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Very nice and clean looks. Would buy it, if it was responsive. Any plans for that?

Thank you awareness :) For responsive Definitely yes but not yet

Thank you metrothemes :)

Very nice VCard design!!!

Thank you AtomTech :)

Great work my friend!!! Luck…

Thank you buddy :)

great job. best wished with the sales

Thank you shizhua :)

I have a Wordpress website based on this template… that has a portfolio page that allows a lightbox popup with HTML content. Can I use your vCard template in my HTML popup? Also can each popup have a different vCard content?

Hey, how can you use this without purchasing it?

My website is not live yet and I’m only using your demo vCard with the iframe code you gave me…

<iframe src=”” seamless width=”960” height=”660” marginwidth=”1” marginheight=”1” ></iframe>

I’m just making sure the my popup works with your demo vcard before I buy it.

Hope thats not a problem?

Oh ok sure. no problem if you are using it with Themeforest preview and I’m glad it work for your popup. BTW can you please email me from my profile page so that we can discuss. Let’s not make this comment section like forum :)

Why can’t you right click with this template? Is it disabled with java?

Nevermind. Figured it out.

Any plans on making this responsive soon?

Sorry but Not yet :)

Ok, thank you for the answer. Then i will have to buy another template.

No probs :)

Hello, My problem is: I downloaded your website into my computer. When I opened with Internet Explorer, website looks very bad. There is no any problem in Firefox or Chorme. Even in “” with Internet Explorer. But in same Internet Explorer, in my local, it looks bad :( Please help me! Thanks…

Thank you saitenes for the purchase :) Can you please send me screenshot? Please email me through my profile page and I will look in to it