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Hi again! Got my completed theme transferred over to my final website and it’s going great. One thing to note for anyone else who does this—template numbers changed, so the #s have to be updated in the new pages.

Anyway—my question: I have a Blog Posts list on my home page. is it possible to set this to EXCLUDE a tag or category so it doesn’t show up? Thanks!

Okay, here’s another caveat to this question—I’d like to select what posts to show by CATEGORY, not tags. Is there a way to do that? Thanks!

can you turn the responsive feature off?

HI there, how I can download the plugin Post format? I tried to download the plugin and it says Download failed. Forbidden

Love the theme but a client is wanting the footer widget content to be flush left with the footer widget headline. Currently, the content is indented ever so slightly. Any way I can add some custom CSS to make all text be flush left? Thank you!

Hi – another question. Is there a way I can change the length of the excerpt that shows in the Blog Posts List? Thanks!

hi brwniydgirl, you can change the length from settings—>readings and change the index of Blog pages show at most, I wish this will solve this problem, if you still need any help I am ready to help any time :)

Hi! Is there an option to change the accent color (links, some borders etc) from the green to any other color, like it’s possible with the color switcher in the frontend? I couldn’t find any options in the backend?


Ok, found it myself after all. (It’s the “Skin” setting under colors.)

I didn’t noticed it before, because all the color option boxes are empty. Maybe, it would be better and more recognisable, if the actual color would be displayed…

Please help! The twitter function on the theme was not working, so I went to activate a Tweet Blender and received an error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1 in /home/sleepyj/public_html/wp-content/themes/sarraty/framework/twitter/OAuth.php on line 120

I deleted Tweet Blender from my plugin folder and it worked fine, but the twitter function is still not working.

Where can i modify the portfolio detailpage? Which tpl file is the right one…

Hi, I am having trouble with Google maps iframe in the mega menu. Whenever you open up the menu, the map puts our office location to the top lefthand corner of the map. This doesn’t happen with googlemaps on a regular page in the site. You can view our site at s4c2gf.nl (button Over+) Can you help me to get the map to display with our point in the center? Thank you

How to I install the sample data and get the home page to look as it did in the demo?

I can’t seem to get a google map of my business to load like the demo. Can you or anyone help me to get this working?

Hi Ahmad,

How do we activate this shortcode [su_social] located on http://projects.asalahsolutions.com/sarraty/contact/.

I’m trying to duplicate it, but it only show ” [su_social]” as string on http://rectmedia.co.id/contact/. Thanks.

Do you plan to make your theme pluggable by using function-exists() in a future update? because i use the child theme and I need to override some functions in portfolio.php and postoptions.php and I don’t know how to do it without adding function-exists() by myself in the parent theme.

Hi Ahmad, please help me! :-)

Does not work portfolio. :S Please watch this video http://youtu.be/bqpD076BDGw

Hi there, How can I translate the title of Menu Items of Mega Menu with WPML?

Why this theme not suppurt utf-8? I want use Azerbaijan language but it is show as symbol like this https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_2gKHfmWvpjNUp1N05BLU5DdEE/edit?usp=sharing

careful guys there is no support on this theme, if something goes wrong you are on you own!!!

Hello, very nice theme! When viewing the site on the mobile there are big margins at left and right and the fonts are very small compared to the live preview of the template here where all the width of the screen is used and the fonts are big enough so no zoom is needed. It’s like it’s loaded zoomed out. Have I missed some settings? Thanks!

Are you going to be offering support still for this? You haven’t responded to pages of comments. I cannot get the theme to work in some areas, such as the Twitter feed, and it won’t allow me to add a different plugin to compensate. I need help to make this work please!


How do I change the word ‘project’ to ‘product’ I would like to use the portfolio section to showcase products but do not want to use the word ‘project’ How would I customise the right hand side column like ‘Date’ and ‘Column’ I need to change these to ‘Features’, ‘Specifications’

To be able to customise this section would be a great added bonus for the theme. Not everyone has projects to showcase as a portfolio.

Your help would be most appreciated.


Also how do i activate my copy of Revolution slider? It’s states it at the top of dashboard?