]—>

Thanks aangulo, i will fix this problem at update.

Hey, thanks again for the help…

Need some more…thanks.

I am trying to add some functionality to the nav bar and need to add an id to it. But when I do the nav item turns all white…Any help? Thanks,

here is the code:
<nav class="span6">
  • Home
  • Features
  • About
  • Download
  • Buy Now
  • <!-
  • Price List
  • -
    > <!—
  • Gallery
  • Sponsors
  • —>
  • Support
  • Contact
<nav class="span6">