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Hi, I have an issue with the template, when trying to create a ticket in your system, this template doesn’t show up in the list and it doesn’t accept my purchase code. How do I get support for this product?

Any word on that?

Can you add this code:

.horizontal-menu .main-content {
top: 163px;
bottom: 0px;
height: auto; }

Hi, I’ve purchased the Saturn admin dashboard template and I got a different one?! Please contact me asap…

That template comes free with your Saturn purchase. Saturn includes both frontend and backend versions, there are two folders in the download you receive : saturn_front_export and saturn_backend_export. https://www.evernote.com/l/ABUquTMLIzpMuZNDpCGu01_j8W0XsBL2pkA

Ohh – true true. Got it! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

I plan to buy this template and I wonder if template support bootstrap-vue.js? Because I plan to use Vue.js and it is recommended not to use jQuery but it comes with regular Bootstrap.

It’s built using jQuery, we are not using Vue js

Hm… that could be problem. Because all frameworks like React and Vue use its own DOM management so is not recommended use them with jQuery. So anyone who plan to use this template must take into consideration additional work on removing jQuery. In my case, there is bootstrap-vue library that is original bootstrap with no jQuery but now I can’t know how it would fit with template. Anyway, thanks for quick reply.

Default Bootstrap is using jQuery, if you are using some custom version of bootstrap – in your case vue – it’s your responsibility to adopt it to your needs, we are using default bootstrap setup, and as I said before it’s jQuery based. You can’t go into a store buying a sports car and then complain it does not work as a tractor…

Hi, how do i add a third level menu to the side menu?

can you help with any snippet to accomplish this? i am a typical backend dev and even though i have experience with html/css i don’t have the level of skill to modify the template possibly breaking it

*without possibly breaking it

Unfortunately we don’t offer customization support :( you can however try hiring a developer on Envato Studio who will assist you with that.


veeba Purchased

Hello, Can you please help me where I can change sorting of dataTables to “desc”, by default. Regards

Hi, you can read DataTables docs which explains how you can set a column you want for default sorting: https://datatables.net/examples/basic_init/table_sorting.html

Hi, Your own support system don’t run correctly. You don’t have a select form options for this template “saturn” on your own Osetin system support. If select other product my support number code don’t run.

Can you tell me the difference between “hammerapp” and “html” directoy in your delivery backend code please ?

Hi, html is a distribution folder which is complied already. Hammerapp is a folder to use with hammerapp application on a Mac

bootstrap-related.less not compil correctly because use variable of bootstrap. Do you have forget a line in this file ? How compil correctly bootstrap-related.less ?

Hi, are you using hammerapp?

no I’m using PHP – Symfony with PHPStorm IDE. I compil less file with less installed by node.js server on a windows 7 OS.

the glossed.less file compil throw a error like that : “NameError: variable .box-shadow is undefined in glossed.less one line 3, column 5”. Can you help me to compil correctly your all template less file please ?

no I’m using PHP – Symfony with PHPStorm IDE. I compil less file with less installed by node.js server on a windows 7 OS.

Are you compiling app.less file?

Of Course and the compilation run perfectly.

Hello. We are considering buying your Saturn theme. Before that, we have the following questions: 1. Is the theme a library such an .zip file or similar? 2. Can this library be included in, for instance, a netbeans project in order to develop a .war J2EE application? 3. How is supported the integration with JSF, Ajax, Grub, etc.? 4. What about the theme and i18n (our application must be in at least two languages)?

We are so interesting in your product. If we will have not any technical issue integrating the theme to our application and IDE, we shall buy! Thanks in advance, Marc

Hi, It’s an html template not a library or theme. Please consult a developer, you seem to not understand what an html template is.