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Hi, we are neding a Form Wizar


Hi, On IE9, ul.dropdown-menu.dropdown-inbar.pull-right is not rendered correctly. (I checked on Win7/IE9 on virtual machine downloaded from modern IE)

Hi, Osetin,

the link for the front-end Saturn template is not working here. How can I see how the front-end looks?

Thanks. It’s gorgeous!

Hi Osetin,

In the package I couldn’t find any documentation. Is there any? I am trying to change the template’s color from blue to red.


Hi, yes there is a documentation in a docs folder. To change a color you can go to admin -> options and set a custom color or use one of the predefined color schemes

Hi Osetin,

Sorry, I still can’t seem to find the documentation or the docs folder mentioned above. Could you provide the path. Thanks!

Hi Osetin,

Same here, I can’t find any documentation nor docs folder. Just two folders: saturn_backend_export – hammerapp – html

saturn_front_export – hammer – html – less

Any help? Thanks!


Any chance of having a fixed width (boxed) version of this admin template?



Hi, nope

Hi i have seen in the cover that it has red color and green but i have not found them in source code , and there is no documentation . am i supposed to implement those colors from scratch or extend your theme ?

What cover? What red and green? I dont understand what you want sorry

i mean in the Unlimited Color Combinations preview picture i have seen may colors but where are they ? i need to try them out also i can’t find any documentation nor docs folder .

Sure its just a simple css, you can just replace a color you need. How do you think its possible to make unlimited color combination with predefined select box :) You have 3 predefined colors: Green,Red, Blue, to create a color you want just replace the color hex codes with the ones you need, its all basic css

Hi! Where i can find documentation of saturn theme?

Hi, its just an html template, not sure what kind of documentation you want to see. It uses bootstrap, so whatever you see on getboostrap.com documentation applies to saturn as well.

need link to css and js files

Wow. This is a great theme that I would purchase. However, there are 2 problems that I am curios about: 1) I would need just 1 sidebar that has ability to use multiple nested elements. This would get rid of the slideout bar. 2) I would obviously need to use icon + text in the new navigation bar.

Are these two options available? That would be great.

Hi, the live demo shows all the possibilities, if it’s not there then you will need a developer to build what you need

I need to hide the side menu, but when I use “hide-side-menu” class it breaks the page in both IE and Chrome. Any ideas?

Nope, it does not break it for me, check your other modifications, maybe there is an unclouded tag somewhere

Wich license to Buy, in the case of a SaaS?

Hi, I think it’s best to contact envato in terms of licensing, you are purchasing an item from their marketplace and they are the ones that write licensing policies , authors don’t have much control over it

Hi, is it a wordpress theme? or is it html template? thank you

Hi, it’s an HTML template

This template’s front end was the most beautiful thing ever. Are you planning to make and release other similar templates? :)

Thank you for your compliments :) We will see how it goes

So is there a Wordpress admin theme version of this somewhere?! i love to buy it ASAP is there is!!!

No there is not, sorry

Hi There, Greetings of the day.

Today I Visited through you theme named as “Saturn”, i like this theme, I want to purchase this theme but there is some thing modules which is available in other themes but not in yours for e.g

1. Top navigation menu bar 2. Chat pages as I look through on other theme which is “Se7en – Bootstrap 3 Responsive Admin Template” there is a page which named as Chat pages [link removed]

I want these two modules to be added in your theme before purchasing this. Could you please add this so that I purchase theme from you.

Hi, if there is something available in other template – you should purchase that template

Hi Team, After purchasing the theme and the time of customization I found the error in this theme is that when we are trying to use horizontal menu ( http://saturn.pinsupreme.com/horizontal_menu.html ) then the scroll bar creates an issue please look after this when I open the above link and then I scroll down the page till the end at last point scroll bar jammed and I am unable to view the last module.

Well please don’t panic one more thing I wanna ask, Is there anything by which I can easily give a option of color switch to end user

Unfortunately if its not in a demo – it’s not there

Ok Thanks…

Hi, how can I integrate the widgets to my c# mvc web application?

It’s an HTML template, it is nothing to do with a C# applications


veeba Purchased

hi front.template doesnt work? can you send link?


veeba Purchased