Discussion on SasPik | Landing WordPress theme

Discussion on SasPik | Landing WordPress theme

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Dahnny Purchased

Hello team. I need guidance in creating something like this: https://wingassistant.com/use-case/

The website above was created using SASPIK theme. I’m finding it difficult to replicate that on this website: rosecareers.com

Do let me know if you need the login details to the WordPress backend


Dahnny Purchased

Yes, I have sent the issues to the email provided. I await your response please!


Dahnny Purchased

It has been 7 days, yet no response to fix the issue. The theme keeps breaking!

Hi Daniel, we have sent 2 emails so far and last mail sent couple of hours ago. Not sure you have received it or not. Would you mind to check spam box as well ? This is very strange if not received :(

HI! Great theme! I have two questions regarding this theme that we purchased

1. The contact forms are not working… I have tried everything I now how. I have read the instructions you provide. The issue. The contact form will send the email to me, however, it DOES NOT, provide the information that is written in the contact form.

2. In Style #7. I would like to ‘remove’ the blue ‘Ball’ icon that is in the slider area. I can’t seem to find where to remove.

are these two items solvable with the current purchase? or does this require the ‘uprade’ to make these changes.

The contact form seems like it should work properly, but it is not.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our item and two items are solvable with current purchase :) #1 : Actually mail sending functionality works if your server has no issue with security/firewall. Sometimes server needs SMTP to send email. I can request you to contact with your server guy whether you have to set SMTP. #2 : you can simply add this css to hide the Ball icon in Hero area : .banner.banner-eight .banner-background-element .ball { display: none; }

Hope this helps. Regards.

What is the deal with no longer supporting this theme? Why would you build a theme and then drop support? This theme is broke on our dev site and now we have zero confidence in using it. That seems a complete ripoff and very shady.

Hi, our new version of theme has been approved few hours ago. You can download it and replace. Hope will solve the issue. Thank you.

Thank you, that works perfectly, I appreciate your quick response!

My Pleasure :)


sipoke Purchased

How to make a horizontal “Site Info” menu in the footer?

Here is okey https://webi.ee/ Here not okey https://webi.ee/glavnaja/

Hi, seems both sites are in maintenance mode so we can not see this. Thank you.

Hi, having an issue with the logo. I am trying to add my logo but still is shows your logo. Here is the screenshot: https://prnt.sc/JycFgQekWoqw

Hi, thanks for purchasing our product. Please refer to our documentation for this issue – https://saaspik-wp.pixelsigns.art/documentation/#logo-change Hope this helps. Thank you.

Hi there!

I’m interested in this theme and thinking of purchasing it, but I’ve got a question about the elementor implementation in this theme.

Is this theme fully build in elementor or has it only got the compatibility to add a elementor block to the content section of a page.

Thanks in advance!

Hi thanks for your interest on this theme. Please be informed that, without header/footer everything is built with Elementor. And many widgets we developed custom based on our design. Thanks.

Can we divide the FAQ in two? We have two pages where we want to display a separate FAQ.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our item. You can use ‘Saspik Accordion’ for separate page for separate FAQ. That may work for your case. See screenshot where you can find the ‘Saspik Accordion’ https://prnt.sc/1u8jj9j . Hope this helps. Regards

Hi !

I just wanted to know how can i disable the theme’s custom header to use my own custom header made with elementor ?

Thanks for the reply !

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our item and happy to have your question. But the answer is no. In our theme there is no option to disable header. Regards.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I have another question, I have a mixed content issue on my website. The “file” causing the issue is : http://saaspik-wp.pixelomatic.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/down-bg.png

Could you tell me where this file is used on your theme ? And tell me how i can fix it.


Sorry for the issue. We changed our server recently but forgot to update above url during migration. Is it possible to provide your site access at info@pixelomatic.com ? So that, our support team can solve it immediately. Thanks.

Hi there,

How can we get HTML code in our testimonials? When we fill designation with e.g. “4RISK”, it will show as below.

https://i.imgur.com/YHG5u4q.png https://i.imgur.com/bq9tVwo.png

Thanks for purchasing our item. Usually it does not support html tag for designation text but we can add in our upcoming version. You can email us at info@pixelomatic.com to have earlier copy for your site. Regards.

I have purchased the theme(Saspik) for my WordPress store and it is not working properly with the AWS server as I can not edit the page. I have duplicated this website on a different server (godaddy) and everything is working fine there..

here is the link of the website on AWS – https://getboty.com/ the one on the Godaddy – https://botyinvestor.com/getboty

Issues – https://prnt.sc/1alnbu0

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our item and sorry to see the issue. There could have firewall/permission issue from AWS server that you need to contact your server administrator guy. Before that, you can provide login & FTP credential through our email (info@pixelomatic.com) so that my support team will check once whether can solve it. Regard.

Hello, I am trying to import the demo theme from the One Click Demo Import and I am getting this: “Error: Internal Server Error (500)” Please help. Thanks

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our item and sorry to hear that issue. It seems your server has firewall/permission issue. You can check with that and also make sure you are running below configuration in your server : (1) PHP version 7 or more ( 2) Memory limit (256) from PHP INI settings (3) MAX_TIME_EXECUTION (300) from PHP INI settings Hope it helps. For further query please email us at info@pixelomatic.com

Hello Team,

We have installed the theme and getting some issue with the accordion, please have a look at the below link:


Accordion is not opening and closing.


Hi, Thanks purchasing our item. We seen the issue in your page but can’t check how you setup there. Is it possible to provide temporary access to check inside the settings ? Please email us at info@pixelomatic.com for further communication. Regards.

2 Things: 1.) I purchased the HTML by mistake and then immediately purchased the WP version Im still waiting on a response to my request for refund on the HTML version. 2.) The FAQ is not working. We are experiencing the same issue as another commenter from a year ago. Please advise on solution.

Hi, please submit your refund request through envato and provide HTML invoice number to track. It will be accepted surely. Regarding the FAQ- please add new faq item OR edit existing item to see in front. It might have rewrite flush issue in WP. Hope this helps. For further enquiry please email us at info@pixelomatic.com

How can I change the colors on the homepage of the background and the colored headlines?

Thanks for purchasing our item. For color change issue you can refer to our documentation and watch this video : https://saaspik-wp.pixelsigns.art/documentation/#theme-color Hope it helps. If you have anymore issue please email us at info@pixelomatic.com

Hello Can you please start the refund process,

the theme is not working, even I updated the logo in header section, still i see your company logo.

Hi, thanks for purchasing our theme. Please be informed that our theme has awesome feature where you can set individual logo for particular page & seems there you stuck. Please check our documentation & video here : https://saaspik-wp.pixelsigns.art/documentation/#logo-change Hope this helps. Thanks

Buenos días, recientemente compré la template, estoy tratando de configurarla con wordpress pero con creative elements me es imposible cambiar el degradado de colores rojo, ubicado en app.css cómo puedo cambiarlo ? Muchas gracias de antemano.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our item but sorry to say we are not clear your language perfectly. But through google translation we could understand few things about your issue where you need to check our documentation here : https://saaspik-wp.pixelsigns.art/documentation/ Besides, if you have any other questions or clarifications please email us at info@pixelomatic.com

Hi, I have try to setup the theme, and it said that it is missing several plugins, and i have manage to install those that are public, but i am still failing to install following Codestar Framework Saaspik Addons. I get the following error:

Downloading installation package from http://saaspik-wp.pixelomatic.com/plugins/saaspik-addons.zip…

Download failed. Not Found

Thanks Nikola

Hi Nikola, Thanks for purchasing our item. Would you please download our latest theme that uploaded on 19 May ? Hope it will solve the issue. Thank you.

Hi, Yeah you are right, i just re-downloaded and uploaded actually not the zip that was downloaded, but the zip file that was inside and all worked as as charm. Thanks for your fast response help. Cheers nikola

Hi. I just bought the theme and there is a problem with installation since your account has been suspended. This is error I’m getting:

Installing Plugin Codestar Framework (1/2) Downloading installation package from http://saaspik-wp.pixelomatic.com/plugins/codestar-framework.zip… Unpacking the package… An error occurred while installing Codestar Framework: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature.

Problem is in this link: http://saaspik-wp.pixelomatic.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi

You will see that this link has message Account Suspended

Can you please let me know what to do? I just bought the theme and it is urgent.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our theme and really sorry for the issue you faced. Yes, we are suddenly having a problem with our server and trying to resolve asap. It may take around 1/2 business day hopefully and we will notify you when the issue has been resolved. Thanks for your patience. Regards.

Hi, Sorry for late comeback. We have changed the server and updated links in our theme. Latest files are uploaded in themeforest. Please download the latest file and install in your site. Hope it will solve the issue. If you have any further clarification please email us at info@pixelomatic.com


I just wondered if the saas pik logo icon was available to download in high quality anywhere? Is it a stock image?

If not is it something I can use for a project?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our theme. The logo is custom made and it is our branding to sell this product. So, we recommend to use your own logo based on your branding in your site. Thank you

logo and other theme options not working

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our product. Would you please check the documentation ? https://saaspik-wp.pixelsigns.art/documentation/ for logo issue you can see the video here : https://saaspik-wp.pixelsigns.art/documentation/#logo-change Hope this helps. Regards

Thank You for your quick response. issue is fixed


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