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Awesome template saptarang, glws mate! ;)

Thank you mate :)

Great work mate!

Thanks buddy :)

Can you tell me if this template is compatible with MailChimp? Thanks.

Hi 24online, I haven’t made it compatible with MailChimp yet but I will update here when I’m ready for that. Thank you for your interest :)

Well when you say elements it means all the elements used. You are hiding behind half truths here mate.

Of course I’m bloody pissed. I liked your work so instead of downloading one of those free ripped ones I decided I am going to join TF and pay for your work as I would get the PSD files so I can make the changes.

Well it serves me right innit??? You have shafted us all by not putting much in the PSD and then asking us to pay another 5$ to get the full PSD . So of course I am going to use harsh language so at the end of the day we the paying customers are getting screwed innit??

Even the elements are not a complete PSD . Why would you not just give the damn complete PSD with this purchase???

Thats really shady

Hi mackdesi,
Sounds like you didn’t read description carefully. I never said all the elements included in PSD . Item description clearly states which element PSDs I have included. Also at the end of description there is a big heading clearly stating that You may want to buy Full Layout PSD and link to my GR item which is pretty clear.
If I include main full PSDs here then my GR item becomes useless which I dont want. There is no compulsion to include PSDs as per rules.
Lets not make this comment section a forum so please email me through my profile page or else you can always contact support. Thank you!

When are you planning to make it compatible with MailChimp? What is the rough estimate?


Thank you for asking but I don’t have any experience in MailChimp compatible email templates. Not sure about estimate but I will do as soon as possible :)

Alright, Anyway I have experience in HTML/PS, so will look how hard is it to make it compatible. Is PSD file is sliced already?

The PSD is not sliced but as you see HTML version is ready.

sorry im new to this kind of newsletter. but how to send it using gmail?

documentation only explain to send via mailchimp

Thank you crocgo for the purchase. Just prepare your newsletter with absolute links (including http://) to images and then open it in browser. Select all and copy then go to Gmail>compose and paste in message area. Your are ready to send. Please email me through my profile page if you have any questions. :)

is the template responsive at all? Thanks

Hi Just bought this, love it, but some images are showing in Chrome but not in Safari:

Thank You michaelingledew for the purchase :) I’ve checked in both browsers, which images are not showing on your side? – However, please check all the image files names (including their extensions) and if its the same in html page for the image path. And if its uploaded on your server, then please check the file permissions for those images, files permissions for images needs to be 755. Lets see if that helps…

Hello, I wonder if this email is responsive and if it will be accepted on all devices … waiting response and thanks

Hi vava, that’s not a responsive email template. Thank you for your interest.