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Hello, I am using Gravity Forms instead of Contact Form 7 and none of my radio buttons or checkboxes are showing up. Can you suggest what I should do in the CSS to fix this problem? Thank you!

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, actually I didn’t use gravity forms before and I don’t know what should be done to make it compatible, if you can give me some days I will test it with the theme to make it compatible, you are welcome brother :)

If you need me to private message you the login credentials of the site, I am happy to do that. It’s under development right now, so it’s in Maintenance Mode. I love Gravity Forms, its “drag-and-drop” feature is much easier than Contact Form 7, so I use it instead. Thanks again.

Hi Ahmad, Great theme, my client is very pleased with it! I’m wondering where to place the Google Analytics code within the theme? I put it in the “Footer Custom Code” area because I didn’t see another place for it, but it does not seem to be working.

You can see the site at http://crpbusinessconsulting.com

sorry bro for being that late I was preparing for my wedding, have you try to updated it manually, if you still have any problem after that just let me know, you are welcome bro any time :)

First – congratulations on your wedding! :) I can’t update it manually because I can’t download 1.5 from anywhere… both methods I try to use tell me that 1.3 is up to date. Is there an alternate place I can download 1.5?

Hi Ahmad I’m still hoping to hear from you on where I can download 1.5? The process you shared in your documentation does not lead me to 1.5, only 1.3 – thanks!


I have bought this item for our new website this morning and when I install it on wordpress I don’t have at all the same aspect that the one you sold me on themforet…

Could you help me?

Thank you very much,


You will find it inside the package you downloaded from themeforst, in documents named “Documenations”

Great thank you and sorry for these questions!

You are welcome brother :)

Hi Ahmad,

I’m having an issue with using Columns. I should mention I’m not using Page Builder, just the regular editor window set to TEXT tab. What I have is the following: [su_column]Column 1 text[/su_column] [su_column]Column 2 text[/su_column] <div style="text-align:center;"> <span class="myH1">Bernhardt is a Proud Member of:</span> </div>

What is happening is that my title for the next portion of content is getting put into that second column. It is suppose to be centred across the full width of the page.

you can see what I’m talking about here; http://www.dev6.ryanhamilton.ca/bernhardtcontracting.com/


I came up with a fix by changing the code to the following <div class="col-md-6 ">Column 1 text</div> <div class="col-md-6 ">Column 2 text</div> <div style="clear:both;" />

Hi bro, so sorry for being late Is there any problem, happy for you for fixing your problem If you still have any problem just let me know :)

Hi Ahmad,

Can the second footer be removed? When I un check Dark Footer and 3 widget Footer in the settings it just shows the space that was taken up by the dark footer but doesn’t remover it and bring the copyright footer up closer to the content of the page. Cheers.

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty theme, I will fix it in next update, If you still have any problem feel free to contact me. :)


I followed your tutorial link in order to install the demo and it is better. But I have a pb when I download the file sarraty.wordpress.2014-03-20 I have a lot of error and then when I follow the demo it doesn’t do like the demo. I think it comes from these problem of uploading what can I do? Thank you very much,


hi BISIAUX, sorry for being late bro, can you send to me your log in details and I will fix it for you, you are welcome any time :)

I am sorry but I finally managed to do everything so you don’t need to take time to answer me thanks anyway!

I found the solution thanks to the documentation!

I am very happy for your problem got solved, also I will be grateful if you can support me by giving 5 stars to the theme if you like it, you can rate it here http://themeforest.net/downloads , thanks in advance :)

Hi Ahmad,

How do I change the colour of the button in the revolution sliders. It stays green after changing the colour sceem

Thanks for purchasing sarraty, sorry for being late you can change the color of your button by shortcode to be free to change the button’s color as you wish I hope that helps you ,if you still need a help just let me know :)

Ahmad, A couple things.

1. When using page builder and an image BG section is made the image covers the full width of the boxed layout. I need my Home Page slider to go full width and not have padding or margins on the left or right.

2.Once a Page Builder template has been made and saved, where is that coded page stored? I need to change some elements, like the type of button, the vertical position of the button and the title text. Basically I need to get the action box looking like this image. http://www.ryanhamilton.ca/Downloads/Bernhardt_Comp_2b.jpg

I tried to build that look without page builder but the content container or something adds in those left & right margins/padding again like my issue with the HOME page slider.

See the three pages here and what I’m talking about.


Also a past question was to eliminate that second grey footer entirely. Please view my post on that a few above this as its written in more detail.


Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, and sorry for delay to reply, actually to make the slider fullwidth you need to change the settings of revolution slider and set width to “fluid” this will not has the margins around it, and about the saved templates, they are not files, they save in the database, but if you want to make any changes the blocks output you will find blocks in ‘framework/aqua/blocks, and about the footers, I will add options to hide footer if it’s empty of content. you are welcome brother :)

Hi there

Project module: Is it possible to set focus on a specific filter, so the page is only shows a certain group of projects?

IE. /projects/#ProjectTag1 or /projects/#ProjectTag2

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, could you please send to me your URL so I can your problem :) , you are welcome bro anytime

Is there a way I can write to you directly? Mail/Skype?

sorry bro for being that late I was preparing for my wedding, sure you can email me via my contact form on my profile :), feel free to contact me any time,you are welcome bro

Hi Ahmad How can we remove the breadcrumb part to get a more compact layout? If we just remove .breadcrumb from the .page_title_holder in the style.css we are left with equivalent empty space. Thx

Thanks for purchasing sarraty, sure you can remove breadcrumb from theme options—>Posts and pages setting and you find breadcrumb option, if you still need any help just let me know, you are welcome bro anytime :)

Hey Brother,

Is the way that you implemented the EMAIL in the top info bar preventative of SPAM bots from harvesting it? If not how can you get the email to display as it does but put an anti spambot function on it?

PS, are you on a Support Time Out?

Hi im_ahmad,

I’ve purchased your them and I must say that so far I’m pretty happy with my decision. I’m getting started with WordPress, so I’ve been dealing with multiple issues. Some of them I was able to solve, some I’m still looking for solutions and tricks.

Issue: When you want to search something using the search feature in the header, the word “Search” does not disappear from the text box. What can I do to make this word disappear when I type something in that box.

Thanks a lot for your help and congrats for the theme.

Hugo Francisco

Sorry for delay to reply I was preparing for my wedding, if you did customizations to from the control panel using page builder and theme options you will not lose any data after update, if you have customized any files so you will lose your customization, if you only want to get this fix, just replace the file searchform.php from the new version.

Hi im_ahmad!

Thanks a lot for the reply and for taking some time to reply to my message! :) Congrats for your wedding! Hope everything works great!

I will try to update that bit and will let you know if I have any issue.

Thanks a lot and have a great wedding! :)


Hugo Francisco

Hi im_ahmad! :)

It worked like a charm! Just need to find out how can I localize the translation inside that box! :)

Thanks a lot.


Hugo Francisco

I’m not able to add new Mega Menu

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, can you please send me your site url so I can check it for you, you are welcome brother :)

hi criamundi, please send to me your log in details

Hi, New user here. I have been trying to upload the demo contents to my site but failing so far. Could you please let me know where I find it and how to upload it? After reading earlier comments I tried to locate it in the Documentations folder, but I can’t seem to find it. Can you please help?

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, in the documentation’s last section you will find a url to video tutorial, you can watch it to know the steps of importing data, you are welcome brother :)

Thank you Ahmad, found it now! I was looking for a demo contents folder or video file – thanks for your help.

You are welcome brother, also I will be grateful if you can support me by giving 5 stars to the theme if you like it, you can rate it here http://themeforest.net/downloads , thanks in advance :)

Hi, Where can I find documentation on the Page Builder?

I found documentation from the original developer. But I am still not able to recreate some of the features you show in your theme sales page. LIke: the embeded map. I am also having problems with the spacing between sections in the pagebuilder

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, we have explained how the builder works in the documentation and you can also import demo data to see how does it work, about the map block you need to use the classic google map url not the new one, and about the spacing, if you need to remove the spacing between sections you can add these lines to appearance > theme options > header settings > custom css
.gray_section {
margin-top: 0;
margin-bottom: 0;

Hi, this is a great theme and I can’t wait for our first client website to go live. I have a few questions though: - How do I change the background of the header (where you can put the email address and the phone number)? - I have added a background to my boxed layout but I found that the background also appears within the boxed frame. How can you fix this?

Example (work in progress): saa.carnacgroup.com

Cheers, Vincent

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty and sorry for delay to reply, I have visited your website and I found that it has email and phone in header, and has no issue with the background, can you please explain more your issues so I can help you, you are welcome brother :)

I am struggling to get the image the correct size in the header. Can you help?

Thanks, Graham

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, can you please tell me which image do you mean?

Im having a problem with the Revolution Slider, though I made the purchase from Code Canyon in addition, which Im not sure was required. The slider is not responsive and works nothing like the theme on display. Instead the image is cropped to the left. Can u help me with this, I have been working at the almost the whole day? Thanks.

Ok have got it fixed, need to go thro the page builder or the slider does not work well…

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, and sounds got you figured it out, actually you weren’t need to purchase Revolution slider again.

I am using contact form 7 in this theme and am having issues in Chrome on both mac and pc and Safari as well. The checkboxes in the forms do not work on those browsers. Its fine in FF and IE but just not Chrome or Safari. Any thoughts on why this is happening here and how I can resolve it?


First I need to apologize for delay to reply because I was preparing for my wedding, and thanks for your patience, I have checked your issue, and fixed it already, will upload the fix in the new update tonight, for you to quick fix this issue you can add custom css lines, just go to appearance > theme options > header settings > custom css form and add these lines
input[type="checkbox"] {
-webkit-appearance: checkbox!important;
box-sizing: border-box;

Thank you very much…. this worked and all is fine now. Congratulations on your wedding.

You are welcome brother, and thank you :) also I will be grateful if you can support me by giving 5 stars to the theme if you like it, you can rate it here http://themeforest.net/downloads , thanks in advance :)

I’m having a issue when adding a gallery to the project. It wont load the upload or view or anything, just keeps giving me a “loading” circle.. Any idea what the problem is?

Thanks for purchasing Sarraty, are you setting wordpress debugger to true while you are trying to set the gallery, if yes, you need to set the debugger to false first to make it work, you are welcome brother :)

No, it is on false.

Hi joshabove, sorry for being late I was preparing to my wedding, can you send to me your log in details and I will check it for you :)