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Nice start, welcome to forest!

Thank you!

Great job. Welcome ;)

Thank you very much :)

Hi ultravolt, welcome to the club :). Nice first project. Good Luck With Sale.

Thank you very much ?or?e! :)

Sorry zeljic :)

Nice design! Great work! Any plans on releasing an HTML version? And, if so, what’s your approximate time-frame? :-)

Thank you very much. We’re working on the WP version right now. Haven’t decided on a HTML version yet.

OK. Thanks. I’ll cross my fingers. :-)

It doesn’t come with 10 pages, but 8. The portfolio-page that is used as the themes picture (over the screenshots button) is missing for example.

Otherwise a good looking template that I am building a theme of now :)


thanks for buying my design. If you’re building the theme now you must have found the missing pages by now. If not then please look at the portfolio.psd file which contains not only the 1col portfolio but also the one which is used in the preview image and 2 others as well.

Oh, I missed that but saw it now. Thanks for your reply.

You’re welcome.

Great job! As arktisweb said it contains only 8 pages, not 10, but otherwise very good!

Thank you! And thanks for buying it.

Please check portfolio.psd file because It does contain all the pages. :) You’ll find all the pages which are in the preview screenshots.