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Beautiful work my friend!!!!! ;) Wish you many sales!!!!! ;)

Thanks a lot!

Good luck with sales!

Thank you!

hi, I just got lucky , I postponed other theme purchase the other day and see just today you launched this fantastic theme.

please install it for me for fashion n style



can i have a answer please ? how to setup logo as shown in template ? its seems 2 logo image setup


please check your email, I resent the instructions.

Nice work. Good luck with sales!

Thank you!

hello, It seems a problem in product thumbnail , as soon as I click on second thumbnail the main featured image get disappear from product page.

thank you for solving my little problem promptly and quickly, great support

hi, I think there is some issue with chrome browser .the social icon dont load in chrome , but works fine in FF

Hi, we are checking the issue and will come back with an answer in max 24h. Thank you.

I bought the html version how can i make the x window working ? do i have to buy this one

i have no shopify website since my customer want to have no price on the site only that he can go and order and it send an email. Thanks. - Speedarts. ;)

I understand; we plan to launch the Wordpress alternative version also in a few days in case you are interested.



just wanted to let you know that we launched the WordPress version also, it’s available here: http://themeforest.net/item/saria-shop-flat-responsive-wordpress-theme/7873629


I have bought this Version now.

Thanks for your purchase; if you need the free installation service please use the profile contact form and send us the link to your shopify store, the username and password.

Thanks again, Nyxpoint

I have already set it up. All works but how can i remove the Price , since the Guy when he want to order he want to send an request to email , also do the shopify store cost , becouse he don’t want to pay monthly.

I bought the theme, Questions…

the currency buttons, how do I get rid of it? and is there an option to be able to hightlight the cart button?

I’m afraid this is not possible without modifing the theme code a bit. If you’re into that, there are two ways to achieve what you are trying to do: using ajax or modifing the product forms. I’ll paste here some helpful links:

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20643484/add-to-cart-using-ajax-in-shopify - http://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-design/t/stay-in-place-add-to-cart-button-12401

Thank you.

Thank you for your prompt response. This is the main reason I purchased your theme, and now i’m seeing it for myself :)

Can I get rid of carousel for now? it creates confusion in my customer. the first and second day that I use your theme.

I’ve had by now 5 customers called in because they thought we have only 3 items on the menu.

i’d use the chef’s special as a main page

To get rid of carousel, enter your shopify admin, go to Themes > Template Editor > select theme.liquid file.

See this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27487366/Selection_021.png

Then, go to Assets > main.css.liquid > search for ”#index .navbar” and delete the line (or comment) “background-image: none;”.

See this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27487366/Selection_022.png

Then, (into the same file) search for ”#index .chef-specials” and add the line “padding-top: 220px”.

See this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27487366/Selection_023.png

Let me know if this helps. Thank you.

if i purchase this being the 12th buyer would you still be able to install it for me free of charge?

Yes, if you need help we can make the install for you free of charge.


Hi, we are interested in purchasing this theme for Shopify. Can you still help us in installing it for free of charge? Thanks!

Hi schmutzer; yes, we can make the install. We will need access to your Shopify account.


Hi, we are currently using the Saria Shopify Theme.

How come the slider collection on the home page doesn’t highlight all of the images in the carousel? The slider is skipping the first and last image. How do I resolve this? Thanks!

Is there any way to directly email you with some of my questions cause I have a lot. Thanks!

when will you make the Magento version?

Hi, I purchased a theme recently when I started my website. I was very confused and did not like the theme I purchased. I am not and will continue not using it. Is there any way I can get a refund for my purchase? Any help would be great. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you a lot.

fantastic work, wish you big sales