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Can you guys help mecode in Revolution Slider so it goes full screen like Layer Slide does now in this template?



Just place revolution slider shortcode to Enter slider shortcode field in Qode Custom Fields section while you edit the page :)


Can someone add me to Skype asap – stariennetwork regarding a number of issues.


Unfortunately, we are not able to do Skype support, as we have a lot of requests and doing them by skype will result in huge delays. Please submit all your issues & questions to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and post ticket ID here so we can address it with priority.


hello, I already purchase the template – but hw can I update and use also shop? I did update – rewrite the theme, but is not working. thank you for advice


we can take a look at what the problem is if you submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and include WP admin access.



great theme! Really love your work products qode!

Im considering to purchase this them too :)


Hey :)

Thanks a lot :) We appreciate a lot when someone is returning customer and love our work :)


Hi, I’ve a big issue with the template, the page content is not loading, I’ve reinstalled the whole template, a fresh wp version too…but nothing.

My ticket is: Ticket #169493

Thank you very much

Just assigned your ticket to support stuff :) They will address it shortly :)

It seems that open link in a new window(target=”_blank”) doesn’t work for same domain links. How can I make it work?

Thanks. What’s your ticket ID?

Thanks. Just assigned it to support stuff.

Hi Qode, Perhaps you can help us find out what is going on with our Woocommerce shop in Satellite 7. The masonry style list of products on the shop page is not really working, and the layout is distorted: some rows have 3 products, some 1. I can send you a link privately.

I tried changing the settings on Woocommerce for the Product Columns but it does not affect at all the layout. So how do I fix this? All my software is up to date. Hope you can help.

It’s private now. Let me know when you update it with details.

Done. PLease have a look.

Thanks. Just assigned it to support stuff.


My customer purchase this theme. He wants an Image over the menu. It’s is this possible?

maybe if I make a false menu on the page and put over an Image… ?

got any tips for this??


Can you show us example of what you are trying to do, so we can understand better your request? :)


How do I translate the ‘Search here’ text in the sidemenu search box? Can’t find it in the .po file.


Please submit the ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com and include WP admin access so we can debug your problem and help you. Please post ticket ID here.



Thanks. Just assigned it to support stuff.

Please take a look at this one: 172759 asap. It’s the homepage.

Thanks. Just assigned it to support stuff.


My contact form shows this: Input error: Invalid referer

And my contact form doesn’t send anything. Could you help me?


Thanks before! Attila

Hi Attila,

Did you enable re-captcha? If yes, you need to generate keys here: http://www.google.com/recaptcha/whyrecaptcha



I ve a problem under IE (2 clicks on submenu to have page)

Can you help me ?

Tks !


Sure :) Just submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and explain details of the problem.


Hey, my client purchased this theme and I am doing some tweak for them on their website, Firstly the menu at the top is going transparent when scrolling and I did change the settings in Qode to be white but the changes arent taking effect? can you perhaps help? Also for adding the parallax section to the site it is asking for image id? how do I set the image id as when I add the image link it is not working.

My url is http://sirac.co.za/newsite/

Many Thanks


Please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and include WP admin access, so we can review your problems and help you :) Please post ticket ID here.


Is there a drag n drop page builder implemented?


unfortunately there is no page builder implemented but we have Qode Shortcodes option added to WordPress text editor which lets you add shortcodes on your page and create layouts with ease. :)

Best Regards


Hi, I have submitted Ticket: #175652 regarding, how do I setup a menu item to scroll to a section of a page. I love the theme and purchased it but do not see this mentioned in the documentation. Please tell me there is a way to accomplish this, thanks.

Thanks. Just assigned your ticket to support stuff. Please note that it’s Saturday evening here and that your ticket might not get handled before Monday AM.

Satelite 7 is no longer compatible with Woocommerce 2.1, i am experiencing formatting issues , namely:

- Product images are unclear - Product description is pushed below product images.

See examples of both issues here:


I have checked with woocommerce and they have confirmed that it is a theme issue not a woocomerce issue. Thus my question is when will an update patch to fix these issues be released?

Thanks for the note :)

By the way for your information the below was Woo’s latest response on this:

Hi Jonathan,

Just from our side, that is the theme’s fault for still being not compatible with WooCommerce 2.1

We had a 3 month beta phase, starting in November, were we alerted all developers working with WooCommerce of the upcoming changes. The theme you are using still hasn’t updated it’s template files it’s copied over from WooCommerce. Hopefully they will release a 2.1 compatible version ASAP.

RR Like · Reply · about an hour ago

WooThemes Have you tried re-installing the plugin? Seems like the update become corrupt and some parts missing.

RR Like · Reply · Yesterday at 07:39

Jonathan Haswell yes it took me 2 restores the latest version of woocommerce and satelite 7 theme, don’t seem to be playing well together. Apparently the adjustments you made to the folder structure in the last update are the root of the problem. was a big timesink but is patched for the moment.

Thanks for this.


thanks for the theme, it is really good work. As you said, you had in your to do list adding the Pinterest social button. Can you tell us if this is coming soon? Thanks!


We recently did that for newer themes, and there are plans to implement that for older themes, we just need to prioritize tasks and get there.


Thanks for the quick answer! I’ll be looking forward to it!

Thank you :)

Hi Guys, I’ve placed a comment 2 days ago and got no response yet. Please: Ticket: #176182

Thank you :) Our support stuff also have to handle other tickets, but will get back to your and help you as soon as they can :)

I solve it. Thank you agains guys.

Great :)


I am doing a portfolio page but I have the problem that, as I have different photo sizes, and the portfolio adjust them to the width, they appear in the portfolio with different heiths and it doesn’t look good. Is there any way I can fix it?



Portfolio list use featured images and they are just used for the list and nothing else. You can make them same proportion and upload them again. You can still use different proportions (horizontal, vertical) for portfolio page.


Ok, thanks for the quick response!

I submitted a ticket for this, but have not received a response, so thought I would post this here.

On the mobile version of my website, http://highcaliberva.ca, the image used for the slider is being cropped at the bottom. The responsive chosen, but the responsive element seems to not work.

Thank you for your assistance!

My ticket id is #176116

Thanks. Assigned it to support stuff.

Thank you! :-)