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Great theme, I enjoyed this and I believe Vander which you designed as well. One question: I want to reduce the padding in two areas:

1. I want the header/menu area to be much narrower, can you tell me how to do this either in the menu or with some CSS?

2. I want to reduce the padding between items in the page builder, how can I do this?

Thanks! Look forward to buying more of your themes!

Thanks for purchasing the theme, and sorry for delay to reply, if you want to make the header narrower you can do it by custom css line, just add this code to custom css field in theme options, and change 20px to fit your needs
.header_below {
padding: 20px 0;
about the items in page builder, the padding between them can be increased by adding [divider] block between rows, and can be reduced by css custom line, the padding between them is 60px, reduce it to fit your needs
.content_container {
padding-bottom: 60px;

you are weclome brother :)

Your code worked great for the header, however the problem remains with the pagebuilder items. I have included a screenshot in case I was not clear initially as to what I meant. Thank you so much!


sorry bro for being that late I was preparing for my wedding, for your problem send to me please your css file and I will fix it for you, and if you still have any problem just let me know :)


how to make this video section work? I already uploaded the mp4 video but it cannot be seen on the video section and nothing is played? video link is already set-up in the page builder section.

also you make a video tutorial without sound? and you never include tutorials on how you build the homepage page, uploading the demo content is not enough as your website is build via builder you should include tutorials on how to navigate those pages in the builder section… anyway please fix my issues website link is here http://marketingconsultantsbrisbane.com.au/electrical/

also, what widget you use to have displayed photos in the footer of your demo?

Thanks for your interest,to make video section works you have to upload your video in 4 given extentions ext4,m4v,ogv and webm about your suggestions, Thanks I will think about it Also I can’t see what problem you mean, you can send to me a screenshot to your site problem To display your photos in the footer you can use quick fliker widget plugin You,re welcome bro any time :)

1) shortcodes are not working. 2) How do I set a 100% width parallax section??

Ok, I’ve updated to the last version of ultimate shortcodes and it’s working now but as I understand your version of this plugin it’s an spacial version of it.

I’m using this method for the parallax section but it’s showing like it was in boxed layout but I’m in wide layout.

nevermind about parallax, I got it.

hi bro, about the shortcode to solve this problem just delete the plugin and then you will see recommendation message download the shortcode from it and you will use my customized plugin, if you still have any problem just let me know :)

Hello, I am considering purchasing your theme for our event. I am new to Wordpress but have created websites using HTML in the past. So I am learning and doing as I go. I wanted to ask a few questions about this theme:

1. Are we able to use our own logo (in a .png or .gif) at the top of the page? 2. We also have our own event t-shirts, can we sell them using this theme? 3. We also have sponsors, are we able to display their logos at the bottom of this theme? 4. Is this theme totally customizable? Can we change the background color (for example: make the background all black with white text)? 5. Is there a way to make a “register” option for our attendees to preregister for the event? 6. Do we need to know CSS for us to use this theme? 7. Lastly, will the regular license purchase give us the freedom to do all the stuff we are asking and freedom to customize?

We really like your theme and are very interested as long as this will work for our event and t-shirt business.

I look forward to your response. Thank you!

Thanks for your interest, and welcome to wordpress world :) Of course you can use your own logo as text, or image, you can sell your own products using wooCommerce plugin, you can show sponsors logos in the clients area, it’s totally customizable you can change everything via option panel, about the register area it’s still not so good in wordpress but you can easily find a plugin which helps you find a solutions and create this page, and the regular license gives you the freedom to do what ever you want in the theme for one website, you are welcome brother :)

I’m considering purchasing this theme.

While clicking around on the demo site, I noticed that when the site is set to ‘Boxed Body’ and on any of the ‘Portfolio’ page, the drop-down menu navigation items (About, News, etc) fall behind the portfolio items rather than dropping down in front of them, as if there’s either a glitch or something needs to be fixed on that. I don’t see this issue when viewing any of the Portfolio pages in ‘Fluid Body’ mode.

Does anyone else have this issue, for those who have purchased it? Or, is this only something that happens in the demo???

Thanks for any insight!

Thanks bro for your report I will fix it soon, If you still have another question feel free to ask :)

Hello, is the Twitter Access token and Twitter Access token secret, for the twitter widget, if it is can you give them to me or tell me how to get them, i accidentally deleted them. Thank You

Thanks for purchasing sarraty theme, you need to create your own access token from here https://apps.twitter.com/ if you still need a help just let me know :)


First let me thank you for this awesome theme.
I have a few issues.

1- When Boxed Layout is ON, the sticky header seems not to work (Sticky Header is ON too). Do I need additional setting for it to work properly?

2- I want to use the mega menu feature. But, the menu keeps overflowing out of the page container, which becomes a problem when the browser window is not set to full size. How can I have the mega menu to stay inside of the page container?
See Image Here

3- How do I change the page width (Boxed Layout)?

4- Last question, How do I change the font size (menu, page…) from Theme Option? or CSS?

Thank you!

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, and sorry for delay to reply because of weekend :) about the sticky menu is not working in the boxed mode and will make work in later update, about the mega menu you need to set width and st it to open to right or left so it suit your container, and you can’t change the page width cause we are using 960px grid system, and will add 1200px grid system later, about font size you can change it by custom css code, I will write you the code later because I am posting from my tablet and will write the code after I reach my laptop, you are welcome brother :)

Hi Ahmad,

Sorry to say that your promisses that you will put the demo content in my site is not yet done. I asked yoy this several times now for the past 10 days. And mailed you the logins 3 times now…

What do I have to do ?

Another desperate attempt to get support from you today. I will again mail you my logins and sincerly hope you will login now and fix the messed up demo content and hopefully I will get the site look like your demo, with all working (mega)menu’s and sliders. So I can start working on it after purchasing this after 10 days…..!!

Ok, your demo data was already imported but you didn’t set the homepage and didn’t import settings, that’s why the site doesn’t look as demo site, if you watched the 10 minutes video I sent to you you would be able to set it yourself in 10 minutes, but it’s ok, I will do it for you but what I need is to send me fresh install so I can work with it, thanks brother :)

Thanks for installing the fresh install, and thanks for reporting me that the video is not clear, I wanted to check if the video is clear or not so I let my son (8 years old) to follow the video step by step and import the demo data for you, and it was very easy, I set a stopwatch and he succeed in importing everything for you in just 25 minutes, and he made your website looks like the demo, congratulations and you are welcome brother, now I hope you rate my son 5 stars for his job :) waiting to hear from you soon.

Hi Ahmad, I bought the issue today. I installed the theme on latest version of wordpress 3.8.1. By accessing the theme options> MegaMenu can not add any item. The button does not work


Thanks for purchasing the theme, can you please send me your login details via my profile page so I can check this issue for you, you are welcome brother :)

I sent you an email and have been seeking help, how come its taking over a week to get a response?

I already replied to your email message, if you still need any help just let me know :)


Looking to purchase…

Can you tell me a little more about the video background? Can it be YT, Vimeo etc? Or hosted locally? also, can I set start / finish point of video, loop on/ off etc?

Looking forward to your reply…


Thank for your interest, actually the current version only support hosted locally video with loop on, but the version after the next version will support youtube and loop control, I said the version after the next one because the next version is already uploaded and waiting for themeforest review, you are welcome brother :)

Hi, I’m struggling a bit with Page Builder. Is there no way to use the typical Wordpress icons such as “Link” “Bold” “Italicize,” etc? I want to create a text link in the text and don’t want my client to need to know HTML in order to add links. Also, when you add images, there’s no way to resize them in the Page Builder? Perhaps I am missing something. Can you clarify? Thank you!

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, actually you need to use shortcodes to format texts in page builder, you can add new test post and generate shortcodes, then copy them to page builder text block, if you still need any help just let me know, you are welcome brother :)

Hi Ahmad, I bought the issue today. I installed the theme on latest version of wordpress 3.8.1. By accessing the theme options> MegaMenu can not add any item. The button does not work

Can you help me? thanks

Thanks for purchasing the theme, can you please send me your login details via my profile page so I can check this issue for you, you are welcome brother :)

Hey. Great template. I have a problem with activating the revolution slider. although I copy my envato API Key, it won’t let me activate the plug in. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for purchasing the theme, actually we purchased extended license so you don’t need to purchase it, just ignore the activation message and continue using it with the theme, you are welcome brother.

How do I add a share with LinkedIn button to the blog post page? There are buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but not LinkedIn.

Here is a link to the site I’ve built with this great theme:


Thanks for your help.

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, and sorry that LinkedIn share button is not included in the post, but I am working on it on later update, you are welcome brother :)

Thanks for the quick reply. Do you have an approximate date when the update that includes it will be ready?

You are welcome I am working on fixing some bugs in the next update, then after the next update will add those new features, you can expect it this week.

Hi Ahmad,

Just purchased your theme and registered at http://asalahsolutions.ticksy.com so that I can ask for help and questions along the way. What I noticed is that the Sarraty theme is not listed for submitting support tickets. Is there a dedicated support forum for this theme? Thanks, /Ryan

Also I see in your v1.4 update details about the Sticky Header. Did you allow for a sticky header in the boxed layout already?

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, actually I didn’t add Sarraty theme yet to ticksy forum, but you can feel free to ask for support here and it’s my pleasure to offer help, about boxed mode sticky header it’s not included in the current version but I am working on it for later update. you are welcome brother :)

Ok cool, sounds good.

Hello Ahmad,

I’ve done the install and following the documentation I’m doing the initial customizing. Is there no dashboard settings for changing text colours? Or have I missed something?

I’d like to control the following;

Top Info Bar: email & phone icon colour, email & phone text + hover colours , social icon colours & hove

Header: Main nav, active, hover & normal

Footer: menu, active, hover & normal

Thanks. /Ryan

Hi Ryan, actually the current version has no option to change fonts color but I am working on these options for later update, you are welcome brother :)

hey… the default text on my site is a bit too small … how do i make the font larger across the whole site?

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, I’m using font size 13px for all body texts if you want to increase you can us css lines, go to Appearance > theme options > header settings > custom css and add this line
body {
font-size: 14px;
you can make it more than 14 if you want, you are welcome brother :)

Very nice theme – thx :o)

In the project module I really need an extra project description field below the project image. We’re using the template with image on the left.

Should be easy to do ;-) Will that be possible?.


Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, what about making the project page full width and write the additional text on the project overview area which will appear below the image in case of full width, is this what you need? if you still need any help just let me know, you are welcome brother :)

HI :)

We tried that solution, but we need image on the left (column 1), text on the right (coluimn 2) and text below full width of the page.


sorry bro for being that late I was preparing for my wedding, can you please send to me your web site url so I can see it ,if you still have any problem just let me know, you are welcome any time :)

Hi and thanks, I have a problem, the tags filters that included in the templeates don´t work. thank you for your help

each project has a different label, are not empty I promise

I checked it again and I found that the first page only has projects from the tag “fotografía” and the jquery filter filters project in the current page only, so page 1 and 2 only have projects from “fotografía” and page 3 has projects from “fotografía” and “video” so you can filter between them, page 4 has projects from “fotografía”, “packing”, “publicidad” and “web” and so on.

ok, thought tags, filter projects all pages of the portfolio. I’m sorry, thanks for your quick response. Sorry for the inconvenience. :)