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Hello, is there any way i can make the title (where it says sarraty) lower case and not bold. Maybe in edit themes? Thank You

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, if you mean the logo, you can change it to normal text transform by adding css line, just go to Appearance > theme options > header settings > custom css code and add this
.logo h1 {
text-transform: none;

Hi first off, Amazing theme, so simple to use, and still so professional looking.

I’m having an issue with the bread crumb links on sub pages, If i have a structure of Home – About – Contact, and i go to contact the BC links shows: Home > Contact Us, and leaves out the About us parent. Can you provide assistance?


Yes I did

Do you have any help for me? I have confirmed that contact has about us set as parent, as well I have confirmed this is not a single incident as it’s not working on other pages as well.

hi bro I hope you are fine ,I checked this problem and thanks a lot for reporting this issue ,I will fix this problem soon in the next version

Hi, Nice themes!

I have some questions as below

1. Is your Aqua Page Builder be responsive on the back-end like Visual Composer if not,do you plan to make it responsive? because I haven’t seen any updates for this plugin so far and curious it will cause any bugs to the theme.

2. About the Shortcode ultimate, is that modified version that you have add your own features to it. if so, what is that? Or it is just the version that is available on WordPress.org with default features.

3. Do you have any ways to prevent user to use both Page Builder and Shortcode at the same time if both buttons available, so the content will mess up on the editor.

Thanks and Good Luck with your sales :)

Thanks for your interest, actually the page builder is modified an using my own blocks, they are responsive on the site front-end and you can check them on the demo site, about the shortcode ultimate, yes it’s modified version and no many elements has been added to but but just making some elements compatible and working good with the theme, and sorry I didn’t get question number 3, actually you can use shorcodes inside page builder blocks without any problem. you are welcome brother :)

Wow! Very prompt reply. I’m not surprised why your theme got more sales :)

Just to clarify for my question number 3, because when both Page Builder and Shortcode ultimate be activated. Both buttons will be visible above the editor,right? So when you click on the template button of Page Builder to choose the template id like

that puts on the editor first and then click on the Shortcode ultimate button which also available to select some content likes
that gonna place into the editor as well. For this case,the content on the editor will mess up.

Hope you can get it :)

You are welcome brother, and thanks for your words :)

One question before purchasing your nice theme: is it SEO optimized? Many thanks and keep your excellent work.

Thanks for your interest, actually all html code are built to work perfect with SEO, also I recommend to use seo plugin and they should work perfect, you are welcome brother :)

sister, actually ;)

Sorry, you are welcome sister :)

I can’t seem to get the shortcodes to work under the page builder. Specifically for colums. They just do not display right. Please advise.

I am using:


For 2 columns, I want to be able to list items in 2 rows/columns.

not at all, also what is the recommended size for the the revolution slider on the boxed version? whats your email, i will email you my login info.

sorry bro for being late I was having some issue but I finally solved now , feel free to contact me via contact form in my profile

Hi Ahmad,

maybe a small tip for the next version: If you change the code in the header.php line 258 to ‘mailto’:

<a href="mailto:<?php echo asalah_option(" asalah_header_mail="">"></a>

the link will open a new mail and it causes not a 404-Error :-)

Cheers and thank you for this great theme! Marco

to fast…one more question: Is there a chance to change the order in the main menu if I combinate your Mega Menu with the built-in Wordpress Menu? (First Mega-Menu, Second the Standard Wordpress Menu)? Thank you for your reply!

o.k. I found the solution in the header…

first thanks for purchasing sarraty theme ,second good to see all your problem solved if you still need a help just let me know :)

Hi, wanting to purchase this theme, but have one question. Is it possible to make main slider image parallax?

Thanks Claire

Thanks for your interest bro ,and sorry for being late actually we are using revolution slider and we didn’t test it with parallax ,but you can make it with some tricks with theme page builder by adding revolutions slider inside parallax block

Hi, great theme… I was browsing for a them that has it all and this one does it. The transparent menu is what finally sold me. Looks and works great … 5 stars!

Question: I’m having a little difficulty with the Mega Menu I’m in Appearance > Theme Options > Mega Menu I created a new mega menu item I deleted it. It disappears. I click SAVE ALL CHANGES It says Options Saved But the item still shows up on the menu When I go back into Theme Options, its back again. Can’t seem to delete it and the add item button doesn’t do anything. Please advise.


Thanks for purchasing sarraty theme and thanks for your nice comment :) please check the last theme update version 1.4 and if you still have the same problem just let me know

Hi Ahmad,

Mailed you again with the request to import the demo content?

Hope you will reply now?


sorry bro for being that late I was having so many issues I will check your email very soon Thanks for your patience

Hello , this is amazing themes , but i would like to ask if the PHOTOGRAPHY section can be looks like this website http://pinlovely.com/


Thanks for your interest ,actually my theme is business oriented not recommended to be used in photography sites , I wish I could help you in that :)

having major problems with this theme and no one answering my questions

Do you know when this will be sorted, you said 3 hours ago a day ago? Client is expecting to see this website tomorrow????? Really need your support right now pleaseeeeee

Thanks for your patience, I have fixed all issues with the server, and I am on your website now, will contact you on mail, you are welcome brother :)

Thanks guys, really appreciate that. Glad your server is fixed too. :o)

Hi I filled some testimonials, created a page with Testimonials template, and added it to the menu. However, instead of showing the testimonials, I get an empty page with “wsite.pmod.com/wp-content/themes/sarraty/js/jquery.parallax-1.1.3.js?ver=3.8.1’>” What’s wrong here? Thanks

Thanks for purchasing sarraty theme ,can you clarify your problem or send to me link of your website so I can check the problem for you

Whats the best way to update a theme if you have a site live with older version and you just want to take advantage of updates and not loose work to date

Thanks of purchasing sarraty theme, sure you can take all advantages of updates by using Themeforest api keys ,you will find all the details about the updates in the documentation file ,if you still need a help just let me know :)

Hi Ahmad.

Really enjoying the theme but just struggling with a couple of issues: 1) In Chrome, the content on my homepage doesn’t load at the first time of asking (just the top bar and serach box) however, the title and main text will only appear if you reload the page – any ideas?

2) in IE and Firefox, the search, telephone and email icons don’t appear in the top bar.

my site is viewable at: www.chris-lund.com

Looking forward to your response.



Thanks for purchasing sarraty theme ,about the content missing its a chrome problem we are waiting for chrome update for the second problem ,just go to setting>>general and make sure that “WordPress Address Url ” field and “Site Address url” have full url with www. because firefox was trying to load font awesome file from another url if you still need any help just let me know :)

Thanks for the quick response. the second issue is now fied – here’s hoping for the chrome update soon! :)


How do I change the background color of a row in page builder? Like I only want one row’s background to be a certain color.

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, to change the color of row you need to add “start section” block and “end section” block, then change the background settings to show the color you want, so any blocks you add between start and end section blocks will display in the row with custom color, if you still need any help just let me know, you are welcome brother :)

Ok what do those codes look like?

hi bro, which code you ask for, If you mean the “start section” and “end section” you can find both in page builder :) just let me know if you still need a help

I had the problem that some projects don’t appear in the portfolio. It turned out that it depends on the “Featured Image” which is selected. Are there some criteria to observe when selecting from the media library? Thx

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty theme, can you send me the log in details so I can check it for you ,looking forward helping you :)

Hello, I’m trying to turn off the Mega Menu from the demo content and can’t get it removed. A comment was made that I need the update. So I turned on automatic Updates but it wants me to activate the Revolution Slider first. I created an API key and entered my username and the slider number is already in there but I continue to get an error. Is there another way I’m supposed to generate an API code? Thank you!

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty theme, just ignore the error message I’ve purchased the licensee already of the revolution slider so you can used freely, If you still need a help just let me know :)

Hello, i cant find how to edit the bottom of the page were it says “about sarraty”, and it there anyway i can remove latest tweets, photostream, categories. Thank You

Thanks for purchasing sarraty theme, you can edit all footer content from widgets and you will find footer area one,two,three and four you can edit each one, I hope that answers your question if you still need a help just let me know

Hi there, Thank you for a great theme. I didn’t import the dummy content and am trying to add ‘services’ to the home page with the page builder. It is not clear anywhere how to add the service icons, or how to get it to be four columns. Please can you advise.Thank you

Thanks for purchasing sarraty, you can add service to you home page by dragging service block to your page builder template and then you can just re size it to get four columns secondly to add service icon you can choose the icons from icon list if you still need a help don’t hesitate, just let me know :)

Well structured. A couple of minor installation issues, but easily worked through by reading other posts. When needed, support is readily available and responsive.

This is a bargain both in price and quality, one is getting more than they paid for.

Thanks brother for your words and welcome anytime, hope you really like the theme :)