Discussion on Sartre - Creative Multipurpose HTML Template

Discussion on Sartre - Creative Multipurpose HTML Template

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Videos doesn’t play on index-slider-background-video-youtube.html. It is not a support question, may be it’s a problem with the code. Can you help me with this issue?

Just want to make sure this can be achieved before purchasing. I would like the following to happen when a link is clicked. 1 – New page opens and scrolls to the correct section. 2 – The accodion opens and reveals the content. So to recap, I need a way to use a hash in the url so that the page srolls and opens the correct accordion pane. Hope this makes sense. Is the above possible?

Team, Is there anyone working the tickets on the ticksy system?

Hello?? Anyone working the support system? Not fun being ignored.

Theme is beautiful. Support is crap.

I’ve almost been asking for a YEAR and you have yet to respond to this request. I dont need anything else from you. It’s hilarious that you’ve actually closed the ticket without ever responding to me.


The text on the “into the Wilderness” slider is overlapping the image. in both Chrome and Edge https://sartre.thememountain.com/elements-slider.html It’s also happening on my site as well. Is there a quick fix for this please? I’ve tried tons of css edits, but nothing works. Many thanks Doug

Support TICKET PRIVATE #2542679 PLEASE 3 days open

help ticket #2542679 PLEASE 18 days open

Dear Sir

Thank you for your wonderful code.

1. We are trying to upload our own purchased images and pictures to replace the stock ones that is currently in your code in particular for the one-page architecture site. We cannot seem to find it in the HTML. Can you kindly guide us on where it is and where the line of code need to be changed.

2. On the landing page, is it possible to have a slider effect of 3 images instead of just one image? How do it put this in the HTML?

Thank you so much for your kind attention on this matter and for your assistance. We are stuck on this part and we want to upload on this weekend. Just awaiting for the changes in the images which we cannot find in the HTML.

Thank you.

Best regards

Hi, why does the contact form not accept email address from yahoo? When I send a message and the email is from yahoo, I can’t see the messages. Please help

I just purchased support guys! Are you still giving support?

Hello! Hope you guys are doing OK during these times!

I’ve reached out and submitted a ticket #2363300 with some questions….Are you still providing support?

Thanks so much! Michael

Is it possible on the one page sartre to have the mobile menu disappear when link is clicked?


I’m changing colors in the css of the theme, but I have a problem with some of the buttons.

The send buttons that belongs to the email and the newsletter form have different colors (one is white with black hover and the other one is black with white hover) ​while I changed the color and hover colors all the same in the css.

So at this moment I don’t know where that part is in the css or if I’m overseeing something.

Would it be possible to tell me where that part of those buttons is in the code?

Many thanks,


Is it easy to change the font..especially for a newbie? Do you have a video tutorial showing how to change it? For instance I would like to replace the Playfair font with Montserrat.. thanks!

Hi, I love this template and WISH to see new updates for this. WHEN? Come on. Please release a NEW UPDATE!

Anyway we can get the SCSS files for this?


i like the template. But im having problems with image showing on browser with section Hero-5 and newletter image. They are not showing in mobile browser. Why? Ive tried with other templates and i have no problem.

please advise.


Hi, I’m using the HTMl version and would like to know where the Google Maps API key is to be placed?


I was trying to get support but it took a while for a reply. Once you did, my support had expired so there is no way I can reply now. It is ticket ##1904601 Can you assist?

How long do I wait until I receive a reply from my ticket I submitted into your support site?

I understand you haven’t replied to any comments on here for 5 months. Is this item still supported?

Hi!! Since 2017 this is not updated…do you have plan to release more updates? :P

Hi. I wanted to use the Photo Studio One Page Layout – but I think there is a bug with the mobile navigation. When i try to navigate in Firefox on my phone (Android 8) after I clicked on the link and want to close the side navigation the page jumps back to top. Can you help me with that issue?


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