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Is it possible to use the “Read more” option on the blog? It does not appear to be showing?

Please advise.


Can anyone tell me how to install the plugins as none of them work .. or even give me the links to the correct plugins?


Hi, great theme, but one thing: the Plugin “Post Formats” is not working in WP3.9.1. Do you know a asolution for this issue? Thanks for support.

hi, this is the best theme! I have a little problem. I want to build two different menu button with two different portfolio pages. First page (Elements) which resembles Portfolio 4 Columns and two page (Stuff) who also resembles of Portfolio 4 Columns, but is different to first page as content. How to put different content in these two pages. Please help me, Thanks


I followed all your instructions of why it does this and still NOTHING!

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description Sarraty Child The parent theme is missing. Please install the “Sarraty” parent theme.

Hello I need to know what to do?

Your theme options page is 100% blank!

I want a refund please I don’t want to bother with this please let me knwo what to do to get a refund thank you

Hello. In customizing the theme, I have configured the navigation menu. Changes But if I keep the top menu does not appear. Neither the Site logo appears. Can you help with this? thanks


No one answers?

Hi Mr. ahmad.. How do I set to eliminate < d iv class=”service_icon”> ? ?? I mean eliminating the space below the slider? please guidance. Thank you buddy.

Hi Ahmad, I am the next one having issues using the mega menu… How do I get the 1st level of navigation items linked to pages? In the “Theme options” you can only add several items for the navigation and add fancy stuff for the drop down, but you cannot give them a link.

As an example: I create 3 main navigation items -> Home, About, Contact and then I add the page builder templates to each of the items. How do I give the main items (Home, About, Contact) a link (In your demo I saw that you had a link on the “Home” button)?? I need landing pages and I also need multi-column drop down menu, so the default wordpress menu is no option. Also how do I get rid off the drop down on menu items without sub-pages?

Best regards, Sebo

I’m having trouble making the revolution slider auto responsive. I’ve selected the fluid layout, used the page builder to create the template, inserted the template into the page…and the slider shows up as a tiny box. What am I doing wrong? Please help! This is how the slider is showing up… http://pvevents.ca/welcome-to-pv-events-ltd/about/

Hi Ahmad, the headlines of the footer widgets are not showing up in IE and if you switch off the sticky header the breadcrumb and title for the actual pages will always display: “This is a soundcloud audio posting.”... Is there any way to get direct support for this template? Regards, Sebo

Hi Ahmad

I have just bought the Sarraty theme, which is great!

Could you tell me how to reduce the text size in the [su_tabs] boxes? I have sent the main page fonts to 12px, but the [su_tabs] are still at 13px.

See example here –

Many thanks. James

I can understand all, but the support from the author is a real shame. Envato should do something imho.

There are a few questions on this template…

1.I am using the breadcrumb, but it doesn’t display every level that exist. With the second-level pages, it can not see the parent page. Why is that? And why is it also not clickable?

2. The flag of the language (WPML) is superimposed on the navigation menu, and is it impossible to read the navigation menù

3.You say that it is a responsive layout, but I see badly this on smartphone and on the tablet. Why is that?

Are there any news for me??

1-about the breadcrumb I will improve it soon in the next update 2-what do you mean by superimposed can you give me a screenshot for this problem. 3-about the responsive layout I’ve check it many times and its all works fine can you also give me a screenshot for your problems, feel free to contact me any time :) you are welcome bro

How can you change the hyper link colors?

hi james, Thanks for purchasing sarraty theme, you can change it in theme option you will find custom css and add this code
a {
color: #000000;
if you still had any problem just let me know :) , you are welcome bro

Hi everybody, I want to announce that I am back to our 24 hours a day except weekends, last two months I was preparing for my wedding, and finally I got married and happily spent my honeymoon, now it’s time to back to work and to apologize for one who was waiting for me, I will carefully read all of your comments and check your issues, maybe I can’t reply to all of past comments but I will take all issues in the consideration, thanks for your understand and looking forward to hear from you if you have any problem, I ready again to be in your help :)