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Pommy here again, you did not get back to me regarding the issue with IE 6 !

Hello, please contact me true my profile page!!


pommy back again, where is the profile page?



All the icons folder in every theme are empty… they have another empty folder called 32… therefore all these icons are missing…

Can you please check the download and see if you include them?

Best, -T

Empty? ow i think i included the link to the icons in the documentation. I will update this and change it. This will take a couple of days because i am moving to an new home and this pc doesn’t have the right files on it.


Want to know when a file gets updated by email?

Hi, Can you please tell me : Your VCard is no longer for sell ? I get all the time 404 Error. regards

Hi, i have buyed this, but i don’t have icons…..the folder is empty.

This is an old theme, so theres a link in the documents where you can download the icons.


read documentation but one detail still missing

I added in big sllider 4th image cool i appears but I was unable to add number 4 control button the little blue dot

you wrote

The big slider is runs automatic, i have added 3 images but you can add more if you want, please notic if you add more images you have to change the value9of the class “ul.slider-big-ctrls-in”) in the css/style.css file to display the controls in the middle.

I found ul.slider-big-ctrls-in but dont get whic value change to display more then 3 dots

ul.slider-big-ctrls-in{ height:30px; width:60px; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; border: 1px solid red; }

any idea please?

this is a strange thing, but i found it, go to the main.js file and go to line 74, theres a style=”display:none” you can remove this, because this prevents more than 3 dots(all other are set to display none….

You couldn’t give us the icons in a folder? We have to go download each one from the wiki? I wish I had known.

Contact us true our contact page and i will email you the icons.

I forgot that for the purpose of my project I’m just using it as a mockup. And that’s why I’m not even customizing it to the extent that I would want to pick out appropriate icons. So really your documentation was sufficient. Once I knew the version of icons it wasn’t hard to google that and download them myself. Sorry for the trouble. I appreciate the response.